VAN : D force that ignites the fire in every VANSHIPPER'S heart! [vanshippers 17]

bayaniVANbayaniVAN J'adore treVBault PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐

still and always

Van Roxas
Poprock Heartthrob


credit to sheka for the previous threads
credit to chezkeyk for the photo
credit to rainesalcantara for the thread title

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Vanshippers Official E-Mail: [email protected]

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:spinstar:Songs sung by VAN:spinstar:

download and listen to his songs! Pojas - Bed of Pojas - Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore (Unplugged).mp3 Pojas - Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore.mp3 Pojas - High (Unplugged).mp3 Pojas - Next In Line.mp3 Pojas - Tatsulok (Unplugged).mp3 Pojas - Tatsulok.mp3 Pojas - Through The Fire.mp3 Pojas - True To Your Heart.mp3 Pojas - Turn Back The Clock.mp3 Pojas - When I See You Smile.mp3 Pojas - Who Am I.mp3 Pojas ft. Apple Abarquez - Nobody Wants To Be lonely(2).mp3 Pojas ft. Bugoy Bogayon & Hansen Nichols - Yesterday.mp3 Pojas ft. Cris Pastor - Realize.mp3 Pojas ft. Hansen Nichols & Bugoy Bogayon - Tearin' Up My Heart.mp3 Pojas ft. Kitchie Nadal - Bulong.mp3 Pojas ft. Poy Palma - Maybe-Forever's Not Enough.mp3


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