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Can't think of anything.. =(

lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
My guy's bday is fast approaching (Nov. 13) and I still can't think of anything to give him. I also wanna give him some simple bday party.

He got his own place naman kaya medyo madali, though ndi ko maisip kung anong klaseng party ung magandang ibigay for a guy..

Please help naman oh. Need some nice ideas..
Thank you in advance


  • RedhotOneRedhotOne Member PExer
    That's such a nice and thoughtful thing to do for your guy. I'm sure he'll appreciate it very much.

    You may want to enlist the input and cooperation of his barkada in setting up his bday party. If it's going to be a surprise party at his place, they could invite him out for coffee at Starbucks (or some other excuse to get him out of his house/apt) while you decorate it and gather the rest of the well-wishers in the living room. Then you can surprise him with a nicely-lit bday cake upon his return. That's just a suggestion.

    Good luck and best wishes to both of you.
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    ^ that's what I'm also thinking.. thank you thank you!

    uhmm... I forgot, how about a nice bday gift?? ano kaya pede? kasi ndi naman sya nagsasabi talga ng gsuto nya, ska halos lahat ng pdeng ibigay, meron na sya..
  • RedhotOneRedhotOne Member PExer
    Hmm... that could takesome imagination if he already has "everything." Magkano ba ang budget mo? ;)

    Even if he does not tell you what he wants, he may have mentioned it to his barkada and that's why I said earlier you may need to talk to them to find out.

    Here are a couple of suggestions: CD/DVD of his favorite singer/movie, or a video game (if he's into it). Just make sure it's one that you can play together otherwise, he may be spending more time with it than with you. ;)
  • lipglasslipglass SMDC Property Specialist PExer
    A stuff-toy that he can share his bed with pag wala ka. Something that when he sees or hug at night, ikaw ang maiisip nya. Maganda yung barok-style baby girl stuff toy na may "fifi" na nakita ko sa mall, muka nga lang madaling masira, so I had mine customized, yung dress nya, miniature version ng fave dress ko, para kunwari ako talaga sya.

  • dragonjointdragonjoint Member PExer
    give him a big cake (with u inside) hehehe
  • jerikacasandrajerikacasandra getting out of funk PExer
    give him a baby (hahaha) :D

    well, try to bring him to a resto na lang na hindi nyo pa napupuntahan para hindi hassle sa pag aayos.
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    hahah!! tnx tnx guys.. I appreciate those cute & wacky ideas. lalo na ung baby, why not?! haha (kididng)

    I'm planning to have his bday party @ El pueblo - Texas road house. Cowboy style. hehe.

    I hope he likes it..
  • yung ex gf ko non, binigyan ako ng stuffed toy na gagamba nung birthday ko. party kasi yun so sabay sabay ko binubuksan mga gift. pinakalast yung gift niya. tapos kinalabasan, gagambang stuffed toy. sabi ko, ano to? bakit gagamba? sabi nung mga friends namin at kinantyawan ako na nang-aasar daw yung gf ko. baka daw mukha akong gagamba. well, cute naman siya na gagamba. colorful. ang reason niya, kasi nakwento ko nung bata ako na mahilig sa gagamba. parang yung gagamba na daw yon e ibig sabihin e childhood memories ko daw. ayun. *okay* mas maganda kasi yung mga maliliit na bagay pero nasusurprise tayo.
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    aww.. so sweet. hmmm.. stuff toy? why not..

    i remember, i gave him a pillow that has a note that says "World's best boyfriend" he liked it so much..
  • punkrock_kidpunkrock_kid Member PExer
    give him a 3some experience. :lol:
  • aicute12aicute12 PExer
    Bigyan mo ng isang 1 day pass sa isang strip club.. sorry di ko alam tawag sa ganun mga club.. hehe..
  • infinite_trialinfinite_trial ♥ Drayer PExer
    bigyan mo ng bedsheet with your picture printed on it lol
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    give him a 3some experience. :lol:

    can you be more specific?? :rotflmao:
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    aicute12 wrote: »
    Bigyan mo ng isang 1 day pass sa isang strip club.. sorry di ko alam tawag sa ganun mga club.. hehe..

    nakow, ayko naman nito, baka ndi na sakin umuwi un..hahaha!!
  • wils0n15wils0n15 snitch PExer
    yes a threesome experience would be perfect. simply hire a b*tch to join your session :)
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    ^wtf!! haha this is insane! :))
  • jed_allanjed_allan Sexual Intellectual PExer
    bigyan mo ng fleshlight tapos may pic ka sa handle. :lol:
  • lanie_rockslanie_rocks Rock and Rule! ✭✭
    hahaha.. pde pde.. ;)

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