Janna Dominguez Of Pinoy Fear Factor



Janna Dominguez

Age: 18

Origin: Dagat-dagatan, Malabon/Quezon City

Occupation: TV host, sales agent

Greatest fear/s: spiders, closed spaces

Janna looks like an actress from a Koreanovela on television. But in her case, the drama of her life story is real. Janna’s biological mother left her and is now living a good life in Japan. Her father married a 25-year old woman who not only became her step-mother but also her best friend. Since life is still hard for their family, her father continues to work in a construction in Japan.

Dreaming to provide the best for her family and an enjoyable retirement for her father, Janna is ready to take on any opportunity and challenge. She is determined to conquer Pinoy Fear Factor and write a better story for her life.


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    After getting the boot from ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Fear Factor (PFF), comedienne Janna Dominguez is now facing a more daunting but less dangerous challenge as a regular cast member of the new television series “Eva Fonda.”

    Dominguez said she will play the role of the antagonist Paris opposite Eva Fonda's Cristine Reyes.

    "I'm really happy because this is my first real acting job because I only used to do cameo roles. They really focused on the cast so that the acting would come out naturally," she said.

    Dominguez said she had to audition for the role and won the part even before she went to Argentina for the Pinoy Fear Factor shoot. She said the role of Paris challenged her to do more than just comedy and drama but also some fight scenes.

    "It's really very different because it's a reflection of real life. I was really challenged by the fight scene," she said.

    Dominguez said bagging a plum part in Eva Fonda could give her the exposure and publicity she needs to stay in showbiz.

    “Pangarap ko kasi talaga ito noon pa yung mga kapasok ako sa showbiz. Dati nga po lahat talaga sinalihan ko nag-audition ako yung SCQ 1, SCQ 2 yung PBB kasi gusto ko talaga sa showbiz,” the comedienne said.

    Dominguez is a former guest co-host of ABS-CBN’s popular noontime show “Wowowee.” She is also working as a stand-up comedienne at Punchline Comedy Bar.
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    wow si janna may thread na yeheee i love you JANNA a woman without fear
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    kahapon lang c Lj nagpost at talagang nagulat kami!

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    hi barker tnx sa pagshare ganda kagabi kakatuwa si janna


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