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Doctors pls help me decide.. boils or tumor?

hi thanks for reading my post.. this is about my mom.. yesterday she aproached me and askd to check for a small mass on her head.. to be specific it was located on her lower head part near her nape.. (it looks like a small hump oblong shaped, no blood and no cut)she asked me if it was really a boils because some of her co-parents told her that it was only a pigsa.. i checked it very carefully but aparently i dont now if it is really a pigsa.. i tried to google it but then i still dont know and i want to be sure if it is really a pigsa.. i advised her to visit the doctor but she refused.. because it hink shes afraid.. until now im very worried and i cannot sleep.. can u please advise me what to do?? and what type of doctor does she need to visit? by the way my mom is 38yo.. thank you very much for all of your reply.. more power pinoy exchange doctors.. godbless


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