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David Cook 7.0 : Cook Out, On The Lookout


David Cook and the EEB*
Joey Clements (bass); Neal Tiemann, lead guitar; Kyle Peek, drums ; Andy Skib, keyboards, guitar and backing vocals.
*EEB = Easy on the Eyes Band. EEB is a fan-given name. To this date the band has no official name.

Welcome Cookistas, Cookies, Word Nerds, Cookulets, Cookienoys , Cooksters, all David Cook fans, also those who are discovering David Cook just now.

Our thread title, “Cook Out, On The Lookout” is derived from Neal Tiemann’s MySpace status sometime during the 2nd week of January. There are two schools of thought as to what Neal was referring to: (1) David and band scouting for colleges venues for their upcoming Declaration Tour; or (2) The fact that David is now single and ready to mingle. (And there was hushed silence all throughout Cookistadom. Yeah, right!)

For those who would like to look back, or are curious about our history:

David Cook 1.0 The True Rocker of AI7: David Cook : Where it all started. Midway through American Idol season 4, David Cook already had a strong, vocal following whom he earned through sheer talent and hard work, but at the time it was a well-known fact that he was not the Chosen One. All through the thread, more and more fans joined in the fray, dedicated enough to log in hundreds and hundreds of votes from across cyberspace. By the end of the thread, we already had our American Idol.

David Cook 2.0 Consider Yourselves Cookified! : Where we ooh’d and aah’d over DC’s American Idol tour performances, awaited developments and news about his upcoming album – the label (RCA), producer (Rob Cavallo), collaborators (too many to mention, see Wiki) -- and marvelled at that sneaky little Magic Rainbow which has since then turned into Platinum Rainbow

David Cook 3.0 Thread Still Untitled, Just Like His Album : Where we talked about the then much-anticipated yet-untitled debut album

David Cook 4.0 `Cause we love, and we bleed, and we stole his soul to set him free: Where anticipation for the debut album was at its height, and where album release day finally came. It took us only a little over a month to finish the thread.

David Cook 5.0 He’ll be GOLD for Christmas!: Where we eagerly monitored HDD and Soundscan sales figures for DCTR, celebrated David’s birthday and the album’s GOLD status, and basically enjoyed the holidays and looked forward to a new year with high hopes for David Cook’s success in the music industry.

David Cook 6.0 We’re Crashing Down In His Davalanche: Which we started earlier than anyone expected, and where we started 2009 in high spirits. This was made especially memorable as we ended 2008 with Magic 89.9’s Yearend Countdown, where Time of My Life landed at #3 (to everyone’s surprise!), and Always Be My Baby at #1. In the following weeks we showed our support for Avalanche, then newly added to the playlist of Magic 89.9, and Max 103.5. We began the thread with Avalanche at #4 in Magic’s Top [email protected] daily countdown. We ended the thread with Avalanche ruling both Magic 89.9 and Max 103.5’s weekly countdowns.

Some of our best-loved and most frequented David Cook websites:

David Cook Official – The place to be. Also fondly referred to as “kabila”, “kabilang bahay”. Of special note here is the TWoP thread, where the snarkiest, smartest and funniest of fans gather and discuss everything and anything Cook-related under the sun. Warning though: not for light readers, as the thread runs at the speed of light. Don’t blink or else you might find pages and pages worth of backreading. The TWoP thread’s sister Billboard and Soundscan thread, is also a favourite haunt for those who are curious about the numbers – charts and sales information, airplay, station adds and the like.

David Cook Livejournal community – Gives a very useful overview of Must-Know DC-related events across the internet. LJ members are a very resourceful, creative, and witty bunch. If you need or want something, ask and you will most probably get it.

david-cook.org aka The Dash - One of the largest and better-organized DC communities out there, this forum provides a wealth of resources for fans.

MJ’s Big Blog – aka MJs. A veritable institution for all American Idol lovers, MJ keeps tabs on all things Idol. Naturally, that also means keeping track of AI winners. MJ gives up to date information on Idol news and appearances, as well as sales and chart information.

Wordnerd Media - for downloads of audio and videos, particularly those from the American Idol era. (Lately it hasn't been that updated.)

David Cook Web - for screencaps, photos, scans galore.

More David Cook Links:

Wiki page
IMEEM page
RCA page
Official Youtube Channel
Cookistas Youtube Channel

Images courtesy of riverhorse.


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