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Vegetarians shouldn't be christians. Is God an animal lover?

Can you love animals and be a vegetarian and be a christian knowing that God is not an animal lover?

Look at all the examples in the Bible of animal sacrifices and burnt offerings of animals, which God required from the Jews all the time. Does that look like an animal lover to you?


  • yuel0022yuel0022 Wandering Boy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^Well the "scripture" tells the people that everything in this world is His property. So animals don't have the right to protest anyway.

    If that really is the case.. hahaha!
  • lady mintlady mint Survivor PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Why discriminate vegetarians and non-vegetarians are all created equal by God..
    Christianity is not based not only in the Bible but by doing rightful way...
  • lady mintlady mint Survivor PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yuel0022 wrote: »
    If that really is the case.. hahaha!

    They offer animals as an offering because prior to the birth of Christianity paganism was their religion.... offering an animal is an important symbol for sacrifice...
  • SpongebuffySpongebuffy I stand on the ROCK! PExer
    I don't get your point. You have 2 contradicting statements. 1st you're telling us that vegetarians (those who don't eat meat) shouldn't eat meat. Why? Christianity is based on your relationship with God and not what you eat.

    Then your next statement is if God is an animal lover? Yes but being an animal lover doesn't mean that we cannot eat or give them as offerings. The offerings were done in the Old Testament. Now those types of sacrifices are no longer needed because the greatest sacrifice had been made, which is the blood of Jesus Christ. God owns everything and He has made it available and clean again after Jesus died.
  • taxo_ptaxo_p still learning PExer
    i am a vegetarian for two years now. i chose to be a vegetarian because i know that it is a healthier option. As a recognition of my submission to God, i choose to be healthier so i can serve him better. He did say that our bodies are his temple and that we should be living sacrifices for him. I keep my body healthy to keep my mind healthy. I can serve Him better if both mind and body is healthier.
    And no, i do not think you have to be vegetarian to serve God or to be saved.

    I do not want to judge those who choose vegetarianism because they believe it is absolute cruelty to kill animals. the fact is, a lot of cruelty to animals has been made so don't judge them for adopting that belief.
  • taxo_ptaxo_p still learning PExer
    God did ask for animal sacrifices. I can give you two reasons:

    1. it pointed the old testament believers to the future sacrifice Jesus would make to atone for their sins. They have to be reminded that the Messiah's death would pay for their sins.

    2. It reminds them of how horrible the price for sinning is. Would you want to continuously see animals dying because of your sins?

    When Jesus died on the cross, the curtain separating the holy place and most holy place of the temple was ripped from top to bottom. This is a proof that it was not a human who ripped it off since no one would climb up that place to rip it off while temple services were being conducted. This also signals that animal sacrifices as a practice should stop because the event it pointed to has already been fulfilled.

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