What is Kangaroo care?

Hi parents! My friend just gave birth and low birth weight baby nya. The pedia was talking about Kangaroo Care and my friend asked my help to gather info on the subject. Meron po bang naka-experience sa mga babies nila ng ganito? Thanks!


  • DELISYUSDELISYUS Only 15% Lesbian PExer

    basically it's just skin-to-skin contact.... if the baby is stable naman kahit preterm (meaning he can go home with the mom and nurse just fine), this can be easily achieved by breastfeeding the infant in his diapers (with the mom also topless)... if it's cold in the room, the mommy can put a blanket around them but her warmth will warm the baby na din...

    when the baby sleeps, he can also sleep on mommy's chest lang din... always skin-to-skin contact... always keeping the baby close to the mother's chest/heart... the mommy's heartbeat and scent are familiar things to the baby which will stimulate his growth/development... :)

    every baby will benefit from skin-to-skin contact....its just that preterm babies need MORE of it because they're also just a little MORE helpless
  • ladylove77ladylove77 Member PExer
    Thanks a lot Delisyus! :)
  • martedimartedi Member PExer
    ako rin i let my son sleep on my chest when he was still a baby para mas makatulog maige.kaso lang may clothes kami pareho.siguro dahil alam ng baby yung amoy mo,kaya alam nya na ikaw yun,so he feels secure. yung iba nga,pag aalis,iniiwan pa nila yung ginamit nilang clothes sa tabi ni baby para daw akalain na katabi nila.
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    Ah ganun pala ang Kangaroo care. Instead of using an incubator, which is a machine, the skin-to-skin contact provides the warmth that baby needs. It's bonding in a more intimate and loving way! :)
  • martedimartedi Member PExer
    oo nga, may bonding moments ang moms with their babies aside from insulating them with their body.babies feel loved & they become confident when there's skin-to-skin contact.
  • cutebabycutebaby Member PExer
    hmmm.. ma apply nga itong kangaroo care sa newborn ko. kaya lang baka kabagan pag tinanggalan ko ng damit :-)
  • ranmiyuayaranmiyuaya Member PExer
    ok lang kahit may damit, basta ma-feel lang nya na may kadikit sya palagi..ganun kasi yung 2 month old son ko, gusto nya palagi syang buhat or kadikit, mas nakakatulog sya ng ganun..mas gusto nya yung nakadapa sya sa chest ko or hawak ko sya sa side ko pag matutulog kami..pag hiniga ko sya sa pillow nya, nagigising sya.
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber HEALTH.FREAK.WANNABE. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Does putting the baby in a sling [with the sling attached to mom's body] count as kangaroo care:?:


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