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all about FILLE CAINGLET (ateneo lady eagles)

this girl really rocks! with such a brave heart! watch out in UAAP!*okay*


  • gdlak fille sa mga games nyo!
  • diba si cainglet sa UP?

    o younger sister to?
  • jancarlojancarlo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Maiimpress ka kapag nakita mo itong maglaro. This girl leaps high and has hang time. In terms of defense, she makes digging look easy. In their game against Adamson, she was receiving Bautista and Benting's spikes as if they were not that hard kills but in fact they were. She makes digging and receiving look easy. I think the reason why she is being compared to Kesinee even when she was still in high school, is probably because she can change the direction of her spikes because of her hang time. In the same manner, she is more of a smart than a hard hitter. Although lately, she's been developing hard hits but I have yet to see her drop and cross-court shots. Her down-the-line spikes are one of the best in the tournament.

    I'll post pictures of her later. Yes, she has a sister who plays for the UP Women's Basketball Team named Fille Saint Claudine. This Lady Spiker from Ateneo meanwhile is named Fille Saint Merced.
  • Sarah Mercado, lady eagles din diba?
  • jancarlo-i agree! galing nga nya, parang hndi rookie!
  • Ilabas na si Lizardo!!! Hindi na ako makapaghintay!!! :lol:
  • aleatoricwriteraleatoricwriter 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    Ilabas na si Lizardo!!! Hindi na ako makapaghintay!!! :lol:
    Who's Lizardo? ;D
  • sno yun? si lizardo?
  • Because this thread is useless without pics...


    She's the one on the left. I'm seeing her as the futute Daquis (parallelism only based on looks and popularity, though I'm told that she's awesome on-court... we'll see in the coming seasons)
  • jancarlojancarlo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^Mas maganda kung yung buhok niya itatali niya like Charo Soriano. Hehe. Parang she would look neater. Hehe. Anyway, she has been having bad games lately because of her tummy. Sumasakit daw yung tiyan niya for the past week, kahit na ano daw inumin niyang gamot hindi daw umeepekto.
  • sana wag kayo malito lalo't may wpbl na...hehe! kasi naglalaro ang kapatid ni fille na si fille sa smart-up! (sounds confusing na ba, haha)
  • ladydaniel wrote: »
    sno yun? si lizardo?
    Who's Lizardo? ;D

    Ateneo Lady Eagles rookie na nasgimulang magpatibok ng puso ko, bago pa man magsimula ang competition. :rotflmao:
  • aleatoricwriteraleatoricwriter 🦅 Eagle Squad🏅
    Ateneo Lady Eagles rookie na nasgimulang magpatibok ng puso ko, bago pa man magsimula ang competition. :rotflmao:

    Haha, yeah, nakita ko siya sa Fster account ng Lady Eagles. Carla Lizardo from Poveda. :)

    Magaling ba siya? :D:D
  • tnx sa pics! post pa kayo ng game pics! GO FILLE! see u this UAAP!
  • imagine how good she will be a few years from now. and look at ferrer, that girl is the future. i think she's even better than bello and she's just a freshman.

    pero kasi i'm afraid that cainglet will have a game that is similar to taganas, nung una spectacular si taganas pero nung tumagal sobrang subpar na lahat ng games niya and she was not able to meet the people's expectations of her.

    the atenean volleyball team is good in recruiting, pero ang problema kasi is they have a problem with the development of those skills (similar to UST lately, and unlike schools which have stellar programs ever since such as la salle and feu, and as of late, adamson)

    i just hope that the ateneo squad will be able to develop the skills of their great new recruits cainglet and ferrer. (ho's good in blocking and gervacio has some moments of brilliance) but cainglet and ferrer are on a league of their own
  • with coach roger gorayeb around...we'll see! :)
  • she reminds me of illa santos... the way she leaps and dig :)
  • :)Fille Cainglet..
  • ;)gervacio,cainglet & ho
  • :):)pascual & gervacio
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