OF LAW SCHOOLS (preferences, entrances, tuitions, etc.)

i have seen a topic which may be similar to this but that one primarily discusses what to do when you are in law school and what should be studied to pass the entrance examination.

pero ang gusto kong tanungin ay:


i want to make an informed decision. so please help me by stating the merits of certain law schools.

of course, given the opportunity, who would not want to pursue a degree in UP law? pero kasi alam ko naman that it would virtually impossible to pass the entrance exam considering how fierce the competition is for a single slot in that law school.

so realistically speaking, given my skill set and collegiate background, i will probably end up with ateneo or san beda.

pero some people are saying that FEU is also good. UST is having excellent passing marks as of late. and PLM is almost always underrated.

tapos, if you would be so kind, pakisaad na rin kung ano yung tuition ng freshman sa mga law school na alam niyo.
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