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  • LucTLucT PExer
    Hmn. My school still requires subjects like Pol Sci (Philippine Constitution), Filipino and PE even to nursing students. Anyway I still think those minor subjects are important but they shouldn't be taken in the 4th year.
  • ...you know what, i've been to cebu recently and i do understand the hatred of cebuano youths toward filipino as a subject. but i really would like to ask you personally to give a little more serious thought to "filipino" as a course for nursing students. we need nurses everywhere, not just in cebu, and there are few capable nurses in the country as it is -- i believe all sorts of cebu-based professionals should learn BOTH english and filipino ALONG WITH sugbuanon. it's not irrelevant to the profession. learning the languages of the people around you is a gift to the people you decide to work with.

    polsci is essential. politics and power play exist within the hospital, as well as the government bodies and NGOs that regulate the existence of that hospital. whether abroad or local, a good sense of politics helps a person adopt to the state of affairs around him/her.

    PE is DEFINITELY essential. there shouldn't even be an argument here. learn how your body works, and you'll have a better sense of how other people's bodies work. also, exercise should be a primary goal of a health professional; if you can't keep your own body in top shape while you have the faculties to do so, you gain LESS credibility when you try to tell other people how to stay or become healthy.

    yep, i'm one of those people who believe general education subjects are necessary to academic growth, especially since i don't have enough faith in our elementary and high school curriculums.
  • What's wrong with political science as a subject? Is it a negative thing for students to know how the political system works? Is learning more about the philippine constitution, along with factors that shape public policy, a waste of time? I would argue that nurses who know more about fields of study other than their own are better than those who confine themselves in just one field.
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    you should blame lito osmena i believe he is the culprit behind this cebuano as a national language matagal na nya isinusulong yan. kaya mga cebuano di marunong managalog marunong mag ingles. what's wrong with pol sci any course that you take there will always be a Pol sci as a minor subject.
  • ang alam ko, philippine constitution (as a subject) is a must in college. kasama yung taxation. hmmm.. but then again i could be wrong.
  • para sa akin... sa lahat nmn ata ng college/university kelangan me p.e., filipino, and polsci. i think required ata un ng gobyerno or something. pero required man or not syempre kailangan din un ng mga estudyente regardless of their course. nasa tamang pag-manage lang yan ng curriculum ng eskwelahan para di sila mahirapan. pwedeng sa 1st/2nd year lang ung mga arts/pe/polsci/etc tapos pag higher years na, puro majors nalang. lalo na nga pag nursing dahil umaabot yata ng 10 units or more isang subject lang. so I guess ung curriculum lang siguro ng Cebu Normal ang dapat ayusin.

    now regarding cebuanos hating filipino... hmmm. ako rin na-experience ko yan sa dumaguete, I studied 1st yr. college at silliman and marami nagsasabi "swerte kayong mga tagalog kay bisag-asa mo mo-adto mag-tagalog gihapon mo. Unya pag kami mo-adto sa manila dili mo mag-bisaya para namo." sabagay medyo biased nga naman. my stand to that is tanggapin nalang natin yun dahil yung ang pambansang wika natin. imagine this scenario, kung nurse ka at di ka matututo ng filipino, pano kung sa states ka nga magta-trabaho tapos mga kasama mo dun is tagalog nurses ikaw lang ang bisaya or ilonggo or whichever locality na di nagtatagalog... pano na yan? english-an lang kayo ng englishan. nawawala yung sense nyo na pilipino kayo dahil sarili nating salita di naiintindihan.
  • i thank you... bow
  • The above subjects are general education subjects which are musts so that students will be more wholistic, not focusing on their major subjects only.

    However, inserting these GE subjects in the senior year is quite a burden on the students' part. Actually, in my school, we had Economics and STS during the first sem of our senior year. Come the second sem, we didn't have any of them anymore because it was a pre-requisite to pass all GE subjects including CMT and PE to proceed with the next semester. :)
  • but, lets be realisctic guys, when you r studying a certain course let's say nursing, minor subjects should be limited to a minimum because they r gonna create a certain sense of un focus for a person whose main goal is to perfect the job a o nurse but here he is, studying our constitution, studying jurisprudence, and what makes it worse is that she has to take it up in their last year. and other than that, she has to juggle her time doing internship or duty work then study for exams which is happenning everyday and sleep late at night.
    okay lang yan, that's why we r studying, it will make us hurdle the challenges of what's to come come what may upon having a job./ but i don;t think that when you work, the law of this country of ours will mean so much, speaking filipino and perfecting it will mean nothing when most of our grauduates r going abroad.
    i just hope a better academic curriculum should be implemented in the academic community here in the philippines since i think most grads r not ready for the life after years in college. granting the fact that most of the grads cannot get a job since they lack training and real know how of the course they took.
    like me, i am proposing for a one year ojt in college to really put into your heart and soul the essence of what you will become upon leaving the portals of the school and getting ready for the life ahead.

    gloria resign!!!!!! heheheheh! :grrr: :rotflmao:
  • Polsci and jurisprudence is needed in the practice of nursing. Haven't you heard of the course Nursing Jurisprudence and Professional Adjustment or Nursing Leadership and Management? When you start working, you'll realize how important the laws of the country are especially those that concerns workers in the medical field.

    Perfecting a subject requires knowledge in not just in your chosen fields but from others as well.
    i just hope a better academic curriculum should be implemented in the academic community here in the philippines since i think most grads r not ready for the life after years in college. granting the fact that most of the grads cannot get a job since they lack training and real know how of the course they took.

    Quite a myopic view there. That is what you think. The country produces a lot of qualified graduates though there is lack of job opportunities. If you say that graduates don't really know/are not that oriented about the course they took, it's their problem already and not the systems'.

    I think it's your curriculum which needs redress. Ours is perfectly fine. Check out the new PNA website which has the prescribed nursing curriculum. :)
  • Studying polsci's important, because you don't live in a vacuum, and nor will you be doing nursing in a vacuum.
  • Studying polsci's important, because you don't live in a vacuum, and nor will you be doing nursing in a vacuum.
    seconded :)

    kahit anong profession, kailangan ng polsci.
  • like I said... tamang pag-manage lang yan ng curriculum... kelangan me polsci (G.E. subjects) pero dapat hindi maka-conflict sa major subjects...
  • Sa dami kasi ng review center for nursing e d na namin alam san talaga ang maganda at di masasayang ang ibabayad.


    Thanks po.
  • MSA.. although famous 'to as an advancement institute, may nakapagsabing maganda ang nursing review dito..
  • MSA? san po ito gold? may mga basehan po kasi kung magaling nga talaga ang isang review center like mataas ang rating ng pumapasa sa mga nagrereview sa kanila.. hmm yung mga lecturers magagaling... yung mga ganun.. kasi ang dami talaga sinasabi nila magaganda.

    Though i believe naman na nasa estudyante talaga ang pagrereview at pagpasa... pero talagang malaking factor ang review center sa pagpasa sa Board Exam.
  • You can post din po kung ano ano ba po bang preparations kinakailangan kapag magrereview ka. I know malaki maitutulong nito sa mga graduating students na nursing.
  • MSA? Sa Katipunan yung main nila, pero actually dalawa yung center nila sa katipunan, at medyo magkatabi pa.. Yung MSA sa may harap ng ateneo, katabi nung malaking National Bookstore dun.. Mero din sa Makati, sa Legaspi Village..

    Hehe Di ito paid advertisement pero pinopromote ko na rin kasi since highschool halos lahat ng books ko ay MSA, english, math, chem, physics, and yung teacher ko nga nun sabi meron na ring for nursing.. Yun.. tumaas naman ang grades ko kahit na di pa for licensure exams ang ginawa kong review, pero sabi din ng mga kakilala ko ok naman daw. Yun.. Kasama na rin yata yung TOEFL and IELTS dun.. yun.. sana nakatulong po.. hehe

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  • He he dapat nga may bayad ka sa promotion na yan.
    Ei thanks gold a for d info. I'll try to call them na lang para makapagtanung na din.
  • up ko lng.. :wave:

    any recommendations? suggestions? :)
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