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ADMU Lady Eagles : One Big WVT Fight!

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It is but time to gather the troops for our dear Lady Spikers.
Many will underestimate a rookie-laden team, but we know that they will not just bow down to the giants.

As a team, they will battle, claw and rally their way to every match.

Let us support them in every game!

Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!


ADMU Lady Spikers
Official Line-up

Bea Pascual - Team Captain
Kara Acevedo
Steph Gabriel
Misha Quimpo
Averil Paje
Fille Cainglet
Angeline Gervacio
Gretchen Ho
Jamenea Ferrer
Aillysse Nacachi

Roger Gorayeb, Head Coach
Michelle Laborte, Asst. Coach
Charo Soriano, Staff

Getting to know our rookies:

Cainglet and Gervacio are from St. Scholastica's College where they led the Junior Scions to back-to-back WNCAA volleyball crowns. Cainglet was MVP for three years running while Gervacio was adjudged the Best Attacker in last year's Juniors tournament.

Gretchen Ho was Acevedo's teammate at Immaculate Concepcion Academy where they formed a fearsome attack line along with Chyna Ledesma.

The Lady Spikers' new setter is Jamenea Ferrer who is from Hope Christian High School. She distinguished herself in the Shakey's Girls V-League. where she led her school to the title and was hailed as Best Setter and MVP for her superb efforts.

The last rookie is Aillysse Carol Nacachi, a middle blocker from Canossa Academy.

Pictures are very much welcome on this thread as long as proper credits are given to the owners. *okay*

www.ateneo.edu (thread banner)
www.absolutecousins.com (team pic)
Rick Olivares of ateneo.edu (Rookies' info)



  • Women's Volleyball: The first almost-won game
    date posted: 2008-12-09 13:20:50
    By Rick Olivares

    Ateneo vs Adamson
    25-22, 22-25, 15-25, 25-15, 8-15

    You know that saying about how some losses are actually moral victories? Sometimes it's a cop-out and sometimes it's not.

    But in the case of the Ateneo Lady Spikers' five-set loss to Adamson to start out their UAAP Season 71 campaign, Ateneo certainly made a statement that rather than fold when down two sets to one, they'll battle, claw, and rally their way through every match.

    To understand the severity of that statement, one must go back to Season 70 of the UAAP Women's Volleyball tournament.

    Heading into January 9, 2008, the Lady Spikers were tied with FEU for second at 3-1 behind defending champion UST. Their next assignment was a pre-tourney favorite, the Adamson Lady Falcons.

    The match was the second one scheduled that day and it sowed the seeds for this campaign. Ateneo went into the game in high spirits but they were soon dampened when their foes made short work of them in the first two sets, 25-14 and 25-13, in a superb display of blocking and hitting.

    Early in the fourth quarter, setter Karla Bello injured her ankle, which further stymied Ateneo's attack. A few minutes later, middle blocker Bea Pascual rose for a twisting spike but landed awkwardly and with a shriek that silenced the Blue Eagle Gym crowd of a few hundred. It took a few minutes before she was carried out with an ACL injury that would knock her out of the tournament.

    Although Pascual's injury galvanized the team in the third set, they still fell, 25-22, casting a pall of uncertainty on the season.

    Ateneo did finish with a 8-6 record,its best ever in the tournament and good enough for its first-ever Final Four berth. But they were 6-0 against the top three squads of the league and awaiting them in the semis were the Falcons.

    Just as it was in the elimination rounds, Adamson swept Ateneo in all their sets for a perfect 9-0. Every game was finished in an hour and 15 minutes.

    It was a crazy off-season as the team saw the exit of coach Ronald Dulay who moved down the road to UP. San Sebastian's legendary coach Roger Gorayeb was brought in and almost immediately, the team was overhauled.

    "We need a change in our mindset and in our attitude towards the game of volleyball," said Gorayeb who was fresh from his V-League conquest of UST. "And for now I only need these 10 players."

    The only holdovers were Pascual, Kara Acevedo, Steph Gabriel, Misha Quimpo, and Averil Paje. And there were five rookies -- Fille Cainglet, Angeline Gervacio, Gretchen Ho, Jamenea Ferrer, and Aillysse Nacachi.

    Pascual, only in her junior year, inherited the mantle of team captain.

    Cainglet and Gervacio are from St. Scholastica's College where they led the Junior Scions to back-to-back WNCAA volleyball crowns. Cainglet was MVP for three years running while Gervacio was adjudged the Best Attacker in last year's Juniors tournament.

    Gretchen Ho was Acevedo's teammate at Immaculate Concepcion Academy where they formed a fearsome attack line along with Chyna Ledesma.

    The Lady Spikers' new setter is Jamenea Ferrer who is from Hope Christian High School. She distinguished herself in the Shakey's Girls V-League. where she led her school to the title and was hailed as Best Setter and MVP for her superb efforts.

    The last rookie is Aillysse Carol Nacachi, a middle blocker from Canossa Academy.

    The Lady Falcons too unveiled their new look. Gone were their heavy hitters in setter Janet Serafica, wing spiker Jackie So and Michaelle Segodine. But they also featured a high-scoring rookie in Paulina Soriano.

    In the first set, featuring an energized attack and some good blocking with Pascual back in the middle, Ateneo took the first set 25-22.

    Falcons coach, Minerva Pante, returned the favor by having her players come out with an energized attack that found open floor in the Ateneo defense. Incredibly, a 10-minute brownout delayed the second set and cooled down the Lady Spikers when they found their bearings. The respite allowed Adamson to settle down and they upended Ateneo for their own 25-22 win in the second set.

    Unable to regain their momentum, Ateneo fell into a deep hole 10-3 early in the third set and were unable to mount a rally as the Lady Falcons were a set away from notching their first win of the season.

    But the lights went out once more and the resulting 10-minute delay allowed Ateneo to soothe their nerves and focus on their game plan. They went back to the court with renewed purpose and took the fourth set 25-15 and the stage was set for a pulsating finish.

    The fifth set had all the makings of a close game that would go down the wire as both exchanged points for an early 4-4 tie. Then a spate of errors and lapses in defense allowed Adamson to finally put away Ateneo 15-8.

    "Sayang," said Gorayeb as he smacked his hands together after the match. "May chance manalo. Pero maganda rin pinakita ng mnga bata. Hindi sumuko at lumaban. Pag nag-click na mga yan lalong gaganda yung laro nila."

    Gervacio and Cainglet led the team in scoring with 16 points apiece while Acevedo and Ho both chipped in 11. Pascual, who showed no tentativeness in doing battle at the net, added 5 while Ferrer finished with 4.

    Gorayeb sat down and allowed himself to relax. He was pretty worked out in the last two hours. He hoped for a first win in his first-ever UAAP stint. It wasn't so much for himself as for his team and his girls. He stood and patted Acevedo on the cheek and joined his team for a post-game huddle.

  • go fille!!!! :rotflmao::love::rotflmao:*okay*
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  • Bakit parang undermanned ang eagles? 10 lang sila? Hindi ba nagkaroon ng tryouts?
  • aleatoricwriteraleatoricwriter 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    ^Yun ang system ni Coach Roger, 10 lang palagi. :)

    11 sila at first, pero ayun, nung V-League, di na kasama si Khrysette Onishi (the one on Gervacio's left), kaya 10 na ulit. ;)
  • UAAP Season 71
    Women's Volleyball

    ADMU vs UE
    12.10.08, 4pm

    Ateneo won in 5 sets against UE!

    25-19 25-17 20-25 16-25 24-22

    Best Player : Fille Saint Merced Cainglet
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    Thanks for the info :D

    No problem, blue&green. :)
  • UAAP Season 71
    ADMU Lady Spikers : Official Line-Up
    in complete names and course

    Pascual, Bea Chermaine (3 AB IS) - Middle Blocker
    Acevedo, Maria Carmina Denise (2 BS Mgt) - Middle Blocker/Utility
    Cainglet, Fille Saint Merced (1 AB Psy) - Open Spiker/Middle Blocker
    Ferrer, Jamenea (1 AB Lit) - Setter
    Gabriel, Stephanie (MBA) - Libero
    Gervacio, Angeline (1 AB PolSci) - Open Spiker/Middle Blocker
    Ho, Gretchen (1 BS ME) - Open Spiker/Middle Blocker
    Nacachi, Ailysse (1 AB IS) - Open Spiker
    Paje, Averil (3 BS MIS) - Setter
    Quimpo, Misha (3 BS Comtech) - Middle Blocker/Utility

    Eligibility Year:

    1st - Cainglet, Ferrer, Gervacio, Ho, Nacachi
    2nd - Acevedo, Paje
    3rd - Pascual, Quimpo
    4th - Gabriel
    5th - NONE!

    credits to vleague.tk
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    Gervacio had 21 Points a while ago while Cainglet added 13, Ho with 12 and Quimpo with 11.

    Ateneo made 40+ errors kanina. :( Oh well. A win is a win.
    Schedule of Games

    December 7- FEU Gym
    04:00 PM - AdU vs ADMU*

    December 10 - The Arena
    02:00 PM - ADMU vs UE*

    December 13 - FEU Gym
    04:00 PM - ADMU vs FEU*

    December 18 - FEU Gym
    11:00 AM - ADMU vs UP

    December 21 - The Arena

    04:00 PM - NU vs ADMU*

    January 11 - The Arena
    04:00 PM - ADMU vs DLSU*

    January 14 - The Arena
    02:00 PM - ADMU vs UST*

    * Televised (except for some Saturdays) live on Studio 23.
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  • UAAP Women's Volleyball Update by VLeagueDOTtk


    Best Scorer
    1. Gervacio, Angeline Marie (Ateneo) - 37 Points
    2. Maizo, Aiza (UST) - 33 Points
    3. Rosale, Mary Cristel (UE) - 32 Points
    4. Alanguilan, Ginaflor (UE) - 31 Points
    4. Benting, Angela (Adamson) - 31 Points
    4. Morada, Mecaila Irish May (FEU) - 31 Points
    7. Cainglet, Fille Saint Merced (Ateneo) - 29 Points
    7. Daquis, Rachel Anne (FEU) - 29 Points
    9. Alarca, Jacqueline (La Salle) - 27 Points
    9. Gonzalez, Shaira (FEU) - 27 Points
    11. Mercado, Stephanie (La Salle) - 26 Points
    11. Vivas, Cherry Mae (FEU) - 26 Points
    13. Ho, Gretchen (Ateneo) - 25 Points
    14. Co, Bernice Abigail (UST) - 24 Points
    14. Soriano, Maria Paulina (Adamson) - 24 Points

    Best Attacker
    1. Soriano, Maria Paulina (Adamson) - 45.83% Attacking Efficiency
    2. Gonzalez, Shaira (FEU) - 44.00% Attacking Efficiency
    3. Benting, Angela (Adamson) - 42.59% Attacking Efficiency
    4. Alarca, Jacqueline (La Salle) - 40.82% Attacking Efficiency
    5. Rosale, Mary Cristel (UE) - 40.00% Attacking Efficiency
    6. Laguilles, Rissa Jane (Adamson) - 40.00% Attacking Efficiency
    7. Vivas, Cherry Mae (FEU) - 39.62% Attacking Efficiency
    8. Mercado, Stephanie (La Salle) - 36.67% Attacking Efficiency
    9. Gervacio, Angeline Marie (Ateneo) - 36.08% Attacking Efficiency
    10. Co, Bernice Abigail (UST) - 32.30% Attacking Efficiency

    Best Blocker
    1. Mercado, Stephanie (La Salle) - 2.00 Average Blocks Per Set
    2. Ho, Grethen (Ateneo) - 1.20 Average Blocks Per Set
    3. Maizo, Aiza (UST) - 1.00 Average Blocks Per Set
    4. Ortiz, Maika Angela (UST) - 0.88 Average Blocks Per Set
    5. Genido, Pauline May (UP) - 0.83 Average Blocks Per Set
    6. Cruz, Charleen Abigail (La Salle) - 0.67 Average Blocks Per Set
    7. Barcelon, Carmina Teresita (UP) - 0.67 Average Blocks Per Set
    8. Daquis, Rachel Anne (FEU) - 0.63 Average Blocks Per Set
    9. Pascual, Bea Chermaine (Ateneo) - 0.60 Average Blocks Per Set
    10. Gonzalez, Shaira (FEU) - 0.50 Average Blocks Per Set

    Best Server
    1. De La Cruz, Mary Mae (NU) - 0.83 Average Aces Per Set
    2. Benting, Angela (Adamson) - 0.75 Average Aces Per Set
    3. Morada, Mecaila Irish May (FEU) - 0.75 Average Aces Per Set
    4. Alarca, Jacqueline (La Salle) - 0.67 Average Aces Per Set
    5. Tiangco, Monique (FEU) - 0.50 Average Aces Per Set
    6. Ho, Gretchen (Ateneo) - 0.40 Average Aces Per Set
    7. Rivera, Katherine (UE) - 0.38 Average Aces Per Set
    8. Martinez, Maria Klarissa (La Salle) - 0.33 Average Aces Per Set
    9. Quimpo, Misha (Ateneo) - 0.30 Average Aces Per Set
    10. Acevedo, Maria Carmina Denise (Ateneo) - 0.30 Average Aces Per Set

    Best Digger
    1. Reyes, Jennylyn (NU) - 4.00 Average Digs Per Set
    2. Gabriel, Stephanie (Ateneo) - 3.60 Average Digs Per Set
    3. Alanguilan, Ginaflor (UE) - 3.38 Average Digs Per Set
    4. Taganas, Rose Anne (FEU) - 2.63 Average Digs Per Set
    5. Gata, Lizlee Ann (Adamson) - 2.50 Average Digs Per Set
    6. Cainglet, Fille Saint Merced (Ateneo) - 2.40 Average Digs Per Set
    7. Balmaceda, Mary Ann (UE) - 2.38 Average Digs Per Set
    8. Gervacio, Angeline Marie (Ateneo) - 2.10 Average Digs Per Set
    9. Mercado, Stephanie (La Salle) - 2.00 Average Digs Per Set
    10. Benting, Angela (Adamson) - 1.75 Average Digs Per Set

    Best Setter
    1. Ferrer, Jamenea (Ateneo) - 18.70 Excellent Sets Per Set
    2. Jose, April Linor (FEU) - 14.25 Excellent Sets Per Set
    3. Martinez, Maria Klarissa (La Salle) - 13.50 Excellent Sets Per Set
    4. Hiponia, Jennifer (Adamson) - 12.63 Average Sets Per Set
    5. Masankay, Mary Grace (UE) - 11.75 Average Sets Per Set
    6. De La Cruz, Mary Mae (NU) - 7.50 Average Sets Per Set
    7. Rivera, Katherine (UE) - 7.13 Average Sets Per Set
    8. Dimaculangan, Rhea Katrina (UST) - 6.38 Excellent Sets Per Set
    9. Salaysal, Sheila Marie (UP) - 5.50 Excellent Sets Per Set
    10. Tan, Denise Patricia (UST) - 2.88 Excellent Sets Per Set

    Best Receiver
    1. Ferrer, Jamenea (Ateneo) - 83.33% Receiving Efficiency
    2. Gata, Lizlee Ann (Adamson) - 51.79% Receiving Efficiency
    3. Cainglet, Fille Saint Merced (Ateneo) - 46.43% Receiving Efficiency
    4. Gervacio, Angeline Marie (Ateneo) - 45.72% Receiving Efficiency
    5. Gabriel, Stephanie (Ateneo) - 43.42% Receiving Efficiency
    6. Gustilo, Jill (Adamson) - 42.86% Receiving Efficiency
    7. Santos, Manilla (La Salle) - 42.86% Receiving Efficiency
    8. Cruz, Charleen Abigail (La Salle) - 40.00% Receiving Efficiency
    9. Morada, Mecaila Irish May (FEU) - 35.90% Receiving Efficiency
    10. Gohing, Melissa (La Salle) - 33.33% Receiving Efficiency

    DLSU - 2 - 0 (6 Sets Won, None Lost)
    AdU - 2 - 0 (6 Sets Won, 2 Sets Lost)
    FEU - 1 - 1 (5 Sets Won, 2 Sets Lost)
    UE - 1 - 1 (5 Sets Won, 2 Sets Lost)
    ADMU - 1 - 1 (5 Sets Won, 5 Sets Lost)
    UST - 1 - 1 (3 Sets Won, 5 Sets Lost)
    NU - 0 - 2 (None Won, 6 Sets Lost)
    UP - 0 - 2 (None Won, 6 Sets Lost)

    December 13 - FEU Gym
    2 PM - DLSU vs NU
    4 PM - FEU vs ADMU

    December 14 - FEU Gym
    2 PM - UE vs UP
    4 PM - AdU vs UST

    This update is brought to you by VLeagueDOTtk
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  • That Thrilling Won Game That Almost Got Away
    Ateneo vs. UE
    25-17, 25-19, 20-25, 16-25, 24-22
    by rick olivares

    During Ateneo’s first game of the season last Sunday, Roger Gorayeb, resplendent in blue, stood throughout the whole game perhaps an indication of how big it was going up against the Adamson Lady Falcons.

    In this second match of the year versus the UE Amazons, he stood up only once during the first two sets and it was only for a few seconds. When his Lady Spikers committed an error or misplayed the ball, he planted his left hand into the side of his face in dismay.

    By the time the game had reached a fifth set after UE had come back from two sets down, he was in a state of controlled fury. He threw down his bottle of mineral water in disgust during the disastrous fourth set when the Recto volleybelles wrested the momentum from his faltering squad.

    The hallmark of last year’s offense was that the attack came from the wings and from the middle.

    This year, a lack of heavy scoring from the middle has forced the open spikers to shoulder much of the attack load and that has made the offense somewhat predictable. Gorayeb concedes that the team is a year or two away from becoming a major contender but that doesn’t mean that his Lady Spikers will not give it the old college try in Season 71.

    The UE squad may not make anyone quake in their sneakers more so after they played so poorly in the first two sets, but the Amazons of Coach Virginia De Jesus are certainly not wanting in spunk.

    With Ateneo ahead 9-8 in the third set, the team lapsed into a series of errors and poor execution. UE forged ahead with 6 straight points to go up 9-14.

    Another 8-0 blitz by UE that gave them a 13-21 lead guaranteed that there would be a fourth set. “Binigyan nila ng buhay,” explained one of media reporters covering the game as the crowd got into the now exciting match. “Medyo nag-relax.”

    Against Adamson last weekend, the two brownouts changed the momentum for both teams. In this game that had all the makings of a laugher, the shift was more of the human kind.

    It was a disturbing trend that Gorayeb noted also in the first match – a propensity to commit errors in bunches that tend to demoralize the team that sinks their play. And they had once more fallen prey to that against UE (the Lady Spikers average 38 errors a game).
    If Charo Soriano scored the bulk of last year’s points, the good thing about this year is the attack is spread a little more. And in this match, the veterans – particularly Misha Quimpo and Bea Pascual as they chipped in 13 and 10 points to the team’s collective 79 points (their opponents surrendered 31 points off errors).

    The team is young without a doubt but they showed remarkable resiliency in their last two matches that have both gone down the wire. Inexperience and all, this is a team that does not give up. And that builds character.

    The fifth set featured eight lead changes and several errors that had a prolonged the suspense and the match.

    With two points to go in the fifth set at 13-11, a service error by Quimpo gave some life back to UE. And when they had a chance to put Ateneo away at 20-21, Mary Grace Masankay returned the service error to notch the game at 21-all.

    Then Pascual scored the last of her points off a spike. Angeline Gervacio added one of her own before Quimpo capped her best performance thus far as she finished off their equally resilient foes with a power drive UE got not receive.

    After the match, the team had smiles on their faces as they got that hard-earned first win and Gorayeb’s first in the UAAP. The coach was understandably upset that it could have been a short afternoon for them. But look on the bright side, how good can this team be after they’ve played a few more games and collected a few more wins? Think of what we might see when Ateneo Lady Spikers are finally on?

    credits: vleague.tk, Rick Olivares
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    I think we have to make a thread for Dzi Gervacio. She deserves it. After all, she's leading the MVP Race. Haha.
  • Oo nga. Paramihin ang individual threads ng ADMU players dito sa PEx.
  • fres(0 wrote: »
    nice article. As I said, errors lang talaga nadadale ang ADMU.

    It's also sad to note na hindi man lang na mention ang name ni Acevedo, nu na ba nagnyari sa iyo, Ineng.

    Parang non-existent ka na sa team. Buti pa si quimpo, had her biggest game na daw against UE:mecry:

    Pana-panahon lang talaga! Minsan u have your best games and meron din games na medyo off ka. Darating din ang game na mag step-up na si Acevedo. *okay*
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