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Mapua Professor Rudy Mortera is INNOCENT afterall… Read the facts…

Mapua Professor Rudy Mortera is INNOCENT afterall… Read the facts…

Decision of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) in the case filed by Prof. Rudy A. Mortera, Jr. against the Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT)…….

From these conflicting factual considerations, the main issues to be resolved in this controversy are:

a) whether or not complainant was dismissed for cause and
due process; and,

b) whether or not complainant is entitled to moral and
exemplary damages and attorney’s fees.

Hence this decision.

There can be no dispute that the three (3) main persons directly involved in this controversy, namely: the complainant, De Matta and Contreras have developed a close relationship between them as “kabarkadas”. However, things turn sour when the complainant, as a professor, flanked De Matta and Contreras in Basic Electronics. Obviously, this caught the ire and fury of De Matta and Contreras until they formally filed complaints before the NBI and subsequently, the respondent’s Faculty Grievance Committee for extortion-robbery, threats, and inflicting injuries upon the two (2) students.

On these charges, We find that complainant never committed any act of such magnitude that would furnish the respondent with any of the aforestated grounds in order to warrant the unceremonious dismissal of the complainant from service under the just cause of the Labor Code or in the Manual of Regulations to Private Schools.

We agree with the complainant that he never inflicted physical injuries upon the students and that the acts imputed upon him could not be construed as corporal punishment. Being close friends and “kabarkadas”, it can be reasonably seen that the acts complained for were mere playful gestures or innocent “pitik” done without an intent to do harm or inflict physical injury or corporal punishment upon the two (2) complaining students. What made this act as physical injury or corporal punishment lingers only in the minds of De Matta and Contreras who have an axe to grind against the complainant who gave them both failing grades in his subject. Of first impression, this is the devious hidden agenda of De Matta and Contreras to file trump-up charges to destroy the good name of the complainant as professor of Mapua. This we cannot allow for good reason.

For there is no malum in doing some playful gestures in a joking manner, like a simple “pitik” upon complainant’s close friends at that time, De Matta and Contreras, who subsequently filed the trump-up charges because of the revengeful fury they unleash to even the odds against the complainant who flanked them in Basic Electronics. Obviously, this is the entire gamut of this controversy with some burning flares of revenge and emotional disillusions displayed by De Matta and Contreras at the heat of their undeserving anger in the complainant.

There is no inkling that complainant indeed received gifts or money from his two (2) students nor food or cellphone loads as they were fully paid for by the complainant. Apparently, the driving services by the two students can only be viewed as acts of closely-knitted friendship and camaraderie and totally out of the context of a teacher-student spectrum. Finally, the solicitations made by De Matta was purely of his own doing and without the knowledge and consent of the complainant. These acts or omission of the complainant are well-established and corroborated by independent witnesses. If at all, complainant’s act of allowing himself to maintain a close but impersonal relationship with his students is a mere lapse of judgment and do not constitute serious misconduct within the spirit of the Labor Code nor in the Manual of Regulations to Private Schools.

We likewise negate the status of the complainant as one who holds a position of trust and confidence simply because, as teacher, complainant is not invested with confidence on delicate matter, such as custody handling, or care and protection of the property or assets of the employer. (Sulpicio Lines vs. Guide G.R. No. 149930, Feb. 22, 2002) Thus, the justifying cause of loss of trust and confidence is inapplicable if not totally misplaced.

Granting for the sake of argument that the acts imputed were committed by the complainant as they were contrary to Mapua’s existing rules yet the actual imposition of the penalty of dismissal is so harsh or too severe considering the complainant’s exemplary service with Mapua for more than eleven (11) years of loyal and dedicated service.

The words of the Supreme Court are more enlightening, to quote:

“Even when an employee is found to have transgressed
the employer’s rules, in the actual imposition of penal-
ties upon the erring employee, due considerations
must still be given to his length of service and the
number of violations committed during his employ-
ment. Where a penalty less punitive would suffice,
whatever missteps may have been committed by the
employee, ought not to be visited with a consequence
so severe such as dismissal from employment.” (St.
Michael’s Institute vs. Santos, G.R. No. 145280,
December 4, 2001)

In fine, We hold that complainant’s dismissal is unjustified, hence, illegal in the absence of a just cause.

One last parting note: whenever doubts exist or precipitate in a labor controversy, the same should ultimately be resolved in favor of labor in strict adherence to the security tenure and the social justice philosophy as enshrined and mandated by the fundamental law.

And so it is written in this case.

WHEREFORE, finding the dismissal as illegal for want of just cause, respondent Mapua Institute of Technology is hereby ordered to immediately reinstate the complainant to his former position without loss of senority rights and other benefits and to pay his full backwages from the date of his illegal dismissal up to his reinstatement, actual or in payroll….


  • dethgawddethgawd PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    alam ng Buong ME gano ka corrupt yang prof na yan..pag bagsak ka ,bagsak ka talaga sa kanya unless may special favours may pagasa ka pang pumasa
  • st_ang3rst_ang3r PEx Rookie ⭐
    hahaha. siguro kulang lang talaga sa evidence. madami din akong naririnig about sa knya pero yung na experience ko is naghamon ito nang suntukan sa kapwa prof pero sa CE-Ense department kasi matatalo na yung team niya sa interschool
  • Good for him...

    ...Lucky not for the complainants. They better not cross roads with Mortera. :lol:
  • mech_engrmech_engr PEx Rookie ⭐
    rudy is more luckier than the two... during our times he requested a cp to other groups in our Electronics lab. subj. it is not a hearsay, it is a fact.. peace out!
  • bulok lang talaga kasi judicial system sa pilipinas.. or wala nga siguro masyado supporting evidence..

    kung yung ibang estudyante sana na pumasa sa pamamagitan ng suhol ay tumestigo, e di kulong yan ! e pero bakit ka naman tetestigo, pasado ka na nga?! kakahiya lang at malaman ng marami na nanuhol ka lang!! haha
  • tol, frame-up lang talaga nangyari... infact lahat ng agents involved sa frame-up operations eh either dismissed or resigned.. if you want verify this fact sa nbi..These are the agents who were directly involved in this controversy are:1.SI Larry M. Autajay,2.SI Wilson M. Monton,3.SI Joel F.Respeto & 4.Earl Stanlee Alba…the rest they say are civilian agents…
  • prof ko po siya nung first term.
    pinabasa niya samin yung case niya. :|
  • that's life. . . you can't tell who's saying the truth or what!.... our justice is unfair..... life is unfair..... you can't change it unless the justice itself would do. . .harhar. .. . . Goodluck to both sides.....Go LIGHTS! . . . .:bop: kaya nyo yan guys!
  • bakit hindi na lang patalsikin yang prof na yan? he really is corrupt. during my days pa lang may naririnig na kami tungkol sa kanya.
  • coldfitcoldfit PEx Rookie ⭐
    ME teacher ba un mortera?
  • May 3 EE subject at 2 EE lab ang ME course. Si Mortera nagtuturo sa ME ng EE subj.

    Ang tanong ko, paano na-aresto si Mortera? Kasi kung naaresto sya thru entrapment or yung ginagamitan ng Marked Money ng mga NBI para ebidensya na tumanggap ng pera eh malaking panlaban sa korte yun. Kung sinampahan lang sya ng kaso at pinaratangan lang sya na ganun sya eh mahirap patunayan yun. Kapag meron ka na matinding ebidensya sa Korte at natalo ka pa din, hindi kaduda-duda na may anomalya nangyari.
  • Isipin nyo na kapag kayo si Mortera, hinatid ka na sa bahay mo tapos binigyan ka na ng kung anu-anong pabor, sa tingin mo ibabagsak mo pa sila De Matta at Contreras? Hindi na, syempre dapat pasado na yung dalawa na yun kung talagang nangikil sya ng kung ano.

    Naniniwala ako na meron nagbabayad sa Prof para pumasa lang sila pero hindi ako sigurado kung nanghihingi ba talaga sila ng bayad. Sino ba may kakilala kay De Matta at Contreras? Siguraduhin lang nila na hindi sila iskul bukol.

    ME ako pero nung na-under ako kay Mortera sa EE2 lecture pumasa ako. Hindi ako nagbayad sa kanya. I remember one time naglelecture sya sinabi nya pinapawisan sya ng malamig kasi naeebs daw sya. Magpasa ka ng research na makapal, hindi nya babasahin yun kaya nagbibigay sya ng masmakapal masmataas ang grade. Ang tawag nya dun eh, "daig ng sigurista ang matalino" yan ang sabi ng lola nya.
  • ME ako pero wala me first hand information na nagpapabayad siya or something. if ever kung totoo, malusutan mo man ang batas na hinde ka nangotong at nagurakot, hinde mo pwede lokohin ang sarili mo na malinis ka.
  • If you are being given something and you know that there is favor behind it bakit mo tatanggapin yun?
  • May naririnig tayo na nagpapabayad pero hindi ako sigurado. May naririnig din ako na Prof sa ME na Dean yata sa Adamson, nagpapabayad sya kapag bagsak ka pero hindi ko sure kung nanghihingi sya. Imagine Dean daw sya sa Adamson pero pwede mong lapitan para bayaran. Parang Lisensya lang yan sa PRC, may kakilala din ako na nagbayad para pumasa, kawawa naman yung tao na napalitan ang score dahil sa Kurakot na PRC employee na kasabwat ng nagbayad na yun. Habang buhay kong dala ang kahihiyan na ginawa ng kakilala ko na yun.
  • Puro lang naman tayo may narinig ako may nagsabi na kaibigan ko may alam *** kakilala ko pero lahat to hearsay kaya wala rin di ba? Kahit *** taga-Adamsom na nagtuturo rin sa Mapua di ba puro tsismis lang din... Nakabalik na nga rin si Engr. L sa Mapua eh nagtuturo ata ulit ng design sa ME so lahat ng mga naririnig lang at sabi lang at sabi nya na hindi naman talaga pwede iverify are all hearsay di ba? Bagsak *** 2 sa Lab and Lec ng basic electronics kaya nila pinaframe-up si Sir sa tito ni Contreras sa NBI.. Ang pangalan ng Tito niya Senior Agent Jonathan Contreras naka-assign dati sa NBI-NCR ewan ko lang kung nasa serbisyo pa yan kasi mukhang malakas talaga ang kapit niya eh biruin mo iniwan niya sa ere *** pinakiusapan niya sa NBI-CID para iframe-up si Sir Mortera...
  • yOwbYyOwbY PExer
    suweettt... nakabalik na pala si sir L. wahahahahhaa... asteeeg... isa din ako sa mga nagbayad dito e.. nung mga panahon na yun... wahahahaha.. pero mautak yun.. di siya magpapabayad sa di niya kilala.. meaning kelangan kakilala nia yung magaabot sa kanya.. genius e.. wahahahaha.. well ok lang sa akin na nagbayad ako.. kasi wala naman pala pakinabang sa trabaho ko yun subject na un e... buti naman di ko sineryoso un..

    si sir mortera naman... nung panahon na prof ko siya.. nataon na may pinaglalaban silang mga professors sa admin.. basta di ko alam kung ano un.. basta parang ganun.. kaya di niya kami masyado na asikaso.. at panay ang absent niya.. kahit nga finals sa lecture absent siya e.. kaya binigyan na lang niya kami ng tumataginting na uno.. wahahahaha.. suweet.. at as usual wala nanaman pakinabang ang subject nia sa trabaho ko..

    kaya wag niyo na pagkaabalahan yang kaso na yan.. di kayo yayaman jan wahahaha... mabuti nga di sila matangal e.. para maranasan ng mga lower batch yung mga naranasan natin... para malaman din nila na di lang puro aral at paginom araw araw ang kelangan para magka-diploma... kelangan din ng diskarte at talas ng pakiramdam.. at siyempre trumopa ng mahusay ng di mapagiwanan.. kasi sa tunay na buhay.. mas magagamit mo yung diskarte at kung ano ano pa..para mabuhay.. at tumagal sa industriya.. kesa sa mga natutunan nating nababaon na lang sa limot... sad but true..

    ang saya talaga buhay sa mapua.. nakakamiss... wahahaha.

  • mark_pogimark_pogi PEx Rookie ⭐
    nakikita ko sya before pero never ko sya naging instructor sa mapua. Lately ko lang nalaman yung tungkol dito pero AFAIK, mabagsik na prof sa mapua yan. Buti di ko nga sya naging prof. :D
  • killernoodlekillernoodle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kumag yang morterang yan, di ko makakalimutan dun sa 2nd floor dun sa electronics, mejo masikip dun, kasalubong ko siya, gumilid na nga ako, kinain na nga lane ko tapos diredirecho lang, muntik akong matumba, siga talaga, 5'11 na ako ha, ang taba kasi, mahirap mga ganyang tao, kala mo siya may ari ng mapua pagkalakas lakas ng boses
  • sino si sir L sa ME?
    mukhang rampant na ang lagayan sa ME, nung panahon ko maaring meron pro hindi ganito ka garapal.
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