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Teresita takes center stage on October 1-5,2008

Provence France 1872 unfolds before our very eyes on the 1st of October 2008 at the University of Makati Grand Theatre. An inspiring musical opus, presented by AGHAM Theatre Company, the same group that brought you the highly successful original Filipino pop-rock opera "Sakdal" and the mythological fantasy "Alamat", is once again in the works with another moving piece.

Entitled "TERESITA", the musical play highlights the life and times of one of history's best loved saints, Saint Therese of Lisieux, France, also known as "Saint Therese of the Child Jesus" and "God's Little Flower". (In France, the Saint is known as Sainte Therese de l'Enfant - Jesus et de la Sainte Face).

With an all-original Filipino script, music and libretto, the play promises to inspire and impart the values and teachings of Saint Therese, who, at a very young age, taught us the purest form of love and sacrifice in a profound, personal level that supercedes "greatness". The purity of her heart and thoughts, as proven in her memoirs, published several years after her death at age 24, has inspired millions. Her selflessness and simplicity is what, ironically, catapulted her to greatness. In this light, she is also called "The Saint of Little Ways"

AGHAM's creative team painstakingly researched and studied the aspects of the setting and promises to present a well-polished and artistic production with a potent combination of sets and costumes, true to the times of Saint Therese. The music, also all original, transcends bounds of Filipino, French and otherwise, as the musical director and composer believes that music is universal. The clever direction employs a revolving stage that works well with parallelism and dramatic/ psychological time.

Involvement of other artistic groups of the University ensures this highly-anticipated presentation of its success: AMOR A BAILAR, and SING OUT MAKATI.

Written and directed by PATRICK JOSEL ALMADEN, working with the AGHAM pool of talents, actors, dancers and thespians of the University of Makati. Musical Direction,
Composition and arrangement by PAULO ALMADEN. Creative Director (costumes and make-up) AGNES MEDINA, Artistic Consultant (production design) OSLER LADIA, working with AGHAM Atelier Team and Art Nouveau. Technical and Stage Direction CHRIS NAVARRA. Lights Design by DENNIS CRUZ, Dance Direction/ Choreography by ARVIND MANDAR.

Other play dates: October 2, 3, 4 and 5 (2pm and 6pm).
Venue: University of Makati Grand Theatre

"Teresita" is brought to you by the City Government of Makati, Makati Social Welfare Department Elderly Program, University of Makati, Parish Pastoral Council, Veritas Magnificat, OVT Graphic Line Inc., Overcomer Hardware, Beaucharm, Powersource Lights and Audio System and the Arzobispado de Manila-His Eminence Cardinal Gaudencio B. Rosales.

This show is for the benefit of Monfort Missionaries and Santa Teresita Parish of West Rembo, Makati City.

For more information, reservation and bookings you may reach Sta.Teresita Parish numbers 881 5241 and look for Beth or thru 09293347080 and look for Shaun Rey Lunasco. You may also visit our website www.aghamtheatrecompany.multiply.com and www.teresitamusical.multiply.com. (Chris Navarra)
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