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PFF - Marion dela Cruz = The Austrian Balikbayan

i lab lab lab marion!
he's so cute at lagi pang naka-smile!
sana di siya maalis ngayong week sa PFF.!

Marion dela Cruz

Age: 21

Origin: Austria/Valenzuela City

Occupation: Student

Greatest fear/s: Heights

Marion’s father was a driver in an embassy while his mother was a cleaning lady in another embassy. He was born in Vienna and spent most of his life in Austria. Nevertheless, his parents managed to teach him to speak Tagalog and live the good Filipino values. Marion met a lot of women in Vienna, but never had a serious relationship with any of them. He said he still prefers the conservative Filipinas over the liberated Austrians.

Marion was a good soccer player but later became unfit to play any sport after getting into lots of vices and troubles. He frequently got into fights because of racism and would often drink and smoke. When his parents couldn’t handle him anymore, he was sent to the Philippines to live with his grandmother.

Starting a new life in the Philippines was challenging at first for Marion. But because of his lola, he got used to doing lots of households chores and going to the palengke. Now, Marion is up for a much greater challenge as a Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor. He is ready to face whatever kind of challenge to win the top prize so he can convince his parents to live with him here in the Philippines.


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