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    Laarni Losala (b. June 23, 1985) is a Filipino singer and performer from Sultan Kudarat, who is a contestant in ABS-CBN's popular reality TV talent search Pinoy Dream Academy - the Philippine edition of Endemol's Star Academy. Her voice has been hailed as one of the most emotive voices in the Philippines. She is also known as "The Voice of An Angel", the "Ethereal Diva", "Versatile diva" and the "Independent Woman". Although she does sing many other musical genres, her specialty lies in classical , operatic and rock music.


    Raised in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat in the Philippines, Laarni Losala, was just a simple girl with big dreams.Laarni was a consistent honor student in school in Isulan, she also excelled in the arts such as dancing and is also a very good farmer. Even at a very young age, she found solace emulating and listening to her idols Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez, she schooled herself early on to singing the songs of her musical idols.She won various singing competitions in Sultan Kudarat to further hone her singing and performing skills. Knowing that she had the talent to really make it big, she dreamed that one day, she would be able make her mark in the music scene of the Philippines as a famous recording artist and help her family escape the claws of poverty.

    When she was 15 years old, her Aunt from the US vowed to help Laarni make her mark as a singer. Her aunt enrolled Laarni to performing and voice lessons and also enrolled her at the School of Music of The Philippine Women's University. Although her aunt was not a singer, she was all out for her support for Laarni, she would teach her how to use her hands when she was singing, she would teach her how to use her face in expressing the meaning of her songs in order to better her performances. She taught her to observe her gestures, her non-verbal actions when she was performing. Through her aunt's connections, she became a talent of the late and great Rudy Francisco of the Calesa Bar. Rudy also mentored some of the finest lounge singers in the Philippines like Sitti, Mari Nallos, Janet Basco, Vernie Varga, Joey Albert, Dulce, Marissa Sanchez, Ivy Violan, Isay Alvarez, Lourna Pal, Aliya Parcs, Raymond Lauchenco and the Side A band.

    Feeling culture shocked about the sophistication of her peers, who were all fashionable and eloquent in english, Laarni decided to shift her course from Music to Education. Laarni, vowed to become a better person, a better performer, an eloquent speaker and a confident singer.

    She is a devout Catholic who found solace in singing at the PWU Church everyday. She would sing at the 12 noon mass and vocalize everyday to further hone her voice. She would vocalize with her church friends and co-singers. This singing exposure helped Laarni become a permanent fixture at all events of The Philippine Women's University, she would sing for different functions, singing competitions and other guestings. Her talent also helped helped her become a University scholar, which required Laarni to work as a student assistant of the school.

    Before joining Pinoy Dream Academy, she already joined different singing competitions, she won the Rotary Club Intercollegiate/University singing competition, besting 25 schools in Manila by rendering the patriotic anthem "Dakilang Lahi". She also won the National Grand Finals of the "Campus Idol" search, by delivering a flawless performance of "What Kind of Fool Am I", that left judge Wency Cornejo speechless.

    Laarni also tried to be independent. There were times when she felt so alone and hopeless but she never gave up on her dreams. She knew that God is guiding her and vowed that she would give it her all so that her dreams would come true. She vowed that she would be singing to give glory and honor to God. She was always assisted by her friends and mentors from the University. She worked as a wedding singer with her best friend Mark, the 2 would be singing in different churches, hotels and venues all over the metropolis. Laarni and Mark would record various albums at the Karaoke King and would perform frequently at a karaoke venue in a mall in Manila which attracted a lot of admirers and fans.

    As a chorale aficionado, she would also join various chorales in Manila. She joined the PWU Church chorale, The Ambassadors of Light -a chorale for the blind people, The Malate Church Chorale and the Coro de San Sebastian, a Madrigal et. al chorale. Through her extensive chorale background she was able to perform with the Philippine Madrigal Singers in a Madrigal Et Al concert with her chorale Coro De San Sebastian.

    Upon learning about the auditions of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2, Laarni grabbed the opportunity at once. Singing her favorite song "Lead Me Lord", Laarni was able to make it through to the top 16 and really get the admiration of the PDA 2 Dream Mentors.

    AS of now, belongs in the prestigious Top 6 scholars.

    Her versatility in different genres, the very high difficulty of her songs helped her gain fans all over the world known as the Global Laarnians. The millions of viewers who watch the show have fallen in love with her voice that has been described as angelic, ethereal, magical, emotive, pure and sublime. Laarni, often misunderstood by people remained steadfast and focused on achieving her dreams. She devotes her time vocalizing, practicing her songs and helping her co-scholars master their performances. Laarni also gained a huge following internationally, people loved her spunk, her determination to succeed, her passion and focus on improving her music and her pure heart. Laarni is a consistent top 3 scholar for the season along with Liezel and Bugoy, and has become a PDA Star Scholar, which paved the way for a performance of the song "Hiram" with the Divine Diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla on the popular musical variety show, ASAP.

    She also performed "The Prayer" with 2005 World Championships of Performing Arts finalist and winner Jed Madela in a gala night.

    Laarni has also been a Youtube sensation even before Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

    Other than music she also loves badminton, flamenco dancing, debate, teaching and acting.

    Laarni performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in the Opera entitled "Mayo, Sa Bisperas ng Liwanag" and other Filipino classics for the show Paco Presents.

    Laarni also guested once in the show "Master Showman" by German Moreno

    Her musical influences are Leona Lewis, Lara Fabian, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Charlotte Church, Sitti, Charice Pempengco, Gary Valenciano, Renee Olstead, Enya, Barbra Streisand, her aunt Linda, her teacher in PWU-Beth Ancheta, Ambassador of Lights Leader-Anderson Go and her former mentor-Rudy Francisco.
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    The Prayer (recording)

    The Memorare

    Pangarap Ko'y Ibigin Ka

    Light of a million mornings

    What Kind of Fool Am I

    If I Believe

    Run to You


    I Will Always Love You

    Ikaw/ Isang Lahi


    The Prayer ( Live performance)



    Moments of love

    Never Gonna Say Goodbye

    Broken Vow

    I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You


    Nandito Ako

    Pangarap Na Bituin

    Kung Maiibalik Ko Lang

    Hanggang Ngayon

    Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin

    As If We Never Said Goodbye


    Kung Ako Nalang Sana

    Natural Woman

    Let's Groove Tonight

    Too Much Heaven

    Laarni Losala World-class diva

    Di Ko Kayang Tangapin

    And I Am Telling You

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    On the Wings of Love/Back At One with Bugoy

    The Prayer with Jed Medela

    Hiram with Zsa Zsa Padilla


    Nandito Ako

    The First time ever I Saw Your Face

    You Are So Beautiful To Me

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  • Credits to Jem

    [highlight]LAARNIANS BIRTHDAY LIST[/highlight]

    [highlight]9- flat_tops -WENG[/highlight]
    [highlight]13- kaye1311[/highlight]
    [highlight]30- lynchucks[/highlight]

    [highlight]10- Fatima_7[/highlight]
    [highlight]12- Dui-DUI[/highlight]
    [highlight]12- akemi88[/highlight]
    [highlight]20- mamidax [/highlight]
    [highlight]20- jav220-JAV [/highlight]-1980
    [highlight]23- lennoj-JONNEL[/highlight]
    [highlight]29- tokneneng1995 –GENE [/highlight]

    [highlight]16- Mark_dreamy-MARK[/highlight]
    [highlight]20- Great_Tita-Tita M[/highlight]-1954
    [highlight]21- Mrslibertyjones-liberty[/highlight]

    [highlight]2- fafahrah-FAHFAH[/highlight]
    [highlight]8- green_rose-ROSE[/highlight]
    [highlight]8- jansennn-JANSEN[/highlight]

    [highlight]7- PDAddict-JHING[/highlight]
    [highlight]15- virhuz_15. VHIN [/highlight]
    [highlight]23- lj523-LJ[/highlight]
    [highlight]31- Alvinm-ALVIN [/highlight]-1987
    [highlight]31- Kliks-KLIKS [/highlight]

    [highlight]4- tripkoyan-TRIP[/highlight]
    [highlight]11- JUNALEN_VERAY [/highlight]
    [highlight]16- Jdanielle18-AUDREY [/highlight]
    [highlight]23- LAARNI[/highlight]
    [highlight]27- chosenyh-MCBOO[/highlight]-1991

    [highlight]7- mj0784-MJ [/highlight]-1981
    [highlight]12- MaeRhaeRose [/highlight]-1981
    [highlight]13- princessciara – TETAY [/highlight]
    [highlight]15- donatella-DONATELLA[/highlight]
    [highlight]19- anaforlife2008 [/highlight]
    [highlight]28- s0ulm800-KAT[/highlight]-1980

    [highlight]3- Tigerlion-JAMES[/highlight]
    [highlight]6- Myphil-JANINE[/highlight]
    [highlight]11- tj-x-TJ[/highlight]
    [highlight]13- issa-pie [/highlight]
    [highlight]22- wicked-LINET [/highlight]
    [highlight]24- Ney [/highlight]
    [highlight]31- Sam [/highlight]

    [highlight]13- j.lestst-LESTAT[/highlight]
    [highlight]14- ays014 -AYS[/highlight]-1985
    [highlight]20- Mr.libertyjones- Daddy Jun[/highlight]
    [highlight]26- laarni's fan- Lynne[/highlight]

    [highlight]2- raechdear- RICHELLE[/highlight]
    [highlight]13- avatarabs[/highlight]
    [highlight]14- SUPERITLOG1.0 [/highlight]
    [highlight]29- pep1234 -Sarah [/highlight]

    [highlight]4- calculusBUNSO- Julie[/highlight]
    [highlight]5- Jonah22- JONAH[/highlight]-1985
    [highlight]15- swabeng_unggoy -BRIAN[/highlight]-1979
    [highlight]18- clockwise- WARREN[/highlight]
    [highlight]23- Sis_ni_PDAddict - SHIELA[/highlight]-1969
    [highlight]24- avabianca -AVA[/highlight]-1993
    [highlight]28- nashycruhnk-- NASHY[/highlight]

    [highlight]5 - kulengzkee -KULENG[/highlight]
    [highlight]6- 23rdofaugust- SAM[/highlight]-198x
    [highlight]13- egsarap –JUN [/highlight]-198x

    [highlight]18- tala-chan -CRISTAL[/highlight]
    [highlight]18- darkangel1806 [/highlight]

    If you want to be added, feel free to send me a private message. Thanks
  • Credits to Trip
    To All Laarnians

    Amateur video lang ng performance ni Laarni sa Gala Night. Hindi man masyadong ipinakita ang suporta natin sa TV pero panoorin nyo nalang eto.



    Laarni Losala - Go the Distance.mp3 (Uberture)


    Laarni Losala Collection Part 4

    MP3 List
    Laarni Losala - I Am Blessed.mp3 (11th Gala Night Performance)
    Laarni Losala and Sheryn Regis - Starting Over Again.mp3 (ASAP Guesting)
    Laarni Losala - Manalig Ka.mp3 (PDA Album)
    Laarni Losala and Ambassadors of Light - Looking Through the Eyes of Love.mp3 (Wowowee Guesting)
    Laarni Losala - Waray Waray.mp3 (12th Gala Night Performance)

    Parts 1, 2, and 3 repost.

    Laarni Losala Collection Part 1
    MP3 List
    Inside PDA
    Laarni Losala and Inaki Ting - Kung Ako Nalang Sana.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Bohemian Rhapsody.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin.mp3
    Laarni Losala and Poy Palma - And I'm Telling You.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Natural Woman.mp3
    Laarni Miguel Apple - Let's Groove.mp3
    Laarni Miguel Apple - Too Much Heaven.mp3

    Before PDA
    Laarni Losala - The First Time I Saw Your Face.mp3
    Laarni Losala - The Memorare.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Light of a Million Mornings.mp3

    Laarni Losala Collection Part 2
    MP3 List
    Inside PDA
    Laarni Losala and Bugoy Bugayon - On The Wings of Love and Back at One (counterpoint).mp3
    Laarni Losala - Lead Me Lord.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Fighter.mp3
    Laarni Losala - As If We Never Said Goodbye.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Sugat.mp3

    Before PDA
    Laarni Losala - (Campus Idol).mp3
    Laarni Losala - Fallin.MP3
    Laarni Losala - Gaano Kita Kamahal.mp3
    Laarni Losala - Moments of Love (duet).MP3
    Laarni Losala - The Prayer (duet with Kenneth Laurente).mp3
    Laarni Losala - I Will Always Love You.MP3

    Laarni Losala Collection Part 3

    PDA Performances
    Laarni and Zsa Zsa - Hiram.mp3 (Duet during ASAP 08, Aug 24)
    Laarni and Jed - The Prayer.mp3 (10th Gala Night duet with Jed Madela)
    Laarni and Von - The Prayer.mp3 (Duet during Diction Class)
    Laarni Losala - Nandito Ako.mp3 (During DJ's class)

    Duets with her BFF Mark :love:
    Laarni and Mark - Destiny.MP3
    Laarni and Mark - Forever.mp3
    Laarni and Mark - I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You.MP3
    Laarni and Mark - The Prayer.mp3

    Laarni Losala - If I Believe.MP3

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    Thread 10

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    8. green_rose 168
    9. mj0784 157
    10.aray naman 154
    11.Dui 132
    12.lynchucks 117
    13.laarni's fan 116
    14.mark_dreamy 107
    15.princessciara 102
    16.danielle18 100
    17.dream17 99
    18.atlindanda 80
    19.laarnian_ako 80
    20.macey 73
  • Sis Sam salamat sa bagong bahay

    Wala bang nATional anthem dyan o Opening prayers man lang hehehehh
  • congrats sa bagong bahay
  • yehey!

    bagong bahay na...
  • Congrats Laarnians

    Welcome sa New mansion natin.!!!!!
  • wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!!


    new haus na tau...:D:D
  • September 28- ASAP '08
    September 29- Boy and Kris
    September 30- Boy and Kris
    October 5 - Little Dreamers Finals
    - Sharon
    October 9 - TFC Konek Taping
    - Xmas Station ID Shoot
    October 15 - Bayanijuan Event
    October 18 - DABOY Event
    october 19-20 Mascarra, Bacolod (with TOP 6)
    October 22 - ABS_CBN night, DUMAGUETE CITY, NEGROS OR.
    October 25 - TOP 6 at SOGOD, SOUTHERN, LEYTE
    October 31 - GISANO, LUCENA CITY



    4lifesong MANALIG KA by LAARNI LOZADA send to 2366
  • Bagong mansyon ulit *okay*
  • sam sino na nagmamaintain ng list ni Avatarabs
    wala pa kasi ako dun eh
  • :bounce::bounce2::bounce: Congratulations!!! :bounce::bounce2::bounce:
  • hi tencht,

    sino yang nasa avy mo?

    siya ba yung nasa Memories Of Bali??
    Thread 1- Alvinm
    Thread 2- Alvinm
    Thread 3- Alvinm
    Thread 4- 23rdofaugust
    Thread 5- 23rdofaugust
    Thread 6- 23rdofaugust
    Thread 7- 23rdofaugust
    Thread 8- 23rdofaugust
    Thread 9- Alvinm

    kasama talaga 2?babawi ulet ako.
    ate Sam pansin m parang tau lang ang lageng ngging GSP.hahahaha
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    ang bilis!...congrats po laarnians! kwel! ;)
  • Laarnians Congrats po sa new thread...

    Keep up the good work and god bless us all

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