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Song Hye-kyo (born November 22, 1981; registered on February 26, 1982) is a South Korean model and actress. While getting her arts degree at Sejong University (did not finish degree), Song made her debut by winning the Grand Prize in model search in SunKyung Smart and starring in a Sunday morning drama called Happy Morning (KBS, 1996). She starred in number of hit dramas including All In, Autumn Fairy Tale, and Full House. Due to her popularity she can be seen frequently on advertisements when she is not acting. She is currently signed to Eden 9 talent agency.


Song debuted in the entertainment industry when she won the Grand Prize in SunKyung Smart, a school uniform company in 1996 when she was finishing her third year in junior high school. It was not long until she starred in her first drama, Happy Morning. Since then, she would continued to star in a string of various dramas and sitcoms but it wasn't until the KBS drama Autumn Fairy Tale in 2000 with Song Seung-hun and Won Bin that Song rose to fame throughout Asia. The show quickly became popular as it depicted a tragic love story between three people.

Song's popularity continued to climb when she played a leading role in the poker drama All In, alongside Lee Byung-Hun. The drama was so popular that the title of the show itself entered everyday vocabulary in Korea. The two lead-actors were soon involved in a relationship off-camera which gave both of them heavy publicity. Rumours regarding their possible marriage circulated; the relationship, however, survived for less than a year.

Song then play as a supporting role in the drama Sunlight Pours Down. The actress once again claim the scene when she played a major role in the very popular TV comedy series Full House in 2004. Another popular star Rain co-starred in the drama. Full House became one of the highest rating drama during its year. As with her previous co-star in All In, Song was rumored to be a couple with Rain, though the two denied it and said they were just good friends. After the successful Full House, Song starred in the movie, My Girl And I, which was critically panned by audience and critics alike. Song went on a 2-year hiatus afterward, returning to acting to star in her second film, the movie-version of Hwang Jin-i, which was released in South Korea on June 6, 2007, as the kisaeng Hwang Jin-i. Though promoted heavily, it fared poorly at the box office.

She is planning to release a video album, produced by StarM Planning entertainment company because she has been pursuing her dream of becoming a "hallyu queen" in Japan. However, while the shooting is already completed, the release date is still unconfirmed. She also became known in computer graphics circles when Indonesian 3D artist Max Edwin Wahyudi created a remarkable quality 3D picture of her.[1]

Song is currently preparing to star in KBS2 Miniseries The World They Live In, together with fellow Korean actor Hyun Bin. Filming is scheduled to start in July and will end this year. On the 2008 Cannes Festival, Director John Woo announced Song will be starring in his next work 1949, joining Taiwanese actor Chang Chen. 1949 will start filming at the end of the year and aims to release sometime in 2009


Television shows

* 2008 KBS2 Miniseries: The World That They Live In (그들이 사는 세상) (in production)[4]
* 2004 KBS Miniseries: Full House (풀하우스)
* 2004 SBS Miniseries: Sunlight Pours Down (also titled Sunshine of Love) (햇빛 쏟아지다)
* 2003 SBS Miniseries: All In (올인)
* 2001 MBC Miniseries: Hotelier (호텔리어)
* 2001 SBS Miniseries: Guardian Angel (수호천사)
* 2000 KBS: Host of Music Bank
* 2000 KBS Miniseries: Endless Love I: Autumn in My Heart (가을동화)
* 1999 SBS Comedy: Soonpoong Clinic (순풍 산부인과)
* 1999 SBS Sunday Morning Drama: Sweet Bride
* 1999 Angels in LoveLetter Skit
* 1998 SBS Situation Comedy: Who am I? (나 어때?)
* 1998 SBS Special Drama: A White Night 3.98 (백야 3.98)
* 1998 SBS: Host of Gippeun Toyoil (Happy Saturday)
* 1998 SBS Situation Comedy: Marching
* 1998 SBS Special Summer Evening Drama: Lively Eyes
* 1998 MBC Week Drama: Five Siblings
* 1997 KBS: Dalkomhan Sinbu
* 1997 MBC: Jack (Couple match)
* 1997 KBS: Wedding Dress
* 1996 KBS Weekend Drama: First love (첫사랑)
* 1993 KBS Sunday Morning Drama: Merry Morning


* 2009: 1949
* 2008 Hollywood Indie Film: Make Yourself at Home
* 2007 Sidus: Hwang Jin-i (황진이)
* 2005 Sidus: My Girl and I (파랑주의보)


* 2007 6th Korean Film Awards: Best New Actress (Hwang Jin-i)
* 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actress (Full House)
* 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Most Popular Actress in Asia
* 2004 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple (with Rain)
* 2003 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress (Full House)
* 2003 SBS Drama Awards: Top 5 Star
* 2002 CE (China Entertainment) TV Awards: Top 10 Asian Entertainer
* 2001 SBS TV Awards: SBS Top 10 Star
* 2001 37th Baeksang Art Awards: Most Popular Award (TV category)
* 2001 Gold Song Awards (Hong Kong): Top Korean Star
* 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Photogenic Award (Endless Love I)
* 2000 KBS Drama Awards: Most Popular Actress (Endless Love I)
* 1998 SBS TV Awards: Best Newcomer Award (Soonpoong Clinic)
* 1996 First Prize for MTM (Model Talent Management)


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