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Mr. Ryan Agoncillo Book47: PEERLESS AND FEARLESS!


Sa Aking Tagumpay!

Ang buhay ay parang laro
May natatalo at may nananalo
Maging anuman ang kaparalan
Hindi bibitiw sa laban ko
Itutuloy ko lang dahil...

Di ako susuko sa gitna ng pagsubok
Buong tapang na haharap sa hamon ng buhay

'Di umuurong sa hamon, 'di sumusuko
'Di aatras, 'di kakalas ipapakita ang lakas
Ang tapang ko'y ilalabas kakayanin ang lahat
Nasa aking mga kamay ang pag-abot sa tagumpay

Sa ating tagumpay...

Kahit 'san man mapunta galing ipapakita
Ang bayaning nasa akin ipagsisigawan ko.

Pinoy Fear Factor themesong(Sa Aking Tagumpay!) vIDEO

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  • ryannovembercalendar.jpg

    Birthday Celebrants

    Fan_ni_jasry [mao] - 15
    jett [jett] - 16
    Daomingcai [malou] - 17
    Mythumbelina [MT] - 17
    Carlasweetbloom [carla] - 18
    ninin [ninin] -19
    Ginger96 [elsa] - 20
    crazy4jude [rosie] - 22
    Lovingsoul - 22

    Heidilopez888 [heidi] - 1
    sitti [cindy] - 2
    silvermoon721 [Len] - 13
    piper [glen] -19
    frits1910 [frits] - 19

    celine06 [celine] -3
    kuykuy [mill] - 4
    marieangeline [kathleen] - 23
    jaja5254 [jaja] - 26
    Elgo21407 [elsa] -26

    Chasmo402 [lhai] -2
    Zenia [zenia] - 2
    isgonzal [Lumin] - 4
    rashiko_dhenz/jortybrat [Dhenz] - 6
    Serra1705 [serra] - 17
    Sweetestblah [Nene] - 24
    joaqs [joaqs] - 29

    wildflower_06 [Christy] - 6
    tigr5861 [lhy] -8
    Alps [alps] - 10
    suzy1011 [Susan] - 21
    Bojacksam [lanie] - 25

    Masao [mari-e] - 23
    Northernbeauty [Lyla] - 29

    Alpenrose [sally] - 1
    ilary Clinton [Ivy] - 1
    Juliet Mariano [Ghet] - 15
    pat4jasry [Pat] - 17
    Angel_a [angel] - 17
    Freekisses [mae] -29
    LG781 [laureen] - 30
    MITZIBI [mitz] - 31

    Atilofvabch [angie/lita] - 2
    Agnesg [agnes] - 3
    Cupcakeagius [gladys] - 7
    Sansue Vendiola [sansue] -7
    bobbiejhay1 [Talyn] - 11
    forever_jasry27 [ benjo] - 27
    Nithz123 [Nithz] - 31

    blue jes [jess] - 4
    vhenz910 [vhenz] - 10
    Jasangel [sofie] - 18
    mejetty [jhet] - 20
    Okmarie [Elvie/LV1] - 21
    msyoj29 [joy] - 29

    Pamela Two [pam] - 11
    Angiepelayo [angie] - 27

    Liway29 [cherie] - 1
    Levi's [LV2] - 8
    Number29 [crystal/weng] - 9
    Rogus [marie] - 20
    2gether4ever [ Edna] - 21
    Pancute [thess] - 23

    greenmountain [pinky] - 6
    Kuring82 [Loids] - 9
    Kakosasan [mader/MK] - 25
    carmalyn4judry [Gremz] - 28


  • out po muna ako sa mga padating welcome sa bagong haouse ni gwapong rigor
  • GodBless2.jpg

    Father God, Lord Jesus, Light of the Spirit. We offer YOU this house. Please make this house a celebration of LIFE, a fulfillment of LOVE, a nest of FRIENDSHIP and GOODWILL. Protect all who dwell here from all evil and strife. When trials come, give us COURAGE to fight in Thy name and when we triumph, grant us HUMILITY and the GRACE to FORGIVE. May all who come to visit realize the value of camaraderie. May all who lurk value our love for each other and for Judai and Ryan and learn from it. Forgive our frailty and pick us up when we fall. Praise be to you...Father, Son and Spirit. Alleluia. EMMANUEL. God is with us.
  • hi ate pam:love::love:
  • Hello, Fritski. Nakalipat na pala. Hindi man lang ako nakatulong. Kakarating lang namin. Out kami almost the whole day attending to the finishing touches of our home and buying foodstuff for our Daughter's birthday dinner. Pampatanggal ng pagod ko yoong E-Live ni Ry and now naman ang Talentadong Pinoy.
  • Out din muna ako. TP na. We will have a family dinner. Might come back if not too tired late tonight. If not...see you tomorrow.
  • Congratulations Makaryans for our new house!

    Thank you Nene for opening the duplex, we were so worried that no one will do it, we are very happy you did it!

    Kumusta naman kayo MakaRyans?

    Did you watch E Live? We just arrived home about 5:30pm and very surprised to know that we got focused on camera at E Live, I was trying to check the camera if it is ON, unfortunately IT WAS pala, we could not check the monitor either, anyway, it is an experience afterall!
  • Sis, parati kang naka-focus. Ang beauty-beauty mo and all smiles ka pa!!! Wish I could be as brave as you. May phobia ako sa camera. :lol:
  • May phobia ako pero kung kilala ninyo ako...madalas daw akong makita sa Studio 23 pag Linggo. :bashful:
  • Wala pa ring GSF / MKRs.
  • Malamang pagod ang mga MKRs kanina pagpunta sa E Live. Hindi biro ang maghintay ng nakatayo ng ilang oras unless naipasok agad sila ni Tina or Naomi.
  • Nagse-celebrate malamang si Elvie. Post ko lang ulit ito for your birthday, Elvie.

  • PDVD_016.jpg

    Hello, WafuSon. Sorry I have been absent and will have more absences sa bondings. Babawi din ako pagdating ng araw. You know I am here supporting you kahit walang eyeball.
  • Di ko na mahihintay ang mga Ninangs from EL Taping. I am tired and sleepy. We've been outside the whole day...rain and shine...dust and dirt...gutom at busog...ay...long day! Buti na lang may EL at TP na pampa-relax.

    Good night na po. I love you, MKRs. Ryan....*okay* ka, Tsong! See you when I see you!!!

  • Am supposedly to go sleep na din, gusto ko lang sabihin na am so happy that I was able to see Ry again, di man kami nakapagusap, masaya ako just seeing him very happy, too!

    This is indeed YOUR YEAR, Congratulations, RY!

    Nakakatuwa ang Themesong mo dito sa bagong bahay mo, ITO ang IYONG TAGUMPAY at KASAMA MO KAMING LAHAT NA NAGSASAYA !

    You deserve everything you are reaping now, I love you, RY!

    Am proud I am a MakaRyan just like Judai who is equally proud of you and of what you have been getting now, WE ARE JUST HERE IN FULL SUPPORT!
  • up..up

    congratzz sa new house....
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