hirap magpatulog sa anak

alvincellalvincell tiger cub/falcon PExer
hirap po patulugin yung anak ko grade 5 na *** 11 yrs old

lagi *** pa pinapanood yung survivor eh gabi na yun

7 am class *** tuwing umaga

some tips please


  • l•)l•) Member PExer
    normal sleep for his age should be 9 hours. san ba located yung tv? baka nasa room niya... alisin na. you have to set some rules.
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Well obviously you did not set ground rules at a young age so expect a lot of resistance from your kid especially now that he's 11.

    I think kids in the primary school level should not be allowed to watch TV except on weekends and they should be in bed by the latest 9pm. That's what my parents implemented for me and my siblings. We didn't have TVs in our rooms. In fact, 12 year old brother who is gr. 6 has to be asleep by 9pm and he's not allowed to watch TV during the week, otherwise his TV privileges during the weekend gets canceled

    I am definitely implementing that for my kids. My son's 1 and as early as now, he's in bed by 9pm. Sometimes it takes him an hour to fall asleep but that's ok because he doesn't go school and neither is he too interested in TV yet but I will not allow him and his yet-to-be born brother to stay up late especially to watch TV when they get to elementary schooling age.
  • kurengkengkurengkeng Member PExer
    hi alvincell...
    one word: DISCIPLINE. set strict rules. ikaw dapat ang nasusunod, hindi mga bata. same with the other post, tanggalin ang tv sa room.
    be strict. allow them only on fridays and saturdays.

    when i was young, ganito din kami. we were not even allowed to watch tv during afternoons.gusto nila may afternoon nap.e bata, young, playful, gusto mo laro laro, or watch tv. but we had no choice but to follow. now that i have 5 and 7 yr olds, i do the same.

    my 5 yr old son's school starts at 730 so he needs to wake up at 630am man lang. everytime he begs to watch spongebob squarepants being shown nightly in nickelodeon at 930-10pm. nung una i allowed him, kaso hirap nga gisingin. so di ko na pinayagan. same thing with my 7yr old.

    again, they have no choice.they should follow. what they need are strict rules.
  • i agree: DISCIPLINE
    i have a first grader and so far wala akong hirap patulugin sya,alam nya ang bedtime nya,so kahti bukas pa ang tv,pumupunta na sya mag isa sa bedroom,ang pasok nya is from 8:30 - 3:30, ang alis namin sa bahay 7:45, first few days pa lang alam na nya ang consequences of sleeping late kaya ngayon self-discipline na sya,pero every friday he can sleep as late as he wants,pero dahil sanay na yung body clock nya,kaya kahit 9:30 pa lang natutulog na sya.
    if you want him to lessen his tv time,you have to do it as family.
  • DELISYUSDELISYUS Only 15% Lesbian PExer
    be the parent. be the authority.

    i trust it's not his TV and he doesn't pay the electric bill. if you're too lazy or weak-willed to shake up your house and have the rest of the household not watch TV too, then you really can't expect your child to believe you mean business.

    plus, is Survivor something your child should be watching? do you watch it with him so it could at least still be a learning and bonding experience?

    my parents didn't have strict TV policies with us.... but I really think kids shouldn't be allowed to watch anything w/o a parent's supervision... because it's the parents who will spell the difference between media being good or bad... and it's us who will draw the line up to what extent should media influence our family, our parenting, our children's lives...

    i sound preachy... but that's responsible parenting, isn't it? making sure there isn't a third party to your relationship and authority over your child?

    now... if you think Survivor is ok for him to watch, maybe you can compromise with him and tape/download episodes which you'll watch together on weekends, after all the homework's done...

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