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VILMA SANTOS: The Global Vilmanians' Role-Model & Inspiration of All Time Thread 22

about the title:

Vilma Santos started as a child star, turns into a pretty young actress, metamorphosed into a blooming young woman, and today, a beautiful, ageless, dedicated woman, mother, super-actress and now a very effective politician. With her dedication, sincere heart and drive to do better each day, She's been honoreds left and right with awards, recognitions, certificates and praises by all sectors of the society. With these, fans and non-fans including today's set of young people from all walks of life can't help but emulate Vilma. Her mere presence, charisma, clean reputation, achievements and body of work created a big impact in the industry. It leaves a mark, so powerful that people wants to be like her. She became the inspiration and role model of today's generation.

Take this from Ate Vi, “The more challenged I am, the more I fight,” says Santos, “The challenge gives me strength. I want to prove them wrong. It’s not easy because [I’ve learned that] if people give you their trust, they expect too much from you. So I just give back the trust they have given me by doing my best.”

We, the global Vilmanians, are so honored and proud that the Vilma Santos of today is not only an actress of high-caliber, the finest in the industry, in fact. She's also a politician, a field, so different from showbiz. “Politics and show business, she confesses, are two entirely different things—two worlds requiring so much of her time, attention, balance and focus.” It’s amazing how she handles both worlds with as much grace and poise. Still, she entered politics successfully and was bestowed with so much honor and accolades.

An excellent actress, a doting mother, a dedicated public servant, an honest politician, that's Vilma Santos, the role model and inspiration of the global Vilmanians and the millions of Filipinos.


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