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[highlight]Sarah Asher Geronimo[/highlight] was born on July 25, 1988 to Father Delfin Geronimo, a retired PLDT employee, and mother Divina, who used to run a beauty parlor in their house at Sta. Cruz, Manila. Sarah is the third of four children with siblings Johna Rizzie, Sunshine Grace, and Ezekiel Gabriel.

Sarah's first music lessons came from her father. He would have her practice everyday to develop her singing prowess. Sarah first sang on stage at age two at a mall show. Sarah sang "Pasko Na Naman" with Pinky Marquez and Richard Reynoso. At four years old, mother Divine would accompany her to auditions for different TV programs. Sarah became part of kiddie shows Pen-pen de Sarapen (4-6 years old), Ang TV (7-8 years old), and NEXT (8-9 years old). In between auditions, Sarah would perform at shopping malls and hotel lounges. She was one of the performers during the 1995 visit of Pope John Paul II. Sarah at an early age joined hosts of different singing contests the first of which was Tuklas Talino sponsored by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT).

Star For A Night hosted by Ms. Regine Velasquez was arguably the singing contest that catapulted Sarah to stardom. On March 1, 2003, at age fourteen Sarah emerged as the grand prize winner of the said singing competition with her rendition of the song "To Love
You More." She won P 1 million and a managerial contract at Viva Artist Agency. The prize money was spent on tuition fees and the operation of her eldest sister.

After this turning point what followed are albums, concerts, her own soap opera, a mainstay at ASAP (a Sunday variety show), supporting roles in movies, endorsements, and legions of fans. She became a popstar, a teen princess, a role model.

Sarah paved the way for the next generation champion singers. They are Mark Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go, Raymond Manalo, Erik Santos, Sheryn Regis, Christian Bautista, Frenchie Dy, Jerome Sala, and more still competing. At ASAP, champion singers show off their
winning form at Champions Showdown.

When not busy being a popstar, Sarah spends time with her family, they go to Sunday mass. Sarah enjoys reading J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter, and plays video games.




    Star for a Night grand champion
  • Star Girl 2003
  • Most Promising Female Performer: 20th Annual Year Ender Excellence Awards 2003
  • Most Promising Female Singer: "Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Awards {34th Box Office Awards}"
  • Most Promising Female Entertainer "Aliw Awards"
  • Benavides awardee (given to outstanding University of Sto Thomas alumni)

  • Septiple (7x) Platinum record for the album "Popstar; A Dream Come True"
  • Outstanding Female Role Youth Model in the Field of Entertainer: Gawad KKK 2004
  • Outstanding Manilans of the Year Medal: Outstanding Manilans Award 2004
  • Outstanding Manilans Plaque for Contribution in the Field of Performing Arts: Outstanding Manilans Award 2004
  • Best Performance By a New Female Recording Artist: Awit Awards 2004
  • Best Dance Video, Sa Iyo: "17th Awit Awards"
  • Best Performance By a New Female Recording Artist: Awit Awards 2004
  • Song of the Year, Forever's Not Enough: " Awit Awards 2004"
  • Best Performance By a Female Recording Artist: Aliw Awards 2004
  • Best Dance Song "Sa Iyo": Aliw Awards 2004
  • Favorite New Artist: "MTV Pilipinas 2004"
  • Favorite Female Artist: "MTV Pilipinas 2004"
  • Favorite Song, Forever's not Enough: "MTV Pilipinas 2004"
  • Nickelodeons Kids Choice Award
  • People of the Year: People Asia Magazine

  • Female Entertainer of the Year: Gawad America 2005
  • Female Recording Artist of the Year: Box-Office Entertainment Awards 2005
  • Best Female Young Artist " Asia Pacific Excellence Awards 2005"
  • Female Awardee (Pop Star A Dream Come True, Sweet Sixteen, Star For A Night): 1st ASAP Platinum Circle Awards
  • Triple Platinum record for the album "Sweet Sixteen"

  • Female Recording Artist of the Year: Box-Office Entertainment Awards 2006
  • Platinum record for the album "Becoming"
  • Best TV Show (Bituing Walang Ningning): ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2006
  • Best TV Theme Song (Bituing Walang Ningning: ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2006
  • Best TV Character (Bituing Walang Ningning: ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards 2006
  • Best TV Show (Bituing Walang Ningning): Anak TV Seal Awards 2006
  • Platinum record for the album "The Other Side; Live"
  • Kids Choice Award Ang Pinaka Idol Na Female Singer: Ang Pinaka QTV11 2006
  • Most Admired Female TV Personality: Anak TV Seal Awards 2006
  • Female Artist Awardee (Becoming, The Other Side: Live): 2nd ASAP Platinum Circle Awards
  • Best Variety Program "Little Big Star": 20th KBP Golden Dove Awards

  • Female Artist Awardee (Taking Flight): 1st ASAP 24k Awards
  • Female Performer of the Year(Carry My Love): ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Award 2007
  • Most Admired Female TV Personality: Anak TV Seal's 2007
  • Female Hitmaker of the Year: YES Magazine 2007
  • ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Becoming): 1st OPM Song Hits Award 2007
  • American-Philippines Friendship Day Awardee for Entertainment Plaque 2007
  • Asian Magazine People of the Year 2007
  • Compilation Awardee (Hotsilog): 3rd ASAP Platinum Circle Awards

  • Female Concert Performer of the Year: Box-Office Entertainment Awards 2008
  • Favorite Artist of the Year: Myx Music Awards 2008
  • Favorite Female Artist: Myx Music Award 2008
  • Favorite Song of the Year (Ikaw): Myx Music Awards 2008
  • Favorite Celebrity Vj: Myx Music Awards 2008
  • Brightest Female PopStar S Magazines People's Choice Award
  • 45th sexiest (FHM Philippines 100 sexiest)
  • Platinum record for the album "Taking Flight"
  • Platinum award for her DVD "Sarah Geronimo; The Other Side"
  • Platinum award for her DVD "Sarah Geronimo in Motion"

  • Republic Of The Philippines City of Manila-Singer and TV or Movie
  • Actress
  • Most Promising Female Singer at 9th Tining Awards of the National Press Club
  • PLDT Plaque of Recognition (Consistent Winner of "Tuklas Talino" Musical Contest)



Platinum Award – October 2003
Double Platinum
Quadruple Platinum – June 2004
Quintuple Platinum – November 2004
6X Platinum – December 2005


Platinum Award – January 2005
Double Platinum – August 2005


Gold Award – September 2006
Platinum Award – October 2006


Gold Award – October 2007
Platinum Award – February 2008

STAR FOR A NIGHT – Gold Award – June 2003
THE OTHER SIDE – Platinum Award – 2006
BITUIN WALANG NINGNING – Gold Award – July 2006

LATEST SINGLE: [highlight] I'll Be Alright & A Very Special Love [/highlight]


Sarah from A to Z.....
by: marshybear

A-ALIW ~ everytym i watch her shows i've always got amused, kse lage xa nkatawa tska kung bumirit s pagpptawa, maaaliw k talga . At isa p nanalo xa sa Aliw Awards as Most Promising Female Artist year 2004(at maraming png awards, di n mabilang)...
B-BUNGISNGIS ~ dahil palatawa xa, lageng nkbungisngis!
C-CHARMING ~ i really find her very charming in short "maganda". Kaya it suits her the product she endorses "charmee".
D-DEDICATED ~ She's dedicated to her family & to her career! And i salute u dat sarah!!!
E-ENTERTAINER ~ a complete package of entertainment!!..kahit mgdamag p xa mgshow hindi xa nkakasawa for me.
F-FAN ~ fan na fan xa nina Regine V. at Celine dion kaya ngging katulad n xa s mga ito...to the highest level ang success. At ako naman avid fan nya & she's so mabait sa mga fans nya pag may 2matawag s knya talagang kakaway pa yan at ngingiti sau ng ubod tamis...gusto ko n ngang mahimatay nung ginawa nya un sken e, kc first time ko pa lng xa mameet dat tym at na-starstruk talaga me nun..,d ko inakalang mas gaganda pa xa sa TV.
G-GROWN-UP ~ from a teener, she's now a grown-up girl after she turns 18 on July 25. Altho she still has that "child-like" behavior. Nga pla she grows taller at the height of 5'4" now, maybe sumday she'll reach 6ft.(hehe!) O db beauty queen ang dating!..Pwede!!!
H-HARRY POTTER ~ led by Daniel Radcliffe na crush na crush ni sarah! C Leonardo di Carpio din! Ang hilig pala s mga superpogi tong si sarah..ung tipong hindi ma-reach kaya wish ko sumday pagpumunta xa ulit sa US mkdate n nya tong mga guy na'to...I really want her to be hapi kc nssktan ako pgnssktan din xa lalo n s mga [intrigang di nman tru...
I-IRRESISTABLE ~ i can't get enuf of sarah! it's lyk my day will not be complete if i don't get any news /issues about her kaya almost everyday i open her website to know if there's sumthing new or any upcoming projects. Khit sira n PC namen, at busy s pg-aaral, i really find time to rent nearby.
J-JOLLIBEE ~ another endorsement that suits her too coz she's a "jolly" person. Like jollibee, she has that cheek bone. Me too! kaya love n love ko cla pareho!
K-KILIG ~ She used to giggles ( as sign of kilig) evrytym she's been paired with guys esp. mark b. Of cors ako din, i get kilig also lalo na sa BWN with Carlo A. Ang swerte tlga ng idol ko mga cutie pie nalilink s knya like now, cna Jake cuenca at Luis manzano type daw xa! Ay sobra n'to!! gang tuhod n hair ni sarah!...at isa png K as KALOG ~ Sbe ni sarah s isang nterview, makulet daw xa nung bata p xa, di mktigil s isang tabi, iniikot nya mga klasmeyts nya at kinakausap. Talagng nature n s knya ang mangulet khit nga gang ngaun pag vibes nya mga ksma s set,mkikita m s cam. lalo n s mga bata,nkikipghabulan pa yan! db sarah?!
L-LOVE ~ her love for music. i know ala p xang lovelife khit 18 n xa kse bilin ni mother dear wen she turns 22 pa xa pwede! Oks lng naman daw kay sarah un, tska s tngin ko d pa xa mature pgdating s relationship! para ngang gusto p nyang gayahin idol nyang si regine n gang ngaun ala p ring love affair. Kung meron mang darating, i just hop it wud be her "pers & last lab". Sarah deserves hapines! ryt?!
M-MEEK ~ meek means mpgpkumbaba & this wud describe her most for all d succes/ achivements she got, still she puts her feet on the ground.
N-NATURAL ~ A character that i most adored of her! even in acting, she acts naturally. It's so nice naman kse to see a person ng walang halong pgpapanggap. And that's sarah!
O-OPO at PO ~ A words that doesn't fades everytym she speaks! Npkgalang lng talaga nya! Naks namn!
P-POPSTAR ~ As she is, that noone can replace! & me as a "popster"..a self proclaimed popster,hehe, d p me member e...
Q-QUEEN ~ For me she's no longer a popstar princess but a "popstar queen" or a "concert queen". pwede ng ilipat ang corona ni Pops kse nakailang concerts n xa at laging successful mp-international man, that means she's a great performer!
R-REST ~ being as famous as sarah is, one doesn't hav this!
S-SMILING ~ Once she's on stage, this will never fades, w/c lights up ur day!
T-TALENTED ~ three-of-a-kind sarah! singer na, actress pa, pati b naman hosting carry nya! At isa png "T" as "tomboyish". Nung bata p daw xa pero ngaun dalagang-dalaga n, lage png nkgown..
U-UNAN ~ this symbolizes as "sandalan".dahil sikat xa,maraming intrigang nkksakit..(kaya gusto ko xang bgyan nito ng maraming-marami para s twing gusto nyang umiyak,may sasalo).Tska pg pagod n xa s daming shows, mkpgphinga xang maayos. Regalo nga pla s knya ni Ai-Ai delas-alas s knya "unan" nung ngdebut si sarah sa asap..
V-VERSATILE ~ She has that versatile voice! khit sinong singer ngagaya nya mp-local man o international. Lalo n kay Celine dion. I can say mas nahigitan p nya! At lalo akong npbilib ng pati boses ni Thalia gayang-gaya nya! Wow(at her very young age)!..no words to say but she's a great singer! d best among d best!
W-WHOLESOME ~ Her most precious character! I just hope she remains on it until she gets old!
X-X-FACTOR ~ Di nya marating ang narating nya ngaun kung wala xa nito! db?!
Y-YOUTHFUL ~ She's still young & fresh! no wonder she's been considered as "youth model".
Z-ZUPER ~ Zuper k talaga Zarah! As in Zuper Zarah!! wala ng mkktalo p sau!!!


    A biography entry @ www.wikipedia.org


    Sarah Geronimo, born as Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo on July 25, 1988, is a Filipina singer and actress.

    At the age of 14, she won a reality singing contest, entitled "Star for a Night"(2003) of IBC Channel 13. After winning, she signed a 10-year recording contract with Viva Records and released her debut album, "Popstar: A Dream Come True" on September of 2003, and reached 7x platinum. She also staged her first solo concert at the Music Museum in the same year. In 2004, she signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN, the Philippines Largest TV Network and starred on several television programs, such as the "Sarah, The Teen Princess" and became a mainstay until now in ASAP, the most popular noontime musical variety show in the Philippines. She also released her new album, "Sweet Sixteen" and together with other singers, they staged a successful concert in Araneta Coliseum, that also did well in abroad.

    In 2005, Sarah appeared on more television shows, performed on concert tours and sang theme songs for movies. Then in the same year she staged a sold-out major solo concert in Araneta Coliseum, entitled "The Other Side". And in 2006, she casted as the lead actress of a top-rating soap opera, "Bituing Walang Ningning", that was considered another milestone in her career. She also relased her third album, Becoming, and had successful concert tours outside the country.

    2007 was another great year for Sarah, as she hosted a reality singing contest for children, the "Little Big Superstar" and took another lead role on a top-rating soap opera, "Pangarap na Bituin". In the same year, she staged another sold-out major solo concert in Araneta Coliseum, entitled "Sarah Geronimo in Motion" and went again abroad to have concert tours. Then after the great event, she released her fourth album, "Taking Flight" that reached platinum in a short period of time. She also stayed in L.A.(US), to record with Howie D. of Backstreet Boys.

    Sarah Geronimo had closed numerous multi-million peso endorsement contracts with the biggest corporations and brands in the country, including Jollibee, Skechers, Hapee Toothpaste, AMA University, Talk n' Text, Belo Medical Group, Ladies' Choice Mayonnaise, Islander Slippers, Surf Detergent, Charmee, Rajo Laurel Apparel, Surf Max Internet card, Startec, Cebuana Lhuillier, Extreme Magic Sing Videoke Microphone, HerBench and many others. She also endorsed a campaign for a running senator, Edgardo Angara, who eventually won the race. As a result, Sarah was considered one of the most in-demand and effective product endorser of the Philippines.

    At present, after another sold out major valentines' concert in Araneta Coliseum with other singing stars and successful concert tours abroad. Sarah Geronimo is about to host another season of her singing contest, and will do another soap opera, Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas.

    Sarah Geronimo has received several awards, most were appreciation for her being a good example to the Filipino youth, this includes an Anak TV Seal Award, People of the Year of People Asia Magazine, Asian Magazine People of the Year, some were from the government and others were from respected institutions. As a singer, she won several recording awards from the most prominent award-giving bodies in the country. Recently, she was the biggest winner in the MYX Music Awards 2008, as she bagged four awards including, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Favorite Myx Celebrity VJ.

    Recently, VIVA Records confirmed that Sarah Geronimo's The Other Side and In Motion Concert DVD sold a platinum status each, making her the very first artist to receive a platinum record not only for one but for two of her DVD copies of a concert, despite of the very expensive price of original DVDs.



    Sarah Geronimo was born on the July 25, 1988 to parents Delfin Geronimo and Divine Geronimo. The third of four children, her siblings are Joanna Rizzie, Sunshine Grace and Ezekiel Gabriel. Sarah grew up in a rented house in Sta. Cruz, Manila. She is also the niece of the TV host of "Ating Alamin" and owner of the TV production company, Gerry Geronimo.


    She is one of the top biller Filipino stars. She already collaborated with various international artists like Guy Sebastian, Billy Crawford, Lea Salonga, Jasmine Trias, Regine Velasquez and Howie Dorough of Backstreet Boys. She was also the host of the singing contest where Charice Pempengco, who is now internationally known, was discovered.

    At fourteen years old, Sarah bested 10 other finalists in the nationwide search for Star For a Night (Philippine Edition) aired over IBC Channel 13 with Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez as host. Her performance of Celine Dion's To Love You More won her the Grand Prize, winning 1 Million Philippine Pesos and a 10-year recording contract with Viva Records.

    Recent singing champions such as 1st Philippine Idol's Maureen "Mau" Marcelo, MTB Teen Popstar's Angeline Quinto, and TFC-Australian Pinoy Star Search's Roxanne Joy Castro are among her contemporaries in the said competition.

    In September 2003, Geronimo released her debut album entitled "Popstar: A Dream Come True". The album was awarded a 7x platinum award, selling more than 350,000 copies. She also staged a highly successful first solo concert at the Music Museum in the same year. The album produced different hit singles including "Forever's Not Enough" as well as "Sa Iyo".

    Aside from singing, Geronimo also acted in supporting roles for films Filipinas, Captain Barbell, and Annie B.. After winning in Star for a Night, she appeared in several GMA Network shows until she finally landed a contract for several programs in ABS-CBN that became her home studio until now and sky-rocketed her fame on top of the music industry.

    2004: Second album

    Geronimo signed an exclusive contract with TV giant ABS-CBN where she had her first major break in acting field through starring in teen drama soap entitled Sarah, The Teen Princess in allusion to her cameo role as a child in Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa (The Little Princess) where she played the role of the main character's (Camille Prats) playmate. She also became a mainstay until now, in the Sunday noontime variety show, ASAP.

    She also obtained a multi-million peso advertising endorsement contracts with Jollibee, Charmee, and Talk 'n' Text of Smart Communications.

    In November 2004, Geronimo released her second album entitled Sweet Sixteen which achieved gold status in one week. The album has since reached triple-platinum status, selling more than 150,000 copies. "How Could You Say You Love Me" was released as the first single having it's music video featuring co-Champions Mark Bautista. "Lumigon Ka Lang", "Hanggang Kailan", "Love Can't Lie" and a cover of "I Want To Know What Love Is". The album also includes Charmee Theme Song and "Bulletin Song"

    Sarah along with other reality star search winners Rachelle Ann Go, and Erik Santos staged the Night of the Champions concert at the Araneta Coliseum, which also went on a highly successful tour in the US.

    She also played the leading lady opposite singer Mark Bautista, in the fantasy film Lastikman.

    2005: The Other Side Tour

    Geronimo sang the theme of ABS-CBN's Star Circle Quest winners Hero Angeles and Sandara Park's launching movie Can This Be Love, which was released as a maxi-single and achieved gold record status in one month's time.

    She also became a mainstay in the fourth season of the weekly teen-oriented show, SCQ Reload, Kilig Ako, replacing Sandara Park as Hero Angeles' love team partner.

    In summer of 2005, Sarah reunited with her fellow champions for a United States Tour of Pinoy Idols: Return Of The Champions, which was staged in selected cities in the U.S. for a two-month period.

    Sarah went on to perform in her sold-out first major solo concert, "The Other Side" at the renowned Araneta Coliseum. Viva Records released a live album of the filmed tour in Araneta Coliseum named as "The Other Side: Live Album"

    2006: Becoming era

    This year marks another milestone in her career as she leaded the cast of one of ABS-CBN's top rating primetime soap opera, Bituing Walang Ningning (Lackluster Star), an adaptation of the 1985 Philippine hit movie classic. Here, she starred as aspiring singer Dorina Pineda, a role originally played by Philippine's Megastar Sharon Cuneta. She released a soundtrack of the series and achieved gold status.

    Her third solo album entitled "Becoming" was released in August 2006, reaching Gold status in just one week and Platinum a month after its release date. The album yielded three commercial singles: "I Still Believe In Loving You", "Carry My Love" and "Iingatan Ko Ang Pag-ibig Mo".

    Geronimo continued to spread her wings globally as she staged concerts in Taiwan, Canada, Alaska, and Dubai. She also held a The Other Side US Tour" in San Diego, Hanford, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu, Maui, Washington DC and Atlantic City.

    While in the US in November 18, 2006, she was chosen by Philippines' boxing champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao to sing the Philippine National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang) preceding his third super featherweight fight encounter against Mexico's Erik "El Terrible" Morales at the UNLV Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    2007: Taking Flight

    In 2007, Geronimo has toured major cities in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe and UAE.

    She is currently a mainstay of ASAP '07, a once-a-week, noontime musical variety show, and also hosts Little Big Superstar, a reality star search program for aspiring child performers that has recently concluded its third season. Geronimo released a new single "Reach For The Sky" which was included on the soundtrack for "Little Big Superstar" along with co-host Makisig Morales. She also took the female lead role in ABS-CBN's primetime drama Pangarap Na Bituin opposite Jericho Rosales along with Maja Salvador and Nikki Gil as the trio The Jewel Sisters also with Rica Peralejo.

    Also, she staged a sold-out second major solo concert last July 14, 2007 at the Araneta Coliseum entitled Sarah Geronimo In Motion. Sarah also concluded Sarah Geronimo In Motion US tour last August-September 2007 with an astounding reception from Filipino communities in the US.

    Shortly after staging her second solo major concert, she released her fourth studio album entitled Taking Flight which has sales of over 50,000 copies, achieving Platinum status in a short period of time after its release. Taking Flight's lead single "I'll Be Alright" topped different charts in the Philippines as well as the second single "Ikaw". Unlike the music video for "Ikaw", "I'll Be Alright" has its live video taken from her "In Motion" Tour recorded live in the Araneta Coliseum.

    Sarah Geronimo is the youngest concert performer to have filled up the big dome four times over.

    Sarah Geronimo is also the first artist in the history of the Philippine music industry to receive a platinum award for a concert DVD.

    2008: Just Me..Sarah

    Sarah once again reunited with her co-champions Erik Santos, Rachelle Ann Go and Christian Bautista in a sold-out Valentine Concert at the Araneta Colesium, entitled "OL4LUV".

    Geronimo released "In Motion" DVD on February 27, 2008 filmed at the Araneta Coliseum. Before Geronimo release her 5th studio album, she released "I'll Be Here" as the 4th and final single off Taking Flight. She collaborated with Backstreet Boys member Howie Dorough in the song "I'll Be There" produced by Christian de Walden and it will be included in her upcoming album entitled "Just Me..Sarah". She also announced that the album is due September 2008. July 30 is the start opening of her debut movie under Star Cinema and Viva Films with Filipino actor John Lloyd Cruz entitled "A Very Special Love". She recorded her own version of the song "Very Special Love" for the movie which was then included in the repackaged edition of "Taking Flight".Later this year, Geronimo will release her first ever Christmas Album and it will be produced and arranged by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab and she will have her Special Christmas Concert at the Araneta Coliseum.



    Studio Albums
    * 2003: Popstar: A Dream Come True (Certified 7x Platinum)
    * 2004: Sweet Sixteen (Certified 3x Platinum)
    * 2006: Becoming (Certified Platinum)
    * 2007: Taking Flight (Certified Platinum)
    * 2008: Just Me..Sarah
    * 2008: Untitled Christmas Album

    Other albums
    * 2005: The Other Side: Live Album (Certified Platinum)
    * 2006: Bituing Walang Ningning (Certified Gold)
    * 2007: Little Big Superstar
    * 2007: Pangarap Na Bituin

    * 2005: The Other Side (Certified Platinum)
    * 2008: In Motion (Certified Platinum)

    * 2003: Popstar: A Dream Come True Concert
    * 2003: Popstar: A Dream Come True Concert (Repeat)
    * 2004: Night of the Champions
    * 2004: Pinoy Idols
    * 2005: The Other Side of Sarah Geronimo
    * 2006: Bituin Walang Ningning "The Pasasalamat Concert"
    * 2007: Sarah Geronimo in Motion
    * 2008: OL4LUV (All For Love)
    * 2008: Special Christmas Concert

    * 2002: Popstar: A Dream Come True Concert
    * 2004: Night of the Champions
    * 2005 - 2007: The Other Side Tour
    * 2007: In Motion Tour
    * 2008 - present: Return of the Champions 2


    year Title of Program
    1991 Penpen De Sarapen
    1993 Ang TV
    2002 Star For A Night
    2003 Search For A Star
    2003 Magpakailanman
    2003 Filipinas
    2003 Sarah: The Teen Princess
    2003 Captain Barbell
    2004 Annie B.
    2004 Masikip sa dibdib
    2004 SCQ Reload: Kilig Ako
    2004 Lastikman
    2004-present ASAP
    2005 Wansapanataym
    2005 Search For The Star In A Million
    2006 Your Song: Forever's Not Enough
    2006 Bituing Walang Ningning
    2006 Little Big Star
    2006 Maalaala Mo Kaya
    2007 Your Song: Pers Lab
    2007 Your Song: Carry My Love
    2007 Little Big Superstar
    2007 Love Spell: Sweet Sixty
    2007 Pangarap Na Bituin
    2008 MMK: Kuwintas as Rose with John Lloyd Cruz
    2008 Little Big Superstar Season 2
    2008 A Very Special Love, a film with John Lloyd Cruz

    Singles Released

    Song Title Album
    "To Love You More" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "Forever's Not Enough" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "Broken Vow" (featuring Mark Bautista) Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "Sa Iyo" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "If Only" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "Ibulong Sa Hangin" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "When I Met You" Popstar: A Dream Come True
    "I Finally Found Someone" The Other Side Live Album
    "How Could You Say You Love Me" Sweet Sixteen
    "Lumingon Ka Lang" Sweet Sixteen
    "I Wanna Know What Love Is" Sweet Sixteen
    "Love Can't Lie" Sweet Sixteen
    "Bituing Walang Ningning" Bituing Walang Ningning Soundtrack
    "I Still Believe in Loving You" Becoming
    "Carry My Love" Becoming
    "Iingatan Ko Ang Pag-ibig Mo" Becoming
    "Reach for the Sky" Little Big Superstar
    "I'll Be Alright" Taking Flight
    "Ikaw" Taking Flight
    "Pangarap Na Bituin" Pangarap Na Bituin Soundtrack
    "Kahit Na"1 Taking Flight
    "I'll Be Here" Taking Flight
    "Tanging Ikaw" Cebuana Lhuiller
    "Very Special Love" Taking Flight Repackaged Edition


    Sarah has signed several endorsement contracts that includes the following:
    • A campaign for Senator Edgardo Angara's 2007 Senatorial Bid who eventually won the elections,
    • Skechers,
    • Hapee Toothgel,
    • Jollibee
    • AMA University,
    • Extreme Magic Sing Videoke Microphone,,
    • Talk 'n' Text,
    • Belo Essentials of Belo Medical Group,
    • Ladies' Choice Mayonnaise,
    • Islander Slippers,
    • Surf Detergent,
    • Charmee,
    • Rajo Laurel Apparel,
    • Surf Max Internet card,
    • Startec,
    • Cebuana Lhuillier,
    • HerBench

    At Present

    Today, Geronimo is one of the most sought-after product commercial jingle singers, rendering her services with giants such as Unilever Philippines and Jollibee Foods Corporation, among others. Amongst those jingles are Jollibee's "Bida ang Saya", Surf's "Ang Bango ng Pasko" and "Sa Iyong mga Kamay", and Lady's Choice's "Mayo Have a White Christmas". She has also lent her amazing voice for the jingle of Xtreme Magic Sing which is titled "Panalo ka sa puso ko!" and the themesong of Cebuana Lhuiller "Tanging Ikaw" and Belo Essentials Theme "I Touch by You". She is also set to grace the runway for the Bench Blackout Fashion Show. She is the owner of Popstar Salon with Mommy Divina. Sarah is making a history being the first filipino artist to receive a platinum award for her DVD album "The Other Side" and "Sarah Geronimo In Motion". She is also the youngest recording artist who has achieved platinum success for every single album she's ever released.

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    Star Cinema: A VERY SPECIAL LOVE - Thread II. The AVSL FEVER won't go anywhere!

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  • To everybody, Pexsters, Popsters, Kaboks, GBs, lurkers, friends and Sarah!


    Welcome to our new house!
    We hope that you will enjoy your stay here. Feel free to post and mingle with the rest of the peeps here.

    Just a soft reminder, avoid any violent, harsh, defamatory or derogatory comments/posts addressed to anyone, be it here or in other threads. BEE a responsible PEXER. We are in a virtual world, though people do not see you, anything you post reflects who you are and what kind of person are you.


    Ang panatang sadyang ginawa ng malikot at bagong gising na isipan sa isang nag-uumaraw na umaga para sa lahat ng mga KABOKS (ka-bonding na kaibigan)....

    [highlight]PANATANG MAKASARAH...[/highlight]
    by Asther_01

    Panatang makaSARAH, tinitilian kita, kahit saan ka magpunta.
    Ito'y kusa kong ginagawa hanggang mamaos aking ngala-ngala.
    Ito ang aking panata.
    Ako'y iyong pinasasaya, hanggang kalamnan ko'y lalong mamula,
    kahit walang tanghalian, makita ka lamang, mga mata ko'y busog na.
    Iyong pagkanta, naririnig maging hanggang ng genes ko.
    Pagtibok ng puso ko'y bumibilis pag nakikita kang kinikilig.
    Ipagtatanggol kita sa sino mang bakla, este basher.
    Sisikapin kong maabot ang mga nota mo, sa panaginip, sa panaginip at sa panaginip.


    [highlight]PEXSTERS' GLOSSARY & ALIASES[/highlight]

    Ang mga sumusunod ay ilan lamang sa mga na-obserbahang terminolohiyang malimit gamitin ng mga naninirahan sa thread na ito:

    PEXSTERS - Pexer na Popster (certified o hindi). Basta fan ka ni Sarah G, ikaw daw ay Popster, at kung ka-forum ka dito sa Pinoyexchange, ikaw ay PEXER, kaya in-short, PEXSTER.
    KABOKS - ka-bonding na kaibigan, lalo na pagdating sa SHABS STUFF.
    SHABS - isa pang bagong katawagan o alias ng bida ng thread na ito, ang bida sa puso ng mga PEXSTERS.
    WENDY's - peborit kainan ng mga PEXSTERS
    GBs - Goin' Bulilits, tawag sa lahat ng makukulit at sutil
    KAPITBAHAY - mga Pexer na nakatira sa ibang thread.
    RARO - paboritong gawin ng mga GBs, lalo na pag gabi
    ADIK - mga lulong kay SHABS
    ADIK-ADIK - estado ng pagkalulong kay SHABS
    POT SESSION - ginagawa ng mga adik, walang humpay na usapang SHABS. May 4 na shifting ito, morning, afternoon, evening at dawn shift.
    SAKIT SA BENGS - sakit ng mga adik, kahit walang bangs. Epekto ng mga kakaiba at banat na tagos hanggang bangs.
    TOS - The Other Side of the world, pag sinabing taga-TOS ka, ibig sabihin ay taga-kabilang dako ng earth ka.
    OHA OHA! - terminong mapanghamon
    KIPOT - estado ng pagmamaganda ng PEX, busy palagi
    BOSS - tawag sa supremo at dakilang direktor na KABOKS. oha! kilala niyo siya!
    ESPIRITU - estado ng mga nakiki-jamming sa usapan kahit hindi naka-login.
    KOKEY - tawag sa nagmamaganda
    CUTIES - tawag sa pinaka-ma-cute naming kapitbahay dito sa PEX. naks!
    KADENANG BULAKLAK - tawag sa babaeng in-love (tamaan na tatamaan) ahem!
    AHEM! - parinig sa mga manhid!
    POTSPIRIN at BIOPOTSIC - ultimate gamot ng mga adik
    PAM PAM - papansin
    KEMBOT! - jowk lang!
    HOLA - hindi ito kulungan ng ibon, kundi isang pagbati! parang HELLO!
    TAKING FLIGHT - magpapaalam na aalis na
    EVAPORATE - isa pang ekspresyon ng pagpapaalam
    KAPATAS - ayon kay Boss, ito daw ang mas mataas sa BOSS
    HABULAN at TAKBUHAN - unahan sa pag-PS
    PS - hindi ito pahabol na sulat, kundi pagestarter, at isa itong achievement!
    PE - hindi ito physical education kund Page ENDER!
    KINAKARIR - isang pandiwa (verb in english), action word, ginagawa ng mga may gustong ma-achieve
    BAGANSYA - di ko alam ibig sabihin nito, tanong niyo kay Boss.
    NAGRE-RESEARCH NG HOMEWORK - dahilan ng mga GBs kapag gustong mag-PEX
    KINAKABOG - kinakabahan
    AWARD - isang paraan ng pagbibigay paalala, pwede ding tanda ng pagiging guilty
    NAGBABATO O BATO SESSION - usapang Emerald ito ha, hindi usapang Sarah, precious stone kasi si Emerald kaya "Bato" session tayo!
    NA-MINTIS - ibig sabihin nito ay na-miss

    [highlight]PEXSTERS' ALIASES[/highlight]

    Ang mga sumusunod ay
    updated na....kaya tara! basa na!hekhek :lol:

    Angkinin na ng mga aangkin ang mga alias na yan hehe...alam nyo na kung sino kayo...kung sino man gusto magpadagdag....gow getz mag-taas lang ng kamay :wave:

    BY=BATANG YAGIT / DQ=Demolition Queen
    BABAENG MATRIX or KADENANG BULAKLAK na naging LIVING LEGEND , at ngayon, siya ay 195x CHORVA at ENGKAnDYOSA! - siya si JGAA1=J Ganda Adik-adik 1
    LOKA 2 or BUNSO
    BOSS na isa ring ENGKANDYOSA
    nag-evolve kasi
    - si direk ito, kung sino siya, hulaan nyo! baka kabugin eh!
    MS. PEXSTER CALOOCAN 2007 at Isang TAMBAY lang, di daw ADIK na ngayon ay SIKAT NA TAMBAY na !
    DLSB=DAKILANG LURKER SB :p - siya din ang pinakabagong tagapagpatigil ng mundo....dahil sa kanyang KILLER SMILE wohoo!
    CHB= CHEESEBALL na isa ring PINK LOBO - kilala nyo na siya
    DT= DYNAMIC TRIO - bhey, rach & star

    [highlight]PEXSTERS KAADIKAN LEVEL:lol:[/highlight]
    by lanie!

    level 1 pag kakastart mo palang...

    level 2 pag mejo nahihiya hiya ka pa magpost dito..

    level 3 pag mejo wala ka ng hiya..

    level 4 pag umariba ka na sa pagpo post..

    level 5 kapag may collection ka na ng KABOKS dito..

    level 6 pag may ka YM ka na at doon kayo may getting-to-know-each-other

    level 7 pag di ka na nakakatiis na hindi mag On Line at pati sa txt may session.

    level 8 kapag pumupunta punta ka na sa mga MT

    level 9 kapag sumasama sama ka na sa GEB ng pexter o ng certified popsters

    level 10 kapag kahit nasaan si shabs andun ka.. o pinipilit mong makarating...

    ang mataas sa level 10 ay tatawaging...

    LEVEL ELEVEN SEEKERS - mga ayaw ng level 10, hanap ng hanap ng level 11 eh wala na nga eh... o eto na kayo mga seekers!
    ang level na ito ay nangangahulugang nagmamataas ka na sa level 10
    Ibig sabihin nito ikaw ay adik na adik sa sobrang adik mo, naiisip mo na na ang trabaho o pag-aaral ay napakalaking sagabal sa pag pe-PEX!

    INVISIBLE ADIK - mga nagsasabing hindi sila adik pero adik na adik, yung tipong nagmamarathon ng mga tv shows ni shabs...

    SUPREMO - ito ay nangangahulugang, ang bawat araw mo ay masalimuot pag wala ang SHABU ng buhay mo... pwede rin sila yung mga nakapanood ng lahat ng concert ni shabs parang si ate len...

    yan nalang muna dagdagan nalang natin pag nakaisip pa ko...

    nyahahahahha o sumagot naaaa mga adik!!!
  • Sarah Geronimo


    With a name like Sarah Geronimo, it's easy to see why this Filipina babe has catapulted into the dreams of men everywhere.

    AskMen.com feature on Sarah Geronimo that includes pics, pictures, biography, video, related news, vital stats, commentary, and cool facts.


    Why we like her?
    Sarah Geronimo seems like an approachable, grounded and well-mannered pop star, even if she has been a huge sensation since the age of 14.

    Why is she famous?
    Sarah Geronimo is a successful singer and actress in her native Philippines. Since winning top honors at the Asia-wide singing competition Star for a Night in 2003, she has released the platinum-selling albums Popstar: A Dream Come True (2003), Sweet Sixteen (2004), Becoming, (2006) and Taking Flight (2007). She has also appeared in TV series such as Sarah, The Teen Princess, Bituing Walang Ningning (Lackluster Star) and Pangarap Na Bituin, as well as in films such as Filipinas, Captain Barbell and Lastikman.

    A mega star in her country, Sarah Geronimo is often referred to as the “Pop Star Princess of the Philippines” throughout Asia. After winning the Grand Prize in the 2003 edition of Star for a Night with her rendition of Celine Dion's "To Love You More," the then 14-year-old quickly launched her recording career, which established her as a massive sensation in the Pacific island nation. With a repertoire ranging from pop ballads, upbeat R&B-tinged numbers as well as classic Filipino hits, Sarah Geronimo has also wowed Filipino audiences in North America and elsewhere. With steady acting gigs back home, she's also a big Filipina TV star. In addition, she earns big bucks for her endorsements of a number of products and services, including Jollibee Foods Corporation, Hapee Toothgels and Talk 'n' Text for Smart Communications.

    Personality & Talent
    Although she got her start in show business as a child actress, Sarah Geronimo really made a name for herself as a vocalist. Her father recognized her love for singing when she was all of 6 years old, and signed her up at the local Center for Pop Music to help develop her natural talents. He also made sure that she practiced singing at least a couple of hours a day at home. In addition to her formal training, Sarah Geronimo also joined performance programs at school and competed in junior level singing contests. At the age of 14, her life completely changed when she won the international singing competition known as Star for a Night, which is a reality show that's inline with American Idol.

    Despite the massive fame, fortune and adulation she has achieved in her native land, Sarah Geronimo hasn't let the success go to her head. She was raised in fairly humble surroundings and remains down-to-earth by all accounts. In terms of power, her vocal style may not quite measure up to her idols like Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion, but her sweet voice has been well-suited for the pop songs she has become best known for.

    Unlike most American or European songbirds, Sarah Geronimo keeps her sexuality very much under wraps, preferring to promote a squeaky clean image that appeals to very young fans and likely wouldn't offend any elderly folks. Her record sales in the Philippines haven't suffered as a result, but if she ever hopes to seriously take on the mainstream U.S. or other Western markets, a sexy makeover might be considered.

    Accomplishments & Fame
    Sarah Geronimo had a very early taste of celebrity, starting out as a cast member of Pen pen de Sarapen on Filipino television at the age of 3 before appearing on a number of other kid's shows. While her acting career seems to have taken a bit of a backseat to her recording career, she does make the occasional big screen appearance, and has also been featured in the teen-oriented television series Sarah: The Teen Princess as well as the popular prime-time soaps Bituing Walang Ningning (Lackluster Star) and Pangarap Na Bituin.

    Sarah Geronimo's greatest claim to fame is her No. 1 placing on the Star for a Night program, the Asian version of American Idol. Her win secured her a contract with Viva Records in 2003, and she has scored a handful of platinum-selling albums as well as nearly 20 Top 10 hit records in her native country since. Her half dozen or so chart-topping singles to date have logged more than two years overall at No. 1, including "Forever's Not Enough" (32 weeks) and "Ikaw" (36 weeks).

    For someone so young, Sarah Geronimo has won an outstanding number of awards. Some of those accolades include Star Girl 2003, Outstanding Female Role Youth Model in the Field of Entertainer, Outstanding Manilans Award 2004, Gawad America's Female Entertainer of the Year for 2005, and Box-Office Entertainment Awards' Female Recording Artist of the Year for 2005 and 2006. She also received two ASAP Pop Viewer's Choice Awards in 2006 for Best TV Character and Best TV Theme Song (“Bitiung Walang Ningning”), and she won the prize again in 2007 as Female Performer of the Year. That same year, she earned Anak TV Seal's Most Admired Female TV Personality, Yes Magazine's Female Hitmaker of the Year as well as Starmometer's Female Artist Of The Year.

    Natural Beauty
    Coming in at No. 2 among the Most Beautiful Pinays of 2007, Sarah Geronimo is considered to be one of the Philippines' most beautiful female celebrities. While she is definitely on the cute side, we wonder if they've factored in her ladylike charm in determining their assessment of her overall looks. Whatever the case, we think her innocent-looking cuteness will blossom into a more mature beauty as she approaches her mid-20s.

    Personal Style
    Sarah Geronimo's fashion sense runs the gamut, from contemporary chic to former Filipina First Lady Imelda Marcos’ '50s-style flowing gowns. The latter look may go down well in the Philippines, and perhaps in America's heartland, but Sarah Geronimo's U.S. fan base is centered in big coastal cities with a sizable Filipino population. Her style consultant should remind her the next time she tours the United States that those types of conservative retro dresses may not go over so well in places like San Francisco or L.A., but considering Sarah Geronimo's innocent image, it may be just what the grannies in the audience expect from her.


    Secret Wish
    We'd like to see Sarah Geronimo go up against former American Idol champions in an international singing competition.

    Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo was born on July 25, 1988, in Quezon City, Philippines. Her professional performing career began at the age of 3 when she joined the cast of Pen pen de Sarapen, a popular children's program. As a child, she also appeared on shows such as For Kids Only, Hiraya Manawari, Ang TV, and NEXT. In 1995, she was one of the performers chosen to sing for Pope John Paul II when he visited her homeland.

    sarah geronimo wins star for a night
    While she experienced her first taste of fame as a child actress, it would be her singing voice that would establish Sarah Geronimo as a major sensation. Her father enrolled her at the Center For Pop Music when she was 6, and her years of honing her vocal abilities finally paid off on March 1, 2003, when, at the age of 14, she beat out 10 other finalists in the Asia-wide singing competition Star For A Night. Her voice earned her the cash prize of a million Philippine pesos, as well as a 10-year recording deal with Viva Records.

    Sarah Geronimo's debut release Popstar: A Dream Come True was released in September of that year. The track "To Love You More" topped the singles charts for almost four months, which helped propel the album to sextuple platinum status in the Philippines. Her acting career also kept her in the spotlight, with supporting roles in movies such as Captain Barbell, Filipinas and Annie B., as well as parts on a number of TV shows.

    In 2004, the teenaged sensation landed a starring role in the drama series Sarah: The Teen Princess and also became a regular on the weekly variety show ASAP. She landed her first lead film role in Lastikman opposite singer Mark Bautista as well. Her sophomore album Sweet Sixteen was issued that November, and went on to achieve double-platinum sales status in the Philippines. That collection included long-running No. 1 hits such as "Forever's Not Enough" and "How Could You Say You Love Me." She also appeared in concert in the U.S. that year as part of the Night of the Champions tour.

    In 2005, Sarah Geronimo recorded the theme song for the film Can This Be Love, which quickly became a gold record. She also joined the cast of the teen series SCQ Reload: OK Ako as Hero Angeles' love interest, and returned to the U.S. that year as part of the Pinoy Idols: Return Of The Champions tour. Viva Records issued Sarah Geronimo's first live concert disc The Other Side: Live Album in 2005, while her third studio album Becoming (2006) produced the mega-hits "I Still Believe In Loving You" and "Carry My Love."

    sarah geronimo cast on lackluster star
    2006 also marked Sarah Geronimo's debut on the popular nighttime soap Bituing Walang Ningning (Lackluster Star), for which she recorded the gold-selling soundtrack album. She embarked on her first solo American tour, The Other Side US Tour, which included shows in Alaska and Hawaii and also appearances in Canada, Taiwan and Dubai. Her 2007 international concert tour included stops in Australia, Canada, Europe, and UAE, in addition to the U.S., as part of her highly successful In Motion tour.

    Sarah Geronimo hosted Little Big Superstar, a talent contest for children, and also landed a lead role in the drama series Pangarap Na Bituin in 2007. Taking Flight, her fourth studio album, was released that year, and contained the chart-topping singles "I'll Be Alright" and "Ikaw," which spent an incredible 36 weeks at No. 1. The DVD of her In Motion Tour was issued in early 2008.

    Article Link: askmen.com

  • [highlight]Congratulations Sarah Geronimo for
    winning 4 out of 4 nominations in the recently concluded
    MYX Music Awards 2008[/highlight]


    Fave Song
    Fave Artist
    Fave Celebrity VJ
    Fave Female Artist


    YT Link: SARAH GERONIMO acceptance speech
    thanks to the video uploader *okay*

    thank you very much to all who voted for sarah :stolenkiss:

  • Platinum award for her album "Taking Flight"

    YT LINK: ASAP 08 Taking Flight Awarding 10Feb2008
  • avslhomepage2.png
    thanks to www.sarahgeronimo.com & cassie for the banner

    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Very_Special_Love

    A Very Special Love is a hit 2008 romantic-comedy film featuring the first team-up of the Pop Star Princess, Sarah Geronimo and the 2007 Box-Office King, John Lloyd Cruz on the big screen. It was released in theaters on the 30th day of July 2008. And it was a grade of A by the Cinema Evaluation Board.


    Laida is a modern-day Belle. She works hard to provide for her family while believing that someday she will meet her prince charming and they will live happily ever after together. That prince charming is none other than Miggy Montenegro, the youngest of the Montenegro clan—a well-established family in the business world. Laida dreams of meeting Miggy every day and every night. These dreams lead her to apply as an Editorial Assistant at Miggy’s newly established men’s magazine Bachelor despite it being a long shot, hoping that working in the company will allow her to be close to the man who invades her dreams every night.

    By some sort of luck, Laida lands the job. Overwhelmed by the being in the presence of her crush, and by her instant employment, Laida remains blind to the fact that the Miggy she dreams of is very different from the real one. Miggy in person is a hothead who thinks he’s always right. The word “sorry” doesn’t mean anything to him. Everyone is scared of him, except Laida, who is always ready to defend her dream man. Blindly she caters to his whim, even when he sent her to be his proxy on his date with his girlfriend, breaking her heart a little. Her co-workers question her unrelenting dedication to such a monster but when Laida proves quite loyal to the man, gossip about Laida’s feelings for their boss starts to circulate. Laida, to defend herself, unwittingly reveals information about Miggy’s personal life, which earns her his ire. Being shouted at for the first time by the man she dreams of opens Laida’s eyes to reality. And her awakening in turn leads to Miggy’s rude awakening of why people do not like him.

    No one has ever talked back to Miggy before. No one dared tell him their opinions and or suggestions. Miggy was always right and that’s how he likes it. But when Laida, a simpleton who just follows his every command tells him to his face that he is wrong, Miggy begins to wonder if the reason for his failures could actually be him. For the first time Miggy apologizes. And this opens the door to a whole new world of a lot of “firsts” for Miggy. With the help of Laida, Miggy slowly learns to be a teamplayer. With the help of Laida, Miggy slowly learns the value of loyalty.

    But Miggy’s conflict with his siblings keeps pulling Miggy back to his old ways, and not even Laida’s presence in his life can clear the shadow casted on him by his family. Laida does everything she knows just to help Miggy at the expense of time with her family. As Laida and Miggy’s fight to save the magazine become more intense, so is their fight to keep their intentions and emotions at bay. Will Laida and Miggy ever figure out the right combination to solve their problems in business and in their personal lives? Or will their mismatching personalities, despite their common interest and goal keep them from ever figuring out their perfect pair?


    Cast and Roles
    John Lloyd Cruz Miguel "Miggy" Montenegro
    Sarah Geronimo Adelaida"Laida" Magtalas


    Movie Directed by
    Cathy Garcia-Molina

    Other Casts
    * Joross Gamboa
    * Matet de Leon
    * Al Tantay
    * Gio Alvarez
    * Irma Adlawan
    * Marianna del Rio
    * Miles Ocampo
    * Cj Jaravata

    thanks to AngeLFromHeaven for the banner

  • Box-Office King Meets Popstar Princess
    posted on Thursday June 26, 2008


    The much-talked about new combination of young stars John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo is finally coming to reality!

    “A Very Special Love,” part of Star Cinema’s 15th anniversary presentation, brings the new tandem closer to our hearts, and is megged by the 2007 Box Office Director Cathy Garcia-Molina!


    Direk Cathy excitedly recounts the first time the project was offered to her, a co-production with Viva Films. “Its about a girl who’s a dreamer, who wants to be more than what she is now. Simple, ordinary just like all of us. And a guy who is there at the top, mayaman, gwapo, may sariling business, wala nang hahanapin pa. So how do they fall in love, paano ‘pag nagkita sila? Ano ang dynamics nila?”

    Definitely, the movie has a very light material, but Cathy digs deeper into the psyche of his characters. “Pero ako personally ang gusto ko talagang sagutin na tanong ‘pag ikaw ba nagmahal, dapat ka bang humingi ng kapalit na pagmamahal? Dapat mo bang antayin na mahalin ka pabalik? “

    Meanwhile fresh with his success with One More Chance with Direk Cathy and Bea, John Lloyd is both optimistic and nervous about Miggy, his character. “Pag tiningnan ko siya sa labas, itatanong mo agad, paano ko ba siya tatanggapin o mamahalin. Mabigat kasi ‘yon hindi siya ideal character. Sa simula ng pelikula maaring i-hate mo siya pero kapag nag-progress ang pelikula, lalabas ang mga dahilan kung bakit mo siya mamahalin o maiintindihan.”


    On his take with Sarah Geronimo as his leading lady. “Matatanggap ng mga viewers si Sarah because she’s very lovable, both onscreen and as a person. I’m very blessed dahil lubos na tinangkilik ang tambalan namin ni Bea, pero matatanggap din ng mga tao ang tambalang ito. Maganda ang pupuntahan ng team up.

    Sarah, who plays Laida in the film, is feeling the heat because this is her first starring movie, but nonetheless, her high spirit is infectious. “Ito na ‘yong matagal ko nang ipinagdarasal. Very thankful ako sa Star Cinema and sa Viva, kay Boss Vic, dahil feeling ko another step na naman ito sa career ko. Si John Lloyd si John Lloyd na po ‘yan at sobrang honored po ako na ako po ang kanyang ka-tandem para sa pelikulang ito. Napaka-humble po niya at approachable kahit na sobrang sikat na siya.”

    Direk Cathy says of her actors, “Si Sarah kasi we have known her to be I think a dramatic actress. Based sa mga soap operas na dinaanan nya, halos lahat serious ‘di ba. It’s a revelation to me, except for MMK nagpakita sya ng lightness, napatunayan ko sa pelikulang ‘to grabe pala yang batang yan… magaan, kikay, madaling makatrabaho. Di ako nahirapan sa kanya. Mas hirap ako kay John Lloyd kasi ilang pelikula na napatunayan ni john Lloyd na marunong siya, isa syang magaling na artista. Isa ako sa naniniwala na kung di sya ang pinakamagaling, he’s one of the best and so it’s a pressure for me and John Lloyd also pano mame-maintain. Para hindi lumabas sa sinehan yung mga tao ‘ay mas gusto ko yung one more chance, ay mas magaling sya sa ganito’. I always believed kasi naman kasi ang hirap si john Lloyd almost portrays medyo similar characters, leading man e. wala naman syang naging role na psychotic, siraulo wala e. Sinasabi ko lagi kay john Lloyd, Lloyd ang test of a true actor of a good actor is doing similar and ordinary roles differently every time. That’s our task in this movie e. how to make this ordinary charcter na napanood mo na rin sa iba different from your other roles. At in fairness to him, John Lloyd delivers, with glowing results.”


    What the duo looks forward to however, is the appreciation of their respective followers of their collaboration. John is especially curious on what his supporters will think of this. “Sabi ng mga nakakausap ko, natutuwa sila sa teasers na nakikita nila sa TV. Si Sarah din naman wala akong naging kaproble-problema sa trabaho. Mabait na mabait siya. Direk Cathy naman, as always, she did a great job with us, I think. Kaya naman wala akong mahihiling pa for this project. Sana magustuhan ng mga tao.” Sarah agrees, “Ang wish ko ay makurot namin ang puso ng ating mga Kapamilya, masiyahan sila, ma-inlove, lumabas ng mga sinehan na nakangiti. Special ang A Very Special Love, sana po, maging special din ito para sa lahat!”

    'A Very Special Love' opens in theaters on July 30, 2008.

    Link Here: clickthecity.com
  • bs28.png

    video links

    A Very Special Love by herbiephils

    'A Very Special Love' New Teaser by charmedcutie01

    A VERY SPECIAL LOVE Movie Teaser + Music Video w/ Trailer by jsv07

    Behind the Scene/Interview Photos (A VERY SPECIAL LOVE) by jsv07

    *A VERY SPECIAL LOVE - Movie Teaser* (combined clips) by jsv07

    Sarah Gernimo nd John Lloyd Cruz (A Very Special Love) by kititeri06

    mtv "A Very Special Love" music vid. by sarah geronimo by lykasarah

    posted by filmvideofan

    posted by khay11butterfly

    A Very Special Love Karaoke(w/lyrics)-Sarah Geronimo posted by PBBteenPLUS

    Sarah & Johnlloyd A very special love (behind the scene) by romariech

    ASAP dancecool 25May2008

    ASAP MR 8June2008 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=mVUHw542ZH0

    ASAP sarah's bday 6July2008
    part 1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=D9WShn6GDio
    part 2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=69TjeV8ARjk
    part 3 http://youtube.com/watch?v=lDsYqvbUbfw

    Sarah Geronimo B-Day Celebration @ ASAP'08 07/13/08 http://youtube.com/watch?v=wPaUT6frxRo

    ASAP john lloyd's bday

    The Buzz - Sarah Geronimo Interview - 29Jun08

    ANC Dateline Philippines - Sarah & John Lloyd (28Jun08)

    CinemaNews - AVSL - Sarah & John Lloyd (27Jun08)

    ELive - Sarah & John Lloyd Kissing Scene Issue - 28Jun08

    TV Patrol News - Sarah Geronimo & John Lloyd Cruz - 27Jun08

    Entertainment Live - John Lloyd's Interview (AVSL) - 21Jun08

    CinemaOne - A Very Special Love Interview/Pictorial -15Jun08

    CinemaOne - AVSL-Sarah Geronimo & John Lloyd Cruz - 05Jun08

    CinemaNewsAlert-Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz - 05Jun08

    TVP: John Lloyd Cruz & Sarah Geronimo Movie 6.5.08

    sarah geronimo and john lloyd-a very special love. -

    posted by bicbicmo3
    A Very Special Love Teaser 1 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=x7fxVT2fItE
    A Very Special Love Teaser 2 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=o_g5-yFV41k
    A Very Special Love Teaser 3 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=jVir8mm-oRY
    A Very Special Love Teaser 4 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=GMYJ8gS1kNE

    posted by nbcs1b1a
    A Very Special Love Teaser 3 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=KcUfAHG7oZw
    A Very Special Love Teaser 4 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=Qnbvpyyvc20
    A Very Special Love Teaser 5 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=QB7aYxDjWvQ
    A Very Special Love Teaser 6 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=8O-z5X9XOZs
    A Very Special Love Teaser 7 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=IptQiIJCIr0
    A Very Special Love Teaser 8 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=e0Ip3MOSxiQ

    mall tour vids thanks to the uploaders

    mall tour at SM Sta. Rosa
    by deapot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVXSpQZuJLM

    by lirapot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuXpduRjha4

    mall tour at Sta Lucia
    by missoutrigger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWgBAKDOz54
  • Sarah-lets sa EB Ow Eyt! (08)
    Date : Dec. 27, 2008, 4pm onwards
    Venue: Cubao area (specific details to follow po, para may element of surprise)


    sama na kayo! this is open to all Sarah supporters, may konting catch lang po. hehe! please register sa www.sarahgeronimo.com so you could reply to the EB thread upon enlisting/registering.

    and, deadline po ng pagpapa-enlist is July 25, 2008, sa bday ni sarah.

    kung may plans po kayong sumama, sure man or not, magpalista na po kayo para masaya! tengks!

    and, hingi po kami ng tulong nyo... paki-carry over po every so-number of pages para po malaman din ng ibang adiks na napapadaan dito. hehe!

    thanks guys! hope to see you there! Sarah-lets na!


    kaboks..pakidala po ito always sa next page!*okay*
  • Please Buy Original,Say No To Piracy!!


    Just Me Album
    produced by Mr.Christian de Walden under Viva Records


    With 16 All-Original Tracks featuring the carrier single “I’LL BE THERE"

    Song List:

    01. I’ll Be There (Featuring Howie Dorough)
    02. You’re The Love Of My Life
    03. Dahil Mahal Mo Ako
    04. Where Only Angels Fly
    05. Silence
    06. One Little Kiss
    07. I Belong To You
    08. Just Me
    09. Look Inside Ourselves
    10. Kahit Mahal Mo Ay Iba
    11. Played
    12. Sweet Memories
    13. I Am Falling
    14. What Have You Done To My Heart
    15. Remind Me To Forget You
    16. Movie Love

    just a sample of one of d song from d album
    Sarah @ SM Dasma:SILENCE

    Mr.Howie Dorough of BSB will be flying to Manila on September 23
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    Sept 28 JUST ME GRAND LAUNCHING @ Asap'08

    September 28 - SM MOA

    October 04 – SM Sta.Rosa

    October 12 – SM Fairview

    October 25 – SM Clark


    Sarah's 3rd Major Concert @ Araneta Coliseum on NOVEMBER 8 2008

    Sarah Geronimo: The Next One
    Araneta Coliseum
    November 8, 2008

    Concert Director:Mr.Johnny "Mr.M" Manahan
    Musical Director:Mr.Louie Ocampo
    Produced by: Viva Concerts & Events
    sure in the guests list Mr.John Lloyd Cruz

    Ticket prices are
    P3,150 for Patron A, P2,625 for Patron B, P2,100 for Lower Box,
    P1,250 for Upper Box (Reserved),P630 for Upper Box B and P315 for general Admission.
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  • sarahtf.jpg
    1. I’ll Be Alright
    2. Ikaw
    3. I’m Sorry
    4. Time to Let Go (feat. Mark Bautista)
    5. So
    6. Close to my Heart
    7. What If I
    8. Miss
    9. I’ll Be Here
    10. Mr. Deadma
    11. Kahit Na
    12. A Very Special Love

    Released: July 2007
    Label: Viva Records

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  • 08SEPT13.png


    Pop Viewer Choice Award 2008

    POP TS D

    POP FA A



    POP FP A


    POP MS A



    TO 2331 for Globe,TM and Sun Cellular subscribers
    231 for Smart and Talk n Text subcribers




    pakidala nlng poh sa next page para hindi matabunan...salamat poh...
  • Popster, newbies, anybody who likes [highlight]SARAH[/highlight] you can add your name on the list


    1. Chailee - (Rizal, Philippines, SG.com)
    2. Shenika - (Winnipeg, Canada)
    3. Abby - (San Diego Cali, SG.com)
    4. jhubel- (dubai,sg.com,pex)
    5. Kaye - (Ortigas Ctr, Pasig)
    6. Mara - (Cavite, Philippines, SG.com)
    7. Marshy - (San Miguel, Mla)
    8. Kyla - (Tondo, Manila)
    9. McKayla - (Miami, Florida, PEx)
    10. Juicy_Bebe/Aleli - (Athens, GA)
    11. Marie - (Texas!!!!)
    12. Vida - (Virginia, USA.)
    13. Mylene - ( Bulacan, Philippines)
    14. July - (Laguna, Philippines)
    15. Jamzel - (Vancouver B.C, Canada)
    16. Drummer_Girl/AIKA - (New York, US)
    17. ladyluck36 - (OC, California)
    18. imogen_25 - (Sampaloc Mla, PEX)
    19. chrz - (los angeles, CA)
    20. cassiiie - (Toronto, Canada, SG.com&PEX)
    21. ethelgandacute2 (dubai)
    22. marbie - (cebu, philippines, SG.COM)
    23. hotchx- (Quezon City)
    24. s_g_p - (FL, yu-es-ey, SG.com) di kasya yung gusto kong username, sayang! hehehe!
    25. zhane - [starosa Laguna-->sg.com]
    26. Tita Daze - (Canada)
    27. Jhopeng a.ka. sarahfanatic - (Caloocan, Philippines)
    28. Yvette/4ever_sarah - (Gapan, Nueva Ecija)
    29. prettygurl04 - (Ontario,California)
    30. dee - (Caloocan)
    31. proud_pinoii14 - (Carson, California)
    32. smgc87 - (Vancouver)
    33. brends_05 - (taguig city, sg.com)
    34. CHOLE - (Bohol Phil, adlc.com)
    35. tinay -chicknegg- (Chicago)
    36. Kim - (La Loma, Quezon City)
    37. Christine (Call) - (Caloocan, Philippines)
    38. Babyleigh - (Batangas, Philippines)
    39. small fry - (antipolo city, sg.com)
    40. Angie - (Vancouver, Canada)
    41. fats- (philadelphia, PA, sg.com)
    42. jbg (myraluzg/sg.com, Mindanao)
    43. daomingcai aka malou - (Quezon City,Philippines)
    44. Comolago/Yam - (Chicago, USA)
    45. Risse - (California, USA)
    46. ash_jheii823 - ( manila,philippines - sg.com )
    47. moana10/16-(oceanside CA. USA-sg.com)
    48. garnet_angel6 - (general santos city, philippines)
    49. sarazhette - (quezon city, philippines)
    50. AI OTOMO-(nottingham maryland u s of a! land of the rich and famous!)
    51. icecryst - (laguna, philippines)
    52. jo_ey_b - (California) sali rin ako
    53. genuine_13 (makati, philippines)
    54. Marrah_j07 aka MarrahJanine(Sampaloc/Zambales-sg.com, fms.co.nr)
    55. m_kay (winnipeg, canada)
    56. giannelle(cagayan,philippines)sali din ako!
    57. nieSpot aka asther_01 - (laguna, philippines)
    58. kulen02 - aka lgj02 (pasig, philippines, sg.com)
    59. stephanie - (Winnipeg, Canada)
    60. ajn - (singapore, sg.com) sali din me
    61. baybeeh_kaye - (melbz, australia) nasa sg.com ako hehehe
    62. misty_07 - (galing ako sa sg.com)
    63. saraze - (galing sg.com)
    64. sasha18 - (fr sg.com)
    65. Li_an2 - (sg.com din)
    66. pinkluver - [sg.com username=>yahoo!)]
    67. crazy18 - (riverside, CA)
    68. JoAnCuKs-(gifu,japan)sali din aq
    69. nivram - (Erikista, pero fan of Sarah too, noon pa!!!)
    70. Jake08 - (bacolod city, philippines) I LOVE YOU SARAH!!!
    71. deapot03 - (sg.com) deapot sa sg.com
    72. ofie_pot from sg.com po
    73. ~*RhaiNna13*~ (lucena city, PEx)
    74. kaize - (Kingdom of Bahrain)...sali din me kasi love ko si sarah : )
    75. prettybhea - a.k.a. ahzz from sg.com(esp.thanks to lhen!)*okay *
    76. jeams - fan of juday but a fan of sarah too
    77. ivy_cool269
    78. smallville14 - [para?aque]--also from sg.com with username "kaypee"
    79. Ax2 - (BC,Canada, SG.COM)
    80. M1ngM0ng (Seattle, WA sg.com...)
    81. potster-(alaminos city,sg.com)
    82. wats-(cavite, Philippines, sg.com) syempre ako din
    83. maeganpot (Pasig,Philippines, sg.com) count me in
    84. shean - (Caloocan,Philippines)-sg.com--ashean.......aq din poh.....habol....
    85. xXxmajo08xXx - (Caloocan,Philippines) sali aq jan!
    86. shielah -SAN PEDRO, LAGUNA from sg.com.. popster po me..sa wakas nakahabol po hehehhe
    87. cathy5-cathy.?(up diLiman,phiLippineS.)?
    88. leizel_devera ( marikina, Philippines)
    89. ADIKSYO - aka tinskie sa sg.com...ASHRIK ito... ESFO din....
    90. renz_reggy03- renz of SG.com & ESFO. ASHRIK din..
    91. Torontonian_Fan (Toronto, Canada) - same name sa SG.com tsaka sa youtube
    92. rach_bo03 - julie... emerald coast (florida)
    93. Sidney17 - VIP sa ilalim ng tulay
    94. TFC King - (JB - Florida)
    95. addymarie_2012-(erica-la,california)
    96. m_go_w78 (from LEYTE, now residing in ENGLAND )
    97. maynicole (sd, CA)
    98. le_zhatu
    99. star04 (makati, sg.com)
    100. joshzel---pwede ako pang 100th?
    101. bluester a.k.a. selle (sampaloc, manila)
    102. Superbrendy - (Vancouver,Canada)
    103. dec25apr3/5254
    104. moyas a.k.a mamavic
    105. Ira_tinnypot
    106. bro29 - aka tita Neng
    107. samielicious (Zurich, Switzerland)
    108. AngeLFromHeaven - (Vegas, NV)
    109. JORGIA - deevah ng Toronto, Canada :love :
    110. farah talabo (bato, leyte)
    111. dingz - ding/dngzky - cebu!
    112. Nowelle ([email protected], 4-year member of SG.com
    113. cristina- iligan city
    114. mamu nette
    115. kristeline
    116. francie09 >>> chichi sa SG.com
    117. chronicleMR - AUH, UAE (anne sa sg.com =D)
    118. ver0n_sg4ever == 4everSARAH sa SG.com (wisconsin, usa)
    119. brenda-brendafoxie-(quezon city)
    120. jona_popster>>>jonacutie sa SG.COM
    121. khuletz << philippines.. (bakit ba nalilimutan kong lagay pangalan ko dito)
    122. jayceglen - bohol, philippines
    123. mareluv - san diego, ca
    124. marie22 - USA, UK
    125. fp22cute
    126. truelovepj - California
    127. keisher--lucena,quezon
    128. ugly_pex
    129. marrah (alchie)-la,ca (favorite ko kasi sarah n mark kaya marrah...trip lang)
    130. mishu
    131. JoChelle ( just call me SHEELA)
    132. jeds_dyb
    133. hpkyle (just call me lhey)
    134. takingflight415 (april po me from las vegas, nv, usa)
    135. jammy_buji aka kramharas call me jam
    136. Ipodz5407- Just Call me MArk From Phoenix Az ( sg.com MArk15)
    137. mickeysaycon
    138. jietho - count me in (Manila, Philippines)
    139. Filo-Bby-13
    140. jmae (jmae from bacolod)
    141. joyceerica (ganun din po sa sg.com, from zambo city, philippines)
    142. ehmsash - (ehm from sd)
    143. SARAHela - (sali ko na sarili ko)
    144. lira mary - same din po sa sg.com
    145. celeste019 - celeste of sg.com
    146. idolgel
    147. AzN-Flip - *Angelo* sg.com AzN-Flip (Ontario, Canada)
    148. blindfooled - Andie
    149. erisse_satg17 --- terenz na lng pow from SG ashlloyd (australia)
    150. violeteyes/nhia- (new york)
    151. super_selosa
    152. dimples31-*ren*(Anaheim California)
    153. ljp.reyes Montreal, Canada
    154. jadette -manila
    155. ninayzzz
    156. leianne mae- mary jane of sg. com (pasig city)- newbie
    157. shem - iloilo
    158. issah09pink
    159. allysa-simplyallysa(ontario,canada)
    160. mitchiebee-quezon city
    161. toeberries111
    162. sarahbea-cavite,PH
    163. nhelle-pasali sa list!!
    164. midifanatic - prhey (tacloban)
    165. pinoypandesal
    166. maikkabarquez-mmnas(al ain,uae)
    167. Heartwearmer24-Oreo [California (: ]
    168. letsbehapi - IA, USA
    169. charmedgurlee aka tins - cavite, PH
    170. dianne_cdsp (Malabon,Philippines)
    171. adiethyst_16- cavite city
    172. mmnas-al ain,uae
    173 abelyn22 - "bhey"(tarlac..frm sg.com)
    174. akire8[erika]-TX, USA
    175. rainbowslashluv-Austria
    176. yeahgirl- (maraming place he he)
    177. kristine0209-(VAncouver,BC)
    178. sarahforever04-california,usa
    179. rane_santos - zamboanga city
    180. mitchywitch
    181. chenlijah- Laguna
    182. Darkcyde_07
    183. des113005 - (laguna , philippines)
    184. Honey Grace -
    185. taborits -
    186. memey -
    187. grace25
    188. sAvEr_4mahlyf17
    189. sarahforever04, california.usa
    190. carlabhe26
    191. oOSTiiLLOo
    192. apol -QC
    193. StephanErnst09 - TX, USA
    194. sinopa - canada
    195. meteor_jerry
    196. James?
    197. Ash_kel
    198. itzme - Houston, TX USA
    199. emerald27 (taguig city, sg.com)
    200. Bay-Area-Girl (California,USA)
    201. cheeneeta
    202. aprille_marpa
    203. sMASh_RockeR
    204. d0nky_11
    205. thethunderer01 (medical student)
    206. chekura
    207. fatima_7
    208. grace25
    209. jinayafer (manila)
    210. *sTar_2027*
    211. ray (manila)
    212. undying_youth
    213. HappeeA
    214. Akosi7596 - California, US
    215. sonatina7040
    216. sg4life95
    217. kapamilya2adik
    218. baby_shincay/pherasher -davao city
    219. ebings'k
    220. -deejoi-
    221. yhell83-bohol
    222. marivie
    223. aShErReTTe17
    224. reyn1016
    225. Gladdentana
    226. sweetuser
    227. ♥hearTBroken ♥ [shayne] =)
    228. beena_23
    229. cluelessvine
    230. cryptic_angel
    231. maying (manila)
    232. madet (laguna)
  • POPSTERS...feel free to add your names in the Popster's Bday List


    Jan 1 - Ninayzzz
    Jan 5 - Mamavic
    Jan 22 - misty_07
    Jan 30 - Jona

    Mar 14 - Ela
    Mar 22 - Mickey
    Mar 25 - Julz
    Mar 26 - renz_reggy03
    Mar 29 - leianne mae

    Apr 15 - April
    Apr 27 - star_2027

    May 12 - Marz
    May 22 - abelyn22
    May 23 - mamu nette

    June 1 - Madet
    June 21 - chenlijah
    June 25 - JoAnCuKs
    June 28 - ajn

    July 5 - July G****
    July 9 - ate T
    July 11 - sarahbea
    July 13 - Meant2b Sharay
    July 27 - donna

    Aug 1 - abby_08
    Aug 7 - garnet

    Sept 6 - vine
    Sept 16 - labko_sarah
    Sept 20 - Torontonian_Fan (Jae)
    Sept 21 - carlabhe26
    Sept 22 - asther_01
    Sept 24 - Reese

    Oct 10 - rane_santos
    Oct 13 - raina
    Oct 19 - Celeste
    Oct 20 - marieclaire_pot/marie

    Nov 5 - SHIELAH
    Nov 6 - shayne
    Nov 11 - joyceerica

    Dec 1 - cathy, bluester
    Dec 6 - ehmsash
    Dec 9 - jeds_dyb
    Dec 22 - wats
    Dec 23 - Ice
    Dec 29 - Sheanne
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