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Body Scan

I just wanted to know if there's a hospital here in the Philippines that offer body scan. Is it expensive to undergo one? I read that it can detect early signs of cancer and most diseases. Could you please enlighten me on what body scan is?


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Which particular whole body scan are you talking about? MRI? CT? Bone scan? All of these tests are available in a lot of tertiary hospitals in this country. And yes, all of them are quite expensive. You don't normally undergo any of these procedures without any medical indication just because you want to.
  • I always read it in health magazines. I just assume that when they say "body scan" its a new one. That it is entirely different from MRI or CT scan. Im not really sure. Ive seen it in Oprah and they scan the whole body and the doctor will detect traces of cancer or diseases. Anyhow, thanks for the information Doc Ira.
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