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Payments and Charges (Waiver and Reversal)

luvcmaruluvcmaru PExer
edited April 2020 in Banking and Finance

Ive seen my friend do it
ive heard people do it
is it true?
that if you threaten to cancell your credit card they can waive your annual fee without deducting your points?
or they can waive any charge they are charging you (ie replacement fee for lost card, finance charges, late fees etc...)


  • Not all banks will budge its a case per case basis. Citibank pinakamatigas they won't give a damn if you cancel your card basta they won't waive it. Basta ang sasabihin lang nila is the best they can do is deduct your points, pero beyond that they won't give it.
  • metropolitanmetropolitan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If you seldom use the credit card, maliit pa ang credit limit, palagi pang late magbayad the credit card company would be glad that you've decided to close your account. :D

    I don't know if this is still the practice but I know that in Citibank once you've decided to terminate a credit card account over the phone, the Citiphone banker will pass you to another person to ask why you're closing the card and may try to convince you not to close your account.
  • business_guybusiness_guy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Pag full ang bayad mo and on-time, they usually grant waiver of annual fee, pero kung di marunong mag bayad, they won't waive your annual fee....
  • sa hsbc, nagwewaive sila basta maganda records mo. call them few months before magdue yung annual fee mo at wala kang outstanding balance. sabihin mo gusto mo nang ipacut, pag tinanong ka kung bakit, tell them bihira mo namang gamitin at sayang ang annual fee. siguradong di ka nila papayagang icut yon at they will promise that they will waive the annual fee na lang. then get the agent's name and his/her agent code para may reference ka when the time comes.

    sa citibank pahirapan talaga dun. yun officemate ko sabi niya ipapacut na lang niya, sabi ba naman ng agent: "sige sir ipacut niyo pero bago nun, bayaran niyo muna yung annual fee."
  • nice so til now bastos pa din ang citi hehe...
  • froshie1froshie1 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    luvcmaru wrote: »

    Ive seen my friend do it
    ive heard people do it
    is it true?
    that if you threaten to cancell your credit card they can waive your annual fee without deducting your points?
    or they can waive any charge they are charging you (ie replacement fee for lost card, finance charges, late fees etc...)
    EXCEPT BPI daw =P

    Sa experience ko hindi lahat.

    I have 2 cards Citibank and HSBC. Lagi ko silang ginagamit.

    Sa Citibank matindi ang usage ko dito kaysa sa HSBC ko. Hindi ako bumababa ng 20k a month dito and sometimes nag 35k pa ako. All cards paid in full every month. Pero between the 2, HSBC lang ang mabait sa akin. Requirement lang nila sa akin gumastos ng 4k sa card ko sa buwan ng renewal ng annual fee.

    Citibank hindi ko naman mapa-cut kasi lahat ng bills ko sa bahay doon nakasakay. As Tidus said matigas sila. Hehehe. Plan ko dito tanggalin ang bills ko at isakay sila sa HSBC ko or sa isang card na nagcecarry ng miles ng Northwest Airlines. PAL kasi nag eexpire ang miles every 3 years.
  • lani31lani31 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Na-waive ko yung annual fee ko with Citibank last month without any problem. I just asked the citiphone officer if my annual fee can be waived tapos she checked something in the computer and then she said yes. Average usage ko monthly is around P20k and I always pay in full every month. Maybe it depends on your usage and how responsible you are in paying your dues on time. Or maybe mabait lang yung nakausap ko. :-)
  • ^Yup depende nga yan sa kausap. First time I called UnionBank to ask for my card's annual fee to be waived, matigas yung kausap ko at ayaw talaga pumayag. The following day, I called again and asked for my annual fee to be converted into installment, at sabi nung nakausap ko na customer service officer iwe-waive na lang daw nya.
  • knightinarmorknightinarmor PEx Rookie ⭐
    Meron pang specific way?

    Anong CC companies or products ang madalas napapa-waive?
  • Mag-ipon ka ng maraming reward points.
  • Call their customer service. If the account is retainable or in good standing usually they can waive the AMF.
  • based on feedbacks, pa-swertehan lang. meron din in good standing, good payer, and big spender na di nakakapag-waive while there are those na nakakalusot kahit di naman madalas ginagamit ang card. :rotflmao:
  • In my case, all I get is an annual "discount", eventhough I max out my credit limit almost all the time. I'm not even delinquent.
  • n7610n7610 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I have this problem about my Citi Visa Gold annual fee which will be charged on December 2008. I have not used the card for a long time since I am actively using my BPI Gold card instead (for obvious reasons). Now has anyone tried to request it via Citi PhoneBanking or Citi Online? I have insufficient rewards points but I believe I have good credit standing since I always pay my accounts in full.

    What did you say OR do to have it waived especially for Citi cardholders?

    I really do not like the responses given by Citi Online since it is really impersonal and purely "templated" responses.

    What specific course of action can you suggest regarding the matter?

  • Ang style kalimitan, ask them to TERMINATE your card because of the annual fee (just a bluff). They "might" offer to waive your annual fee just for you to keep your card. Yun nga lang, you would have to show something that you've been using their card often para ganahan silang i-waive yung annual fee mo. Otherwise, they might gladly just terminate your card anyway. :D
  • call the CSR of your CC if you are a candidate for a waived fee.
    i never paid any Annual / Monthly Membership Fee on CC.
  • BusilakBusilak PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    In my case, the annual fee for my Citibank Master Card was waived as follows:

    - 2006 - I said I would just terminate my account - the agent referred me to an officer who waived the fee, no requirements

    - 2007 - the officer said that they'd waive the fee if I would register my utilities (telephone, electricity) . I did

    -2008 - the officer said that they'd waive the fee if I'd agree to have online statements (no more printed statements sent to me) . I agreed.

    But I think in all cases they looked at my payment record (I always paid in full, on time) and my level of spending via their CC.
  • waw I always pay my annual fee, heheh, pero yun nga ang sikreto threaten to have it cut off and then poof your annual fee is waived! =)
  • may nakakapag-waive ba ng annual fee ng supplementary card sa citibank dito? i was able to have my principal card's annual fee waived but when i asked to have the supplementary cards' annual fees waived as well, they don't waive annual fees of supplementary cards daw. so pina-cancel ko ang supplementary cards ng visa ko and applied for supplementary cards ng citibank - mastercard. it arrived in 3 days. citibank pa rin. :rotflmao:
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