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What's a good brand of washing machine (local)?



  • rendakurendaku Member PExer
    Sharp: My old sharp 6kg both washer and spinner motors still working even after 15 years (backreading, i posted here in 2008). All sheet metal panels have corroded at the lower portion and been removed. Napamigay ko na yung machine pero I see it's still working ok. I have a new bigger Sharp machine mukhang mas tatagal ito kasi wala na yung sheet metal body, plastic na ngayon so wala nang kakalawangin.
  • AnneleiaAnneleia Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    first washing machine namin was Singer ang brand, kaso wala na. kakabili lang namin ng husband ko ng wm, Sanyo ang tatak. I hope hindi agad masira. hehehe.
  • Aranda_Bay wrote: »
    Im currently evaluating and gathering feedback on the ff twin tub (top loading) washing machine brands:

    1. 3D
    2. Sharp
    3. LG
    4. Whirlpool
    5. Panasonic
    6. Samsung

    The last we had was a twin tub Whirlpool. Less than a year nasira na and it kept conking out a few months after every repair.

    Sharp and Panasonic tested na yan pagdating sa mga washing machine
  • JigglesIVJigglesIV Member PExer
    I bought my new sharp washing machine in Anson Ortigas (17,400 php in cash) last week. It is Fully Automatic, what you're going to need is to set a program then hit start and after the time being set to you're laundry you can pick it. It uses less space and ideal for condominium, you don't need to worry about the water consumption because it use less water compared with other brand like Panasonic, LG, Samsung etc for their top load. I'm not sure about electric consumption because I'm not yet received my Meralco bill but I think it is consume less electricity due to the operation of it washing. It is not like with the common old top load washing machine that can continues spin even not yet properly set the proper configuration. Most of my friend enjoy Front load because it is much less space but the problem is the door because the common problem is the rubber inside the door will broke and water comes out and lay to your floor (LG and Electrolux brand as their comment). The good thing in top load it will not happened. I enjoy most of the good benefits to my new Sharp Washing machine and below are the list of their features.

    Features of ESN95MP

    � Super Aquomagic
    � Ag+ Device
    � Voice navigation
    � Ag + double pulsator
    � Stainless holeless tub
    � Water level indicator
    � LED digit
    � Spin air dry
    � Manual setting
    � Auto restart

    Standard Water Volume (L) 98
    Net Weight (Kg) 8 (12-49)
    Cycle Time (min) 57
    Spin Dry Speed (rpm) 800
    Detergen Dispenser Yes
    Softer Dispenser Yes
    Lint Filter Yes
    Child Proof Mode Yes
    Capacity (Kg) 9.5
    Wash Program Normal, Wool/Silk, Jeans, Blanket, Speedy, Delicate, Soak, Reserve (9h), Eco
    Outer Cabinet Transparent Blue
    Washing Tub Transparent Blue
    Outer dimension W x H x D (mm) 604 x 950 x 678
    Spin Dry Turbo (90 mins)

    Holeless & Stainless Steel Inner Tub Neutralizes Bacteria

    Anti-bacteria silver Ion Holeless Inner Tub Double Protection
    In convention tub with 'holes', the inner and outer tubs are filled with water and this induces mold and bacteria growth. Sharp's holeless stainless teel tub prevents growth of mold and bacteria and with Silver (Ag+) ion technology further reduces the growth of mold and bacteria on the inner tub.
    Anti-bacteria silver Ion Holeless Inner Tub Double Protection

    Saves water and energy, protects the environment
    With Sharp's holeless steel inner tub, water is only present in the inner tub and does not flow to the outer tub. This helps to conserve water and minimize detergent usage.
    Saves water and energy, protects the environment

    No damage to clothes during washing
    Sharp's holeless steel inner tub eliminates problems caused by centrifugal friction during washing and rising. Clothes do not go out of shape.
    No damage to clothes during washing

    Super Aquamagic

    Super AquamagicA special built-in tub filters out rust, sediment, sand and other impurities from the water, thus enabling clothes to be washed cleaner and more thoroughly. Even white shirts retain their 'whiteness'!
    Super Aquamagic
    Silver Ion Washing Method

    Voice NavigatorNo more smelly clothes - Ag+ ions protect clothing against bacteria and unpleasant odors. This technology has been proven to be so effective that even stubborn bacteria that causes odors in socks is neutralized. As a result, you can be assured of clean smelling clothes always.

    Ag+ (Silver Ion) Device
    Water inlet are fixed with two pure silver electronic plate ion devices. At the last washing cycle, a small quantity of electricity passes through the teo electronic plates and produces silver ions. These ions form a protective layer which prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.
    Ag+ (Silver Ion) Device

    The silver ions play a key role in neutralizing bacteria
    The ions surround the bacterial cell membrane and inactivates the bacteria cell. Hence orders and smells are removed from the onset.
    Ag+ (Silver Ion) Device

    Silver ions ensure cleaner clothes
    Ag+ (silver ion) anti-bacteria action
    Silver Ion Washing Method

    3D Wave

    3D WaveThe rotation of the pulsators creates 3 dimension wave water movement (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) which help remove dirt thoroughly with every wash.
    3D Wave
    Voice Navigator

    Voice NavigatorBuilt-in "voice navi" aids in the washing process by detecting errors in the operation process. The one-touch/start button makes this process simple, convenient and fun to use.
    Double Pulsator

    Double PulsatorThe new Double Pulsator system works up greater 'washing power' to clean clothes super-effectively, at the some time keeping clothes tangle-free and fresh smelling! *only for model ESN95MMA and ESN85LMG
    Fuzzy Logic Control Washing

    Fuzzy Logic Control WashingSensors automatically determine the wash load and type of fabric. Fuzzy logic selects the optimum wash program from all setting and mode combination to obtain consistent results regardless of washing volume.
    Soak Wash

    Soak WashPre-wash soaking so that the detergent can loosen dirt and dissolve stains for sparkling clean results. Ideal for heavily-soiled items, stubborn dirt and stains.
    Spin Air Dry

    Spin Air DryStrong gust of air is circulated after the final wash leaving the clothes almost dry thus saving drying time. With this feature you cano now dry your clothes indoor minus the damp smell. All this with the touch of a button.

    EcoAutomatically determines the volume of water. With Eco Wash you save water up to 20% plus another 30% with the holeless stainless tub.
    Aero Dry

    Aero DrySemi-drying system by difference of air pressure. The air current flown in gives 61.5% of dry efficiency. This makes laundry dry 2 hours quicker. Drum-dry function prevents the washtub from growing fungi and bacteria by eliminating water from tub after using the washing machine.

    I hope this can help to the person looking for the nice washing machine.
  • JigglesIVJigglesIV Member PExer
    Tanong ko lang po kung sino na nakagamit ng mga Front Load Dryer?

    Yung Sharp Washing Machine ko kasi is equip with dryer na but not 100% dry kailangan mo parin patuyuin ng konte pero the good things is hindi sya ganoon ka lukot-lukot. Pagpag mo lang bago isampay at ok's na sya.

    I'm planning to buy new front load dryer equip with heater.

    Yong brand na pinagpipilian ko are
    1. American Home
    2. Whirlpool
    3. Electrolux

    Hindi ko na pinili yung LG kasi may nakausap ako sa taga SM MegaMall na hindi sya carry ni SM kasi mahirap daw yung parts nya yung LG Condenser type. nag agree ako kasi nakausap ko rin si Western kaya daw sila walang LG na brand ksi mahirap at matagal daw yung replacement ng pyesa nila not sure because I don't have LG appliances. Most of my appliances is Sharp and American Home ok naman sila so far wala pa ako nasisira na appliances mag Three years ko na sila gamit.

    Concern ko is yung medyo matipid sa kuryente kasi most of the heater type is talagang malakas yan sa kuryente. I talk with some folks and they don't recommend Electrolux Dryer kasi matagal daw matuyu yung damit mo dahil meron silang exhaust fan kaya yung heat is nababawasan saka malakas daw subra sa kuryente bali yung option ko nlang is American Home at Whirlpool.

    Please advice **** sa mga naka gamit na dito...

    Thanks in advance...
  • jerrell_777jerrell_777 Member PExer
    Up ko lang po: Anyone had good /bad experiences with a Fujidenzo single tub washing machine? Unfortunately there are no reviews on the net (probably because it's an unknown brand). I am looking to replace our 16 year old but still working National (Panasonic) washing machine since its body is already badly corroded.

    My first choice is still a Panasonic of course but am looking for alternatives because of its size (a bit bulky for our limited laundry space) until I saw this Fujidenzo which seems to fit perfectly. According to the salesperson, Fujidenzo is "Japanese technology" and its distributor also carries Whirlpool and Maytag brands. TIA!
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    we have two twin tub washing machines: a 25yr national 6kg and a 7yr old panasonic 6kg. strangely, the motor of the older unit is stronger. our national washing machine was only sent once to the repair shop when it dryer got clogged. the culprit was a sock fell inside the bin and got entanngle with the spinner.
  • mepooooomepooooo Member PExer
    My own is Whirlpool. I have it for more than 10 years. I have no problems. It it repaired only once and it was due to mud water, not problems with the washing machine.
  • fossil7fossil7 fossile sept PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yung LG sa inlaw's ko, 15yrs old na, and still kicking. yung whirlpool naman namin 8yrs na and automatic pa rin. :D:naughty:
  • rationalistrationalist Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    maganda ba yung mga washing machine na may mga features na fuzzy logic ek-ek? Thanks!
  • bharubzbharubz Member PExer
    im planning to buy a washing machine.. any suggestions kung anong brand ang maganda? sa nabasa ko dito.. National, Panasonic and Sharp ang recommended.. Any Update on others brands? thanks
  • misswebdevmisswebdev Member PExer
    I bought a washing machine 2 months ago, yung 5.8kg. I'm just wondering ilang clothes ba ang load na kaya ng 5.8kg? Nahihinaan kasi ako sa WM ko parang di nakakalinis, or baka kasi naooverload ko lang ng clothes. Nasanay kasi ako sa WM ng parents ko yung 7.5kg National Panasonic which we've been using for more than 15years, na kung iikot, malakas talaga, kahit na feeling ko naooverload na siya.
  • strider8strider8 Member PExer
    okay ba mag fully automatic na washing machine compared sa usual twin tub(washer and dryer tama ba?) hindi ba madaling masira mga ganito and hindi ba malakas sa kuryente?

  • avidavid Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    a fully automatic washing machine does everything for you in one drum. no need to check it every so often if it's done washing your clothes so you could put it in the spin dryer compartment...

    always remember not to overload the machine and always check if the pockets are empty to avoid shortening the life span of your machine -- whether it's a fully automatic or a semi-automatic (twin tub) one.
  • g0dg0d Bow Unto Thee PExer
    Anyone know if ultra-compact washers like this are available locally:

    Panda Compact Washing Machine - Amazon

    I just need something to wash delicates - underwear and socks lang.

    It's about USD $89.00 on Amazon before taxes - I think I can probably have it shipped to Manila via Johnny Air for about PhP 7K, all-in. I get to save some space (important for me, since I live in a small 30sqm apartment), and water too.

    I've seen the Wonder Wash as well, but I think I prefer something electronic.

  • chinchiririnchinchiririn Member PExer
    When it comes to washing machines, Whirlpool talaga is the best brand. #1 nga sila dyan e world wide.
  • Have used daewoo 6 years. Sharp 10 years. Samsung wala pa 1 year board na sira buti under warranty, then this year 4 years nasira 2 switch cost 2600, motor pinalitan kc wala pa 5 years (5-year warranty motor nila) then wala pa 2 weeks siraan naman, board naman daw which will cost me 3500.... Wag nalang kakagastos ko Lang ng 2600 tapos 3500 naman, dapat nga d ko nalang pinapalitan yung switch at bumili nalang ako ng bago. ***** I will buy whirlpool or sharp uli. Please NO to samsung pinaka mabilis masira swerte ka Kung nasa warranty eh Kung wala mabutas bulsa mo, check up fee 350 (though deductible pag nag decide ka umorder ng parts at pa replace sa kanila)
  • QueenCerseiQueenCersei Administrator PExer
    I've been using our Sharp 9 kg fully automatic washing machine for more than 8 years already - never pa sya nasira. And to think hindi ko sya pinapa-maintenance check at very heavy use yan - halos every other day umaandar. Pati kumot saka towels saka bedsheets and even smaller comforters at rugs pinalalabhan ko sa kanya.

    Totoo ba na mas malakas sa kuryente at tubig yun side-load na washing machines? We are thinking of getting another unit na may dryer capacity kasi.

  • Pao|oPao|o Foodie PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    If you are planning to use your washing machine for at least 10 years you may want to consider a water-efficient and power-efficient front loading inverter washing machine.

    Brands like Samsung and LG sell these locally.

    Yes, these models are 2-3x more expensive than a top loading or twin tub but if you save on 2/3rds the water needed and 50% of the power over 10 years then I think it is worth the expense.
  • Tinaaa78Tinaaa78 Member PExer
    Any reviews on union labamatic 7.5kg washing machine?

    They say local is better coz of parts madali magawa if need repair and parts easy to find..
    Union has warranty on parts and motor unlike others parts Lang.

    Same Lang daw lahat ng mechanism ng Panasonic, fujidenzo, sharp. And you are paying for the brand Lang.

    Appreciate your feedback.


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