Home safety: Electrical outlets

Electrical outlets

How do you protect your child who is fascinated with electrical outlets, plugs, extension cords etc.?

My 16 month old niece seems to be fascinated with electrical outlets and I think she is smart enough to have figured out that if things are plugged into the outlet, things will happen (action-reaction thingie).

Hindi siya nadadala sa palo (spanking) as I wanted to associate pain whenever she touches any outlet, plug or extension cord. Minsan gusto ko na siyang pasuin whenever she touches those things kaso I cant bear to see her in pain.

I am so concerned because this is how my cousin's 2 year old baby died. She got electrocuted touching an exposed plug of an extension cord.


  • zia01zia01 Member PExer
    Alam ko po may nabibiling outlet covers. I just don't know if meron sa hardwares dito sa atin. 'Yung sa akin kasi gift ng brother ko from the US.
  • clerskiclerski Member PExer
    You can buy these sockets covers at the mall. The brand i got was Safety First.
  • sneezysneezy galit sa panget PExer
    At this age the only thing you can do is baby-proof the house. Outlet covers are useful and as far as cords naman are concerned, make sure that it is inaccessible to the baby. Hindi lang electrocution hazard yan kundi strangulation hazard pati.

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