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Maria Kristina Cassandra "KC" Cuneta Pangilinan
Born Maria Kristina Cassandra Concepcion
April 7, 1985 (1985-04-07) (age 23)

Other name(s): KC Concepcion

Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Pangilinan (born April 7, 1985), also known as KC Concepcion, is the daughter of Filipina actress Sharon Cuneta and former Filipino actor Gabby Concepcion. Her name "Kristina" came from her mom, and "Cassandra" from her dad who loved the movie Cassandra Crossing. She has two half-sisters named Simone Francesca Emanuelle (Frankie) and Mariel Daniella Sophia (Miel) from her mother's second and current husband, Philippine Senator "Kiko" Francis Pangilinan.

She is legally adopted by Francis Pangilinan. Legally, her surname is Pangilinan but she uses her biological father's last name as screen name.

As a teenager, Concepcion auditioned for theater roles, eventually landing the leading role for the musical play Little Mermaid. She sees her mom as her inspiration.

Her modeling career skyrocketed as she signed a deal with clothing line Human.

She was an MTV Asia VJ in 2003 and appears regularly on her mother's self-titled show Sharon,

She recorded the soundtrack for the musical Beauty and the Beast directed by Ryan Cayabyab.

In August 2007, Concepcion graduated from the American University of Paris with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Corporate Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts.

She did a documentary special at ABS-CBN entitled, KC: From Paris to Pinas which details her college years in Paris. The documentary won an award from the Philippine Movie Press Club.

She currently has several endorsements and deals under her belt, including the clothing line Bayo and Enervon, a multivitamin tablet.

In February 2008, Concepcion starred in her first television acting role in an episode of the biographical series, Maalaala Mo Kaya. There are plans of another lifestyle show for her and also movies.

Shortly after, Concepcion was appointed by United Nations as the World Food Programme Ambassador in the Philippines.

KC starred in a tv special entitled I AM KC which was shown on four Sundays of April, 2008, her birthday month.

She recently signed a 3 picture contract with Star Cinema. She will soon start shooting for her first movie with Richard Gutierrez as her leading man.

KC is also scheduled to release her debut album under Sony-BMG this June 2008.


2008 A.K.A. Cassandra, Sony-BMG


Little Mermaid as Princess Sapphire
Beauty and the Beast as Belle(female lead)


2003 MTV Asia VJ
2007 Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo Campaign for Election
2007 KC: From Paris to Pinas as Herself / Host
2008 Maalaala Mo Kaya: Mansyon as Darlene
2008 I am KC: Binibining Palengke as Gemma
2008 I am KC: Yes, Sir! as Kate
2008 I am KC: Time's Up! as Charm
2008 I am KC: Love 2 Dance! as Amber


Human (Clothing)
Color Collection by Sara Lee
Fuller Life (Sara Lee)
PH Care (Feminine Wash)
Palmolive Shampoo
Sony Cybershot
Bayo (Clothing)
Enervon C
Garnier by L'oreal


2008 For the First Time Joyce Bernal Richard Gutierrez Star Cinema
2009 When I Met You Jose Javier Reyes Richard Gutierrez GMA & Regal
TBA Cathy Garcia-Molina Star Cinema
TBA Chito Rono Star Cinema



Graduated from the American University of Paris with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Corporate Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts


2008 YES Magazine's Most Beautiful Celebrity
No. 4, 100 Most Beautiful Pinays of 2006, Starmometer
No. 4, 100 Most Beautiful Pinays of 2007, Starmometer
No. 1, Most Envied Celebrity in the Philippines, QTV11
5-Time Cover Girl of 2007 & tagged as the Ultimate Cover Girl (Metro, Speed, Cosmo, Hi, Marie Claire Magazines)
Voted Most Beautiful Celebrity for 2007, Yes Magazine
New York Festival Silver Award for Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo, 2007
Cover girl of Philippine Tatler & Rogue Magazines for February 2008
Most Searched in Makoy's Site for February & March 2008
No. 1, Hottest Beauties for April 2008, Starmometer
No. 1, I AM KC, NUTAM Ratings for Weekend Primetime, March 2008
Prettiest Endorser(Bayo), Candy Mag Rap Awards for 2008
No. 2, TOP 20 Young Stars na Pinakanagningning Noong 2007, by SHOWBIZZ TOP i-NEWS
No.3, Nationwide (NUTAM) Top Weekend Programs (PRIMETIME) of April 2008
Cover girl of Preview Magazine, May 2008
Cover girl of YES Magazine's May 2008 Special Edition, YES 100 Most Beautiful
No.5 Most Beautiful for May 2008, Starmometer
Cover girl of Meg Magazine, June 2008
Most Searched in Makoy’s site for April and May 2008
Yes Mag, April 2008 Feature
Cover of Star Studio Mag (together with Richard Gutierrez), July 2008
Cover of Buzz Magazine (with Richard Gutierrez), July 2008
No. 3, Yes Magazine’s Top 20 Celebrity Endorsers
No. 5, 100 Most Beautiful Pinay of 2008 by Starmometer
No.11, FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the Philippines 2008
Gold Record Awardee for A.K.A. Cassandra album under Sony-BMG, August 2008
Cover girl of Marie Claire Mag, September 2008 issue
Cover girl of Seventeen Magazine, September 2008
Cover of Working Mom Mag with Mom Sharon, Frankie & Miel, September 2008


Chosen as United Nations World Food Program Ambassador against Hunger
Organizer of Artist Fair Pilipinas
Supports various charities like Virlanie Foundation

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  • ofwow4.jpg

    ABC's of why Kookiberks love KC:love:
    (Created with love by Global Kookiberks)

    A - Adorable, Amiable, Approachable, Awesome, Ambitious,
    Appreciative, Advocate, Alluring, Actress
    B – Beloved, Beautiful, Brilliant, Bright, Best, Blessed
    C – Covergirl, Caring, Cheerful, Courteous, Coooooooool, Charming, Classy, Candid, Confident
    D - Desirable, Darling, Dedicated, Delightful, Destined for success, Divinely Beautiful, Daring, Determined, Devoted Daughter, Down-to-earth
    E - Elegant, Exciting, Excellent, Entertaining, Energetic, Exceptional, Eclectic, Exuberant
    F - Fabulous, Fantastic, Free-spirited, Fascinating, Fashionista, Funny, Freakin' Fun-loving, Faithful, Friendly, Fiery, Faithful Friend
    G - God-fearing, Good-natured, Glamorous, Gentle, Gracious,Gorgeous, Good Vibes, Glowing Aura, Goddess
    H - Humanitarian, Honorable, Honest, Humble, Helpful, Head-turner, Humorous, Health-conscious, Human
    I – In-demand Endorser, Intelligent, Inspiring, Incredible, Indescribable, Interesting, Icon for youth, It girl, Incomparable, Irresistible
    J - Joyful, Jolly, Jovial, Jaunty,Jubilant, Just
    K - Kind-hearted, Knowledgeable, Kissable,
    L - Lovable, Loving, Lovely, Leader-in-the-making, Liberal
    M - Mesmerizing, Magnificent, Marvelous, Mature, Modest, Meek, Multi- talented, Multi-media artist, Multi-lingual, Moviestar
    N - Nice, Neat, Natural, Noticeable
    O – Oozing with sex appeal, Outstanding, One-of-a-kind, Open minded
    P - Peacemaker, Passionate, Patient, Pleasant, Pretty, Photogenic, Precious, Persistent, Princess of Philippine Showbusiness, Priceless Gem, Poised
    Q - Quotable, Quiet, Quixotic
    R - Real, Remarkable, Regal, Rare, Realistic
    S - Sekyurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Stunning, Sweet, Spontaneous, Sensible, Self-willed, Smart, Sincere,Singer, Song-writer, Sensible, Sweetheart, Self-assured
    T - Total Package, Trustworthy, Thoughtful, Truthful,
    U - Ultimate Leading Lady, Unforgettable, Unique, Understanding, Undaunted
    V - Victorious, Valuable, Vulnerable, Versatile
    W - Wonderful, Wholesome, Witty, Wise, Warm, Winning Smile & Personality, Well-rounded & grounded Person, Well-traveled,
    X - X-factor, Xtra-ordinary, Xtra-special
    Y - Youth-Icon, Young, Youthful
    Z - Zealous, Zippy, Zany

    Please feel free to add your ABC's *okay*
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    KC’s Interview in Seventeen

    17: How do you make boys feel less intimidated around you?
    KC: Make him feel that you don’t know everything and that there are things you would never know if it weren’t for him. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend you’re clueless just so he’ll think he knows something you don’t.

    17: What are the top five things a girl should look for in a guy?
    KC: He brings out the best in you if he’s self assured. Lots of guys, ayaw nilang lamang ka sa kanila; hihilahin ka lang pababa. Marunong tumawa at marunong magpatawa – para masaya! Marunong makisama sa lahat. Last, yung medyo may brains naman ng konti. Ha, ha, ha!

    17: How do you know if a boy’s worth it?
    KC: If he says something then pinanindigan niya even after a long time. Also, if he adjusts to you. Like if you’re not ready, he adjusts because he understands that you need to do stuff without being his girlfriend. I’ve met a guy like that.

    17: How do you turn down too-persistent suitors?
    KC: Ignore, then if ‘di na-gets, talk to them respectfully. Corny if I say, “Let’s just be friends”-sampal sa mukha nila yun! Maganda naman yung intention nila so don’t be mean. Just be honest about why ‘di kayo pwede.

    17: When was your lowest point and how’d you get back up?
    KC: My first breakup at 20. Mga one year akong heartbroken. Nakakaloka yun! It’s totally arguable but I find that the easiest and most fulfilling way to get over an ex is if you find an equally good or even better guy that’ll make you say, “Buti na lang, hindi na kami nung isa!” But not rebound ha!

    17: How do you get over a broken heart?
    KC: Get busy doing what you love. During “alone time,” listen to really, really sad songs para maiyak mo lahat. Then in school, iwanan mo na lang.

    17: Would you give a cheating boyfriend another chance?
    KC: Nakita ko talaga? Hindi yung haka-haka lang? Wala nay un, tsugi na!

    17: How do you deal with friends who feel insecure with you?
    KC: I had a couple of friends I sort of fell out with kasi iba yung views nila about what I do. If mababa tingin nila sa ginagawa mo, those friendships aren’t worth it anymore. Personally, I would never judge whatever a friend chooses to do in life.

    17: How do you make up with your folks after a fight?
    KC: Woo them. I remind my mom how much I love her. I’m honest about my stand on issues, but que mali ako or not, I’d still say sorry kasi ikaw ang anak, ikaw ang magpakumbaba.

    17: How do you bridge the gap between fighting parents?
    KC: Be careful with that-it’s double –edged sword. Force it and it might get worse. Maiipit ka between the pushing and pulling. Basta always make the person who raised you feel secure na ‘di mo siya papalitan, na your loyalty is nasa kanya whatever happens.

    17: How do you fix a relationship with an estranged parent?
    KC: It takes two to tango; you can’t do it on your own. First you must accept what happened, who you both are and what your differences are, what you love and hate-everything. ‘Ika nga, “acceptance is the first step to happiness.”

    17: In a single parent household, how do you cope when your parent starts dating seriously?
    KC: Naku, masanay ka na! Sumunod ka na lang sa ihip ng hangin. Remember that the happiness a partner gives to your parent is something you can never give to him/her. A parent-child relationship is different from a male-female relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re loved less. But if the partner isn’t nice to you, be honest with your parent about how you feel.

    17: How do you make a relationship with a new stepparent work?
    KC: Always give the person the benefit of the doubt. Treat them like a friend and try to have as much respect as you can for them, if only ‘cause they’re older.

    17: How do you deal if your folks have different ideas about how you should lead your life?
    KC: Knowledge is power so try to find as much info as you can about your “cause” so you can argue properly. I really think things through. I can even write a thesis to defend it. Ha, ha, ha!

    17: How do you convince your ‘rents to let you leave for college?
    KC: You can’t rush it. Awayin mo sila and the more they won’t respect you and your request. Instead, ask how you can prove you’d be okay on your own. Follow their suggestions. When I survived abroad on my own without anything bad happening to me, it showed my parents that I was ready.

    17: How do you cope with depression in college?
    KC: Don’t be in denial; you have to accept the changes before you can really adjust. First year ko in France, I worked on my French and on getting their (more sarcastic) sense of humor. I made friends that I saw every day and I really forced myself na makibagay.

    17: How do you balance full-time studies and working part-time?
    KC: Don’t take your life and yourself too seriously. Know the reason why you need to do something or else mawawalan ka ng gana. Go for the gold!

    17: What should college teens consider when choosing a career path?
    KC: Be honest with yourself: What are you good at and what do you feel you’re best at? What do you love and hate doing? Knowing what you don’t like will help define what you will like. Then choose a career that requires what you have to offer. Others have said I’m good at dealing with very different people so now, I’m in entertainment and do work for the UN.

    17: What should a fresh grad avoid when applying for a job?
    KC: Too high expectations-don’t expect too much! Also, fear of exploring other options, and not having a Plan B.

    17: What do you do when a friend introduces you to drugs?
    KC: No one else is gonna take care of you but yourself. Don’t expect people to take care of you.

    17: Do you consider someone’s rep during a first encounter?
    KC: It depends. I believe you have to get to know people on your own. When people think negatively of others, sometimes ‘di naman talaga ganun kalala o ‘di naman talaga totoo.

    17: How do you feel about keeping a happy façade even when you’re feeling otherwise?
    KC: People don’t always have to know if I’m not feeling okay. You don’t wanna vent out to a bystander during a very bad day, right? Also, why leave others feeling bad about and around you if baka first and last meeting niyo nay un, di ba?

    17: What’s your tip for someone who’s always trying to be nice?
    KC: Wag kan magpaka-plastic! I’ve never tried to be agreeable for the sake of being agreeable. There’s a fine line between just being nice and knowing how to respect others. Mas importante yung marunong kang rumespeto.

    KC by numbers

    1 number of times she’s fallen in love
    12 number of songs she’s composed-but none are in her new CD (“Next album, hopefully!”)
    4 number of hours-longest she’s been on the phone with a boy!
    19 number of countries she’s been to on at least five continents
    6 number of designer chairs she’s collected so far
    1 number of guys she considers as “the One who got away”
    7 number of times she’s seen her childhood fave Sharon Cuneta flick, Maging Sino Ka Man
    5 number of tongues she can speak: fluent English, Filipino,
    and French; conversational Italian and Spanish
    2 number of guys she’s said “I love you” to
    4 number of jobs she’s had before entering the biz: as dog- sitter, secretary, English tutor, and receptionist


    On Guys:
    2002: “I like a guy who’s genuine, without any pretensions, and who doesn’t just put his best foot forward.”
    2008: “I’ve dated a pretentious guy na gusto mo na lang talaga sampalin! Hello! Can’t you just be yourself? The worst part? We dated for almost three months!”

    2002: “The most special thing a guy did for me: wrote me a song.”
    2008 “A guy cooked for me a whole four-course meal, including dessert.”

    On Girls:
    2003: “I’m inspired by Drew Barrymoore. She’s so natural.”
    2008: “Anglina Jolie, for sure. She’s very honest about her past even if others couldn’t accept it. It also inspires me how very committed she is to her UN work.”

    On Achievements:
    2003: “Three things I’m proudest of: graduating from high school with awards, not growing up as a wayward, wild child, and my debut ‘cause I was able to help a lot of people.”
    2008: “My Beauty & The Beast play, my UN work, and resolving my issues with my father.”

    On Life:
    2003: “Top five wishes: To own a private white-sand island here; to compose, record, and perform a romantic ballad with South Border’s Jay Durias; to have a Franck Muller “Clintree Curvex” Lady’s watch; to see the look on my baby sister’s face when we take her to Disneyland; and to grow sexy, enchanting fairy wings. Ha, ha!”
    2008: “A beach house here, learn to fly plane, to become 100 lbs. – okay, 105! - a successful movie career, and to collaborate with Rico Blanco.”

    2004: “Best advice I received: Blood is thicker than water.”
    2008: “The moment you think you’re so good, you stop being good.”

    On Being KC
    2003: “One word to describe myself: Ready.”
    2008: “Game!”
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    Global Kookiberks - Connected 24ever with KC Concepcion AND EACH OTHER

    :blow:MEGA FAMILY/FRIENDS and Global Kookiberks BIRTHDAYS:bday:

    :note: Happy Birthday to you, may the Lord God bless you :note:

    JANUARY: Fuschia1818-1st,SHARON-6th, CHARD-21st, aquarius25-25th, mke221-30th,
    FEBRUARY: solidmegakc-28th,
    MARCH: MS. SK-5th, Iwabyoukc-6th, MS. GIRLIE-19th, AppLeSceNt-31st
    APRIL: april-5th, cybershotlover-6th, KOOKI-7th, Danny42-17th, kc4lyf-25th
    MAY: colgen-25th,
    JULY: kc windsor(gutierrez)-1st, jolie-16th, riza arcenas-18th, teamkc4life-30th,
    AUGUST: MS. SC-9th, KIKO-24th, karen4-22nd, may_15_eighty_7-29th,
    SEPTEMBER: MIEL-2nd, ate cynch(insiang)-28th

    OCTOBER: murat-1st, yaz626-4th, kayakuma-5th, resident-9th, shery-20th, kchardROCKS-23rd

    NOVEMBER: ilongganatunay-3rd, GABBY-5th, MS. 6W-9th & 10th, cupcake-12th, kcjam-15th, MS. JENNY-27th
    DECEMBER: tinkerbellaa-9th, manrob59-15th, FRANKIE-16th, Meg-ann-19th, kulitko-23rd,
  • :blow:MEGA FAMILY/FRIENDS and Global Kookiberks BIRTHDAYS:bday:

    :note: Happy Birthday to you, may the Lord God bless you :note:

    JANUARY: Fuschia1818-1st,SHARON-6th, CHARD-21st, aquarius25-25th, mke221-30th,
    FEBRUARY: solidmegakc-28th,
    MARCH: MS. SK-5th, Iwabyoukc-6th, MS. GIRLIE-19th, AppLeSceNt-31st
    APRIL: april-5th, cybershotlover-6th, KOOKI-7th, Danny42-17th, kc4lyf-25th
    MAY: mimi143-20th, colgen-25th,
    JULY: kc gutierrez-1st, jolie-16th, mtap718 and riza arcenas-18th, teamkc4life-30th,
    AUGUST: MS. SC-9th, KIKO-24th, karen4-22nd, may_15_eighty_7-29th,
    SEPTEMBER: MIEL-2nd, ate cynch(insiang)-28th
    OCTOBER: murat-1st, yaz626-4th, kayakuma-5th, resident-9th, shery-20th, kchardROCKS-23rd
    NOVEMBER: ilongganatunay-3rd, GABBY-5th, chicgirls-8th, MS. 6W-9th & 10th, cupcake-12th, kcjam-15th, MS. JENNY-27th
    DECEMBER: tinkerbellaa-9th, manrob59-15th, FRANKIE-16th, Meg-ann-19th, kulitko-23rd

    mke221 wrote: »
    Kookiberks' Dream Leading Men For KC:

    A - Aga Mulach (ala 2 weeks notice nina hugh g and sandra b)
    Albert Martinez (ala pretty woman nina julia r and richard g)
    Adam Sandler (50 First Dates)
    B - Billy Crawford ( ala music n lyrics nina hugh g and drew b.
    ala step up nina channing tatum)
    Brad Pitt (ala mr. & mrs. smith )
    Bong Revilla
    C - Christian Bautista
    D - Dingdong Dantes (ala isip pa ko)
    Derek Ramsay
    Diether Ocampo
    E - Empoy (ala humanap ka ng panget)
    F - Freddie Prince Jr
    G - Geoff Eigenman
    Gerald Anderson
    George Clooney
    H - Harry Potter
    I - Ian de Leon
    Ian Veneracion
    J - John Lloyd Cruz
    Jericho Rosales
    Jake Cuenca
    Jon Avila (reamke of Darna)
    Justine Timberlake
    Johnny Depp
    K - Kris Laurence
    L - Luis Manzano
    M -Matt Evans (the devil wears prada, w/ dawn z or ruffa g)
    Mark Bautista
    Mark Anthony Fernandez
    Matthew McCoughnehy
    O - Orlando Bloom (Pirata ng Karibean)
    Ogie Alcasid
    P - Piolo Pascual (ala runaway bride nina julia r. ang richard g)
    Q - Quentin
    R - Richard Gutierrez (ala happily ever after, The Notebook)
    Richard Gomez (ala father of the bride?, meet the parents?)
    Robin Padilla (Karate Kid)
    S - Sam Milbi (yung movie nina reese w and joaquin p.
    ala ice castle)
    T - TJ Trinidad
    Tom Cruise (Misyon Imposible)
    U - Uma Khouny
    V - Victor Bsa
    Vhong Navarro (ala 50 first dates nina drew and happy madison)
    W - Will DeVaugn (tama ba spelling?)
    Willian Windsor (ala Cinderella)
    X - X ni KC (waaaaaahhhhhh)
    Y -
    Z - Zanjoe Marudo (ala maging sino ka man nina sharon and robin)
    Zac Efron - (College Musical)
  • KCb.jpg

    Buong pagmamahal na inihahandog ng Global Kookiberks

    :love:ABAKADA kung bakit MAHAL ng Kookiberks si CASSANDRA :love:

    A - Anghel, Artista, Anak, Apo,
    B - Butihing anak/kapatid/kaibigan, Bituing puno ng ningning
    K - Kanais-nais, Karapat-dapat mahalin, Kapanapanabik, Kakaiba, Kahanga-hanga, Katangi-tangi
    D - Dekalidad
    E - Elegante,
    G - Ganda, Galing
    H - Hanep manamit, umarte, kumanta, at magsalita ng 5 wika
    I - Ibang klase,
    L - Laging Good Vibes, Lubos magmahal,
    M - Maka-Diyos, Mapagmahal, Maalaga, Maganda, Matalino, Mabait, Makatao, Maawain, Mutya, Magaling, Maabilidad, Marunong Makisama, Makabayan, Mahilig Magmahal, Masikap, Mapagkumbaba, Modelo, Malakas ang loob
    N - Numero Uno, Nangunguna sa lahat, Natural
    NG - Nakakatuwa, Nakakatawa, Ngiti at Ngipin na kay ganda,
    O - Obra-maestra
    P - Pinay, Panalo sa lahat ng bagay, Pinagpala, Puno ng talento, Patas, Paris to Pinas
    R - Rackenrowl RAKISTA
    S - Sekyurrrrr, Seksi, Sarap mahalin
    T - Tunay magmahal, Totoong Tao, Tapat
    U - Una sa puso ng Kookiberks, Uliran, Umaapaw sa kagalingan/ kagandahan/kabaitan
    W - Walang Katulad, Walang Katapat, Walang Kiyeme, Wais
    Y - YABANG PINOY...Yan si Maria Kristina Cassandra!!!
  • congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Kookiberksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Woooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo We Did It Againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

    Welcome Welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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