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do deodorants cause breast cancer?

hi! i've read from various emails that continuous use of underarm deodorants (roll-ons, stick, etc.) may eventually lead to breast cancer? how true is this and what are other effective alternatives to deodorants? thanks! :)


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    I've read that chain e-mail, too. It's so patently untrue it's hilarious. Go and continue using your deodorant. The worst thing it can cause would be allergies.
  • i saw this on one of the medical websites. i hope this would help:

    False Rumor Links Antiperspirants to Breast Cancer

    05/25/99 - The latest medical rumor to strike needless fear into the hearts of Internet users makes the outlandish claim that the use of antiperspirants is "the leading cause of breast cancer" [full text].
    Thankfully, though it's been in circulation for less than 3 weeks, the email rumor has already been trounced by reliable sources. Antiperspirants have no known (or even suspected) connection with breast cancer.
    In a May 25 article by Dawn MacKeen in Salon magazine, Dr. Mervyn Elgart of the department of dermatology at George Washington University eloquently characterized the rumor as (and I quote): "a bunch of crap."
    Take note: before you believe or forward any supposed "medical information" you receive by email, check with your own doctor or another reliable source to find out if it's true. Experience shows that nine times out of ten, it's not.


    so kung hiyang sa yo ang deodorant mo... just continue using that. di ba doc ira?

  • ok! thanks for your info. i can use my anti-perspirant and rest easy :)
  • if the deodorant you're using still have aluminum, then yes, there's a risk of cancer... but I know that it's illegal to use aluminum now...
  • is it true na bawal na ang deodorant that has ingredient ALUMINUM? i check some deodorant that i know that still out in the market that has aluminum ingredient in it. name brand is REXONA, SECRET.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Available information has not shown that aluminum is a potential carcinogen. This rumor started because of the fact that breathing in aluminum can cause serious respiratory, neurologic and skeletal problems.
  • can somebody post here the deodorant story circulating in the internet? thanks.
  • No correlation so far has been clearly established between deodorants and breast cancer.

    No SCIENTIFIC proof yet, therefore! :smokin:
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