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Kung Pwede Lang Sana, Saan Nyo Talaga Gusto Tumira?

¤ HoLYcRaP ¤¤ HoLYcRaP ¤ R e v e n a n T PExer
Ako sa condo unit may Cityland 8 sa may Buendia. Malapit kasi sa school, malapit din sa Ayala. Kahit ano accessible. :) Hindi pa inaabot ng baha.



  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe Resident Feline PExer
    For real?

    I'd love to live in the Bay Area. :D I've lived there before and it's hella kewl! I like the weather, not too cold and not too warm, just enough not to make you sweat. It's a place where you can get by through public transpo and there's always something to do.

    Right now, I'm in Houston and I don't like it so much. It's so wide and has about a zillion freeways and everything is so far apart from each other.

    Actually, right now I wanna go back to Manila na. I miss my friends and my school so bad!

  • chloe15chloe15 Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sa london or sa paris... ala lang... dream ko lang talaga tumira dun kahit 1 year lang. :D
  • thatgirlthatgirl She's that girl. PExer
    a condo near dlsu..
  • I'm from Anaheim, California, and I don't want to say that this is not a good city to live in. Moreover, as a matter of fact this city is unique for its amenities and accessiblity on virtually anything you can think of! I like it how Disneyland and other tourists spots are located and compacted into this wonderful city. City Anaheim doesn't have the ingredients that I would consider as my "ideal" city to live in. Personally, I would want to live in Japan. I mean, I've lived in Okinawa for 7 years when I was younger and all I have to say is that I loved it. However, Okinawa is an island off the coast of mainland Japan..what does this tell me? Well, you're not really experiending the real hastle and bastles of Japan then. TOKYO is the place to be for me. I was there (Narita) for a stop-over when my twin and I went back to the PI for a vacation. I pretty much like everthign regarding TOKYO. It has a unique atmosphere that makes me wanna stay there and live upon finishing college and getting my MBA degree here in Southern California! I like the busy streets of Tokyo and the different shops and the HIGH rates for renting an apartment. I don't want to say that I'm extravagant for coming up with such idea, but this is how I would like to live until I don't have a family of my own yet (yeah, sure, I'm only 17!, no plans yet! hell no!!) It's still a little way to early to be thinking about that. So, I want to have as much fun until I do get married. It's the best thing you can give yourself (without the general problems of a typical family)! Anaheim just does NOT have the elements that i find interesting in TOKYO!!!!!

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    Hong Kong
    New York
  • EugeneEugene Ang Nasa Kanto PExer
    Saan nyo talaga gusto tumira?

    Sa bahay!

    Oo nga, mababaw lang kaligayahan ko mula kanto... Eugene
  • ingenuesjoningenuesjon du hast PExer
    i want sa castle if not any house na puro glass lng, parang see thru, gusto ko wala akong privacy!

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