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Stem Cells or PluroProteins (sp?)

I really never paid any attention to my Biology classes, so I have no idea about these.. :lol:

but these are real cells right??? They are found in newborns and they can form any part of the body for example... nerve cells....

my question is this... if these is true.. can't doctors harvest these cells and inject them to paralyzed individuals and hope that they form into new cells therefore, healing paralysis???


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's pluripotent stem cells. :) Actually, they are found both in embryos and adults. They give rise to almost all of the cells types of the body, such as muscle, nerve, heart, and blood, so their potentials for new therapeutic approaches to disease are endless. A lot of fundings are going into these types of researches now, but it's still too early to announce results that can actually be used in medical treatment.
  • doc, thanks!! oh kewl... so, it's theoritically possible in the future!! that would be sooo awesome... I saw the theory in that new show Dark Angel that's why. The main character is genetically engineered and she has regenerative powers because her blood is full of stem cells. When she did a blood tranfusion with another character who is paralyzed, he started to get healed... :)
  • Actually the potential of stem cells are being harvested. I just read in the news that using these cells scientist are able to grow skin complete with hair follicles and sebaceous glands for burn victims. In future, they predict that they can be able to grown whole organs.
  • you can actually control the pluripotent cells as to what they would grown into??? wow!!! that's more than what I've imagined!! All I would've imagined is inject them in a human and watch it work it's magic... :)

    but dang.. this is an extraordinary solution!!
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