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KITCHEN REVIEW: The Induction Stove

happosaihapposai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
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source: Manila Bulletin

The chefs and I at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies CACS recently tested an Aowa AW-55IC Induction Cooker. I actually tested it, before finding out how it really worked; my curious mind just wondered how that flat surface generated heat, and how it knew when it didn’t have a pan on top of it.



What exactly is induction cooking and how does it work? I’ve found a bunch of websites that try to explain it in detail, but I think I should keep the equations out of this. Simply put, these ceramic flat-tops are powerful electromagnets which generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The magic happens when a ferrous (magnetic material) pot or pan is placed on top of the stove; the energy from that magnetic field is transferred to the pan and that transfer of energy causes the pan to heat up. And like in our conventional way of cooking, the heat from the pan cooks the food. The generation of heat stops when the pan is removed, or when the stove is turned off. Induction cooking only happens when a magnetic material sustains the magnetic field, so, all of your pots and pans must be made of ferrous metal, like iron. So aluminum, copper and glass cookware can’t be used on these stoves. And now, the Aowa Induction Cooker.


As I said, since induction cooking only requires the induction stove, a socket for the plug and an iron pan, you will have absolutely no flames in your kitchen. This also means there is less heat around the kitchen, since nothing aside from the pan and food are heated when you use the induction stove. You can forget that flambé though, but who really does flambé in a home kitchen anyway?


The stove is actually portable; it’s like a thin, flat, black, counter top, mounted on matte silver metal stands. Its black finish makes it look expensive, and definitely high tech. The buttons are flat and square, with a range of choices like – braise, stew, congee/soup, rice, stir-fry, keep warm, boil, sauté, which is definitely friendly to home users.



Like all smart gadgets, this stove seems to think. It is sensitive to pot materials, and makes a beep when it doesn’t like what’s placed on top of it (that would be funny if humans had that function). It also makes that loud beep when the pan is too hot and then after a few seconds, it would close on its own. The stove automatically turns off when the pot is removed. And it makes that same beep when the stove has splatters and cannot be used (you have to clean it up first because it won’t work when there are a lot of food particles and liquids on the stove). In fact, it is so sensitive that you can’t use worn out pans that have nicks on the bottom. It also includes a timer, so you can do other things while cooking your food. This stove seems to have OCD.


Despite the "OC-ness," I tested the pan for what it is really for---cooking. And based on simple boiling, it only took three minutes for three cups of water to reach a rolling boil. That’s fast. That means it requires less time to cook things, which means you save more energy! We’ve been using this induction cooker in our demo classes and so far we’ve discovered using the "braise" function, putting the power setting to 2000 to heat the pan up right away.


In the first few days of using the Induction Stove, I can say that one of the hardest things to adjust to was the flameless cooking. It’s heating up, but you don’t know how hot it really is until you’ve placed that knob of butter and the pan starts to sizzle. Another thing I had to get used to was that beep thing. It was a little annoying at first, knowing that you’re so excited to cook and the stove starts to beep "ER" and you just lose your momentum trying to figure out how to get it to work. But after a few weeks, our chefs have gotten acquainted with the stove and already know which pans to use and how to work its buttons.

To me it is a good product for the home especially, since it doesn’t heat up the kitchen and it has so many safety features. It is also easy to clean. This stove may take a lot of getting used to, but once you have, you will appreciate the beauty and usability that comes in this small package.


  • the condo where i stay prohibits lpg stove.. i was interested with the aowa kaso sobra namang mahal.

    we settled for a moulinex brand. works well for me.
  • budiluvsbakbudiluvsbak PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    how much is the induction stove?
  • happosaihapposai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the condo where i stay prohibits lpg stove.. i was interested with the aowa kaso sobra namang mahal.

    we settled for a moulinex brand. works well for me.

    malakas ba yan sa kuryente? iba kasi sa review eh. mas maganda talaga pag actual mo gagamitin.
  • Merong imarflex na ganito..magkano kaya?

    May nag demo sakin nito dati sa mall..50k pero hindi kilala yung brand..
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Sa 168 Mall may mga induction stove going for 6-8K only. Yang Aowa yan yung haharangin ka ng mga agents sa mall at pipilitin kang makinig sa sales presentation nila. Pag pumayag ka, isasalang ka sa isang obnoxious gay "closer" na kukulitin ka hanggang sa mapa oo ka.
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    meh, just stay with electric stoves. those induction stoves e mapili sa the type of cookware you can use on it.

    plus your pot will slide around during simmering. yep it's that useless.
  • Sa 168 Mall may mga induction stove going for 6-8K only. Yang Aowa yan yung haharangin ka ng mga agents sa mall at pipilitin kang makinig sa sales presentation nila. Pag pumayag ka, isasalang ka sa isang obnoxious gay "closer" na kukulitin ka hanggang sa mapa oo ka.

    Sa mall ako na hassle ng ganyan..hindi ko tanda kung ano pangalan nung store..sa labas kase merong nagbigay ng free door alarm..yung pag naghiwalay yung pinto dun sa frame eh mag a alarm..eh saktong sakto kelangan ko nun..pasok daw kami sa store kukunin lang daw..tapos may free demo daw habang hinihintay..isa sa dinemo yung induction cooker..model daw nun si Kris Aquino..sabi ko hate ko si Kris Aquino..hehe..in fairness ok naman yung product..pero 50k! tapos dinemo din sakin yung massage chair..tapos bago ako umalis pina fill up ako ng isa form..tapos biglang nagwala na sila..nanalo daw ako ng massage chair worth 96k! lahat sila lumapit at kumamay sakin..I smell something fishy na eh so I kept on asking what's the catch..tawag daw sila sa main office nila to confirm kung nanalo nga ako..pinakausap pa sakin yung boss nila dun..oo daw nanalo daw ako..kukunin na daw yung massage chair sa storage nila..I kept on asking what's the catch..

    Ayun sinabi din nila..kelangan ko daw bilhin yung induction cooker saka yung parang ionizer nila worth 50k each..para makuha yung free massage chair..naglabas sila ng pen and paper pinakita sakin matitipid ko..napapailing nalang ako..then they went for the kill kinukuha address ko para deliver yung massage chair..sabi ko ayoko wala ako pera..ano daw address ko para mag demo sila sa parents ko..sabi ko nalang paulit ulit akin na yung free door alarm ko at aalis nako..hehe

    Haba ng kwento ko..to make the long story short, parang bad vibes pag yung isa product eh sobra agressive yung style ng pagbebenta..kung maganda talaga product eh hindi na kelangan iganon..
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ganung ganun yung nakita ko sa Market Market! Pinapanood ko yung isang prospect nila kinukuyog ng apat na ahente, kinakamayan, binobola.

    Eto yung link ng M.O. ng Aowa:

    If you happen to come to this post through google, you must be scammed or almost scammed. Am I right? You are not alone. If happen to pass by to check out whether the promotion is good or not, you are lucky (and smart, too!) to verify first before buying.

    Here's the story... as recounted many times by countless people scammed by this bogus company called AOWA.

    I happen to visit Ortigas Home Depot to buy floor tiles. As we are about to leave the place, I was approached by a young man asking me to see the demonstration of their product, the Induction Stove. I've seen this in the papers and was interested in it and wanted to see it in action. No, I don't have any plans of buying any as I just maxed out my credit card with the supplies for the house construction.

    When we arrived at the store, I saw the demo and was really impressed. It was then that I was flanked by two gay agents and then another female agent. When I inquired of the price, I was so surprised that the induction stove costs a staggering PHP48000!!!! Damn, that was one highly expensive item from an unknown company. So basically, my interest dwindled.

    It was then that they offered me a giveaway as a token of appreciation for coming over. As I list down my name and address for record/audit purposes, one of the homo agent screamed that I am qualified for their promotion since I came from Makati. I thought, what's the big deal? The ***** told me that if I buy one of their Foot Massager that costs PHP32000, I'll get the stove for free! And not only that, I'll also get the 15-piece stainless steel kitchen cooking wares and . And in the midst of this frenzy, the loud gay agent said that at PHP37800 I can use credit card to buy the products at 12 months installment at 0% interest! It was then that if I do that, he'll give the slimming massage belt and food chopper for free! Now that's a lot of products for PHP37800! But is it worth it? Absolutely not!

    Here's my estimates of the price of each of the items in the package.
    AOWA Foot Massager : PHP3,000.00 (being sold by 'apple-a-day' house-to-house vendor at PHP10T)
    AOWA Induction Stove : PHP10,000.00(being sold at eBay.ph)
    AOWA Stainless Steel Kitchenware : PHP5,000.00
    AOWA Pressure Cooker : PHP1,500.00
    AOWA Slimming Belt : PHP3,000.00
    AOWA Food Chopper : PHP1,000.00

    Total : PHP23,500.00

    And to give you some idea on how they price their products, here's what I can remember. May not be the exact amount but it's within range.

    Water Purifier : PHP38000.00 (A similar system sells at PHP1600 at ACE Hardware)

    DVD Home Theater : PHP53000.00 (Whow, I can buy a Sony 39in LCD with that comes with a free home theater system!!!)

    Home SPA system : PHP32000.00(Duh!! My sister bought this at less than PHP5000!!! four gives!!!)

    Vacuum Cleaner : PHP36000.00 (what?!!!???!!!!)

    Microwave Oven : PHP48000.00 (they say that you can roast a chicken with it, grill a fish on aluminum foil and even use styrofoam without melting!!!! But at that price, I can buy several heavy duty microwave from reputable brands)

    So, did you really win or scammed? Follow the discussions at

    I hope lightning and thunder will strike them in the near future.
  • neneodinneneodin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Beerhandbop is right!!!Very sensitive ang stove na ito coz of the ceran.Hindi basta-bastang kawali ang pwedeng gamitin dito dahil madaling magasgas ang ceran.Ang ginagamit ko ay puro lapat ang ilalim ng kawali.May special cleaner ang stove na ito para laging makintab.Andito mister ko kaya di ko muna makunan ng pic yung stove ko pero kahapon ay nagpunta kami sa isang appliance store at kinunan ko ng pic at para magka idea ka kung ano ang dapat bang bilihin at pati na prices.Pero iconvert mo na lang sa peso dahil halos tugma naman(x 65pesos).May stove na made in China name Zanussi.Yung AEG ay okay ang quaality.Ang gamit ko ay Siemens,stove na kasama na pati ang microwave,grill at bake oven in one.

    Here's some pic.

  • neneodinneneodin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Bakit di ka na lang mag electric stove,halos pareho naman ang gamit,maganda nga lang tingnan ang induction stove.





    Tiyak ko na may Electrolux sa Pinas ,ang quality nito ay maganda rin.
  • Imarflex makes an induction range top that's half the price of the AOWA model. You can find it at SM. Personally I'm a fan of induction stove. It's more efficient so you save on the electrical bills. You just have to make sure you use steel pots and pans, not aluminum.
  • *bump* ko lang this old thread.

    i've seen kyowa and imarflex induction stove but have no idea how much na ito ngayon since marami nang makers ng induction cooker. may users na ba dito who can share their experience with this?:)
  • spadiaspadia PEx Rookie ⭐
    You can get an induction stove at around 2k


    grabe ang mahal pala induction stoves 2 years ago..:D
  • Wow 2k na lang. I like Philips mukhang madaming features. ;)
  • i am currently using an induction stove here in dubai... it works great the only problem is the induction pans are very expensive... more expensive than the induction stove itself... but it cooks faster...
  • Kent_210Kent_210 Member PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
    Can anyone suggest for a good and affordable brand? Mga magkano na ito ngayon dito?
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Meralco's heavily endorsing the induction stove.

    If you accidentally touch the metal pan while cooking on an induction stove, ma-ga-ground ka ba or receive an electric shock?
  • @Papichulo168 hindi po sya nakaka paso sir, meron din demo sa youtube linagyan nya ng cloth between the cookware hindi naman na sunog.
  • kelunjikelunji PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The cost of electricity in the Philippines is second only to Japan. I'm not really sure if indeed there will be savings if one were to use this instead of gas.
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