2009: Putting the CAMPUS back in your radio!

Yeah this is true!

Radio institutions John Hendrix and Triggerman are currently devoting their energies in working for the ressurrection of the Campus brand on the FM band.

This means that the format everybody loved since the 90's is INDEED coming back!

You heard it right! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (after it was been killed twice, the last one mercilessly), your official school of pop which puts the Campus back in your radio shall return!

Mark your calendars! 2009: the return of Campus in the airwaves! :bashful:


  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    What? Really? Excited ako diyan!

    BTW, siguradong 2 ex-Campus DJ's won't be coming back, sayang naman.
  • kariristakarirista Pasaway buster PExer
    I hope this piece of info is true...

    My best guess is if Campus does come back, most probably they'll be occupying a slot with an increment of 0.4 since the FM radio band is crowded already...or will they be the new occupants of 95.5 MHz ? (paging Richard Steele)
  • wee. sana nga totoo.
  • It's true guys, Triggerman and John are working on it so Campus could return in time for the UP Fair next year. So this said, Campus would be back on the air on the first quarter of 2009.

    Karirista is right on what he said, according to a friend of mine who is close to Triggerman, they're working with a well-known businessman so they could secure a license from the NTC to operate on a 0.4 frequency gap.

    On the two Campus DJ's who j5bata said may not be part of the all-new Campus Radio, Triggerman and John would be convincing them to return to where they all started. As far as I know, other DJ's who were part of the Campus family, namely May-Anne, Jaybee, Sophia, and Sparky, are sure locks in the all new Campus Air Force. :bashful:

    Mark your calendars boys and girls! 2009: the return of Campus in the airwaves!
  • stickerPROXYstickerPROXY And Your Bird Can Sing PExer
    May-anne and Sophia will return? Cool. I hope Leeza too.
  • j5bataj5bata There's also ONE BENILDE! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    and Dan the Man.
  • rhymerhyme radio_freak PExer
    May-Anne and Sophia? really now?
    now I'm getting more excited!
    keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Drahow ein EnteDrahow ein Ente twitter.com/htdee PExer
    no! leave papa dan at LS! talk to papa! hahahaha
  • no! leave papa dan at LS! talk to papa! hahahaha

    wee. WANTED SWEETHEART!~!! :lol:
  • rhymerhyme radio_freak PExer
    no! leave papa dan at LS! talk to papa! hahahaha

    TAMA! ayooosssshhh! :lol:
  • Admittedly I am very skeptical about this. But I won't spoil anybody's party.
  • ThCrrspndntThCrrspndnt nimdA yB dennaB PExer
    Two strikes na *peace*. The supposedly upcoming version better hit it out of the ballpark.
  • baby_rokr2baby_rokr2 Member PExer
    Nice nice nice. This is really great. Hinihintay ko talaga ito. Sana magtagal na ang isang ito. LOng Live Campus.

    Campus Campus Campus I can't wait.

    Love you guys specially Triggerman.
  • FrencherFrencher Member PExer
    Yeah! Kailan daw ang pagbubukas ng Campus?
  • baby_rokr2baby_rokr2 Member PExer
    Frencher wrote: »
    Yeah! Kailan daw ang pagbubukas ng Campus?

    Abangan nga sa 2009!:grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr::grrr:
  • Updates on the unstoppable return of the Campus:

    - According to my friend who's close with Triggerman, they have started to shop around for a playlist/songs which they would play on its return. They have also decided that they won't broadcast 24 hours initially.
    - Some of the programs are sure to return on the resurrection of Campus, such as "Top 20 at 12", "Other Peoples Music", "The Great Music Jam" and "So You Wanna Be A Star".
    - For the frequency, she mentioned that it has something to do with their plan of applying for a provisional permit with the NTC which is renewable every three months; thus it is highly possible that we get to hear Campus between two radio stations and with a 0.4 gap (for someone who's worrying about Campus taking over another station, no it won't happen anymore).
    - Joe Spinner has AGREED in principle to return to where he came from after John talked with him about the return of Campus; as well as Rick Stryker and Sophia who will be making their radio return through Campus. The Campus group is still open to talks with Jimmy Jam who may seem to be happy with his current job; and does intended to reserve a slot for either Master T and Braggy. They still have this one big radio personality in their radar (have not talked with him yet), and they have been talking with some Aircheckers from Batches 4 & 5 as well.

    Any more updates I will keep you posted.

    Mark your calendars boys and girls: 2009: Putting the CAMPUS back in your radio!
  • mistervadermistervader Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    This is news to me, but I'd be happy if this turns out to be true!

    EDIT: Got an SMS from John Hendrix just now. I-nteresting...
  • mistervadermistervader Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Before I post this, do realize that I'm merely the messenger. Don't shoot the messenger.

    Having said that, I was asked by John Hendrix to quote him on this, so here's the content of the text message he sent me (I edited some unnecessary parts out, though.):

    "Hahahaha yes, there are plans Marcelle. :) Campus didn't "die" a natural death as naysayers ... are wont to say. It was assassinated..."
  • sirloin_steaksirloin_steak Jump brother, jump brother! PExer

    been observing this thread...almost wanted to dismiss it as a hoax at the beginning, but having read through the latest buzz here...well, part of me is thinking na parang nakakapagod na 'ata, giving the campus format/brand a THIRD try on a new frequency...medyo skeptical na about bringing it all back...

    pero another part of me is hopeful that all these plans won't hit yet another snag...sana nga magkatotoo. :)
  • kariristakarirista Pasaway buster PExer
    "Hahahaha, yes there are plans, Marcelle! :) Campus didn't "die" a natural death, as naysayers and detractors are wont to say. It was assassinated by cowards. :) And we all know who those gutless traitors are, hehe."

    With that confirmation of an impending return of the Campus in the FM presets...sana nga tumagal na to. Am not skeptical this time around; even if it's an nth time makakabngon pa yan -- it's just a matter of getting the right people to run the show.

    Once again, the standing question remains: saang frequency kaya natin sila maririnig?

    I hope we see soulcages post here as well...the statement above is the first we may have heard from him following the Ill-Fated Thursday (8/14/08)
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