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CHARICE - 2nd time in OPRAH!



  • what will happen?

    an entire show for CHARICE in OPRAH? OMG! whooooaa!

    will it be like, she'll have a US CD? or officially they will give her a recording contract, or what?

    geez this is really BIG!

    im a big regine fan, but then, after watching charice when she's like 10 years old, i know she's the only singer who can actually sing in the level of Regine! much more! making it really big! i hope this will continue.

  • last time when simon cowell introduced to the world her talent leona lewis in OPRAH, her hits became number 1 and instantly became popular...

    and now, in OPRAH, i bet DAvid Foster will introduce to the world CHARICE, i dunno what will happen, but then if this girl will continue... will have a CD. and will have a great song.. she will become like Leona Lewis with immense talent, back up from OPRAH, David Foster and his artists. a nice song will just do her and thats it!

    an instant FILIPINO singer in hollywood!

    nice job charice!

    i hope this will continue.

  • iyong mga pangarap ng ibang singers sa pinas na mangyari sa mga careers nila....

    natutupad na because of Charice! sana magtuloy tuloy na rin sa ibang singers....

    if Regine conquered ASIA! (Triple Platinum records in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia --double platinum records in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines -- Gold Vietnam

    BIlly crawford - success in france and other parts of europe

    sana CHARICE will conquer the US and the world! *okay*
  • jayjay09jayjay09 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Good Luck and God Bless Charice.

    Filipino represent!!!
  • wow... i'm sure a lot of people are going to be tuned in. she's going to be shown the day after the season premiere with the olympians. big lead-in (is that how you call it?) kumbaga. :D
  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wow good for her....balita ko lang eh lumalaki na ata ulo niya...hope that's not true though
  • naks naman Charice goodluck *okay*
  • Wow! She definitely deserves it after how ABS-CBN treated her.
  • 2 days na lang to!
  • orangepink wrote: »
    wow good for her....balita ko lang eh lumalaki na ata ulo niya...hope that's not true though

    siguro na mimisinterpret lang sya ng iba.
    ganyan ang iba sa atin.
    pag sumikat.. sasabihang mayabang na,
    pag yumaman.. sasabihang mayabang na din
    pag natalo.. sasabihin dinaya
    lumaki man siguro ulo nya(i hope not literally:lol:), it's because she really has something to brag about.
  • i was surprised when i saw the commercial for it. me and my friend were like "what? the whole show is for her!"

    im gonna watch. i heard that the oprah show followed her to the philippines and visited her hometown. parang "a day in the life.." ganun.

    and nice spot to air this! the day after all the olympians!!
  • ooooooooohhhhhhh



    so happy for charice :)

    Hi BC Jecca and ghst :wave:
  • jo24jo24 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Wow, an endorsement from THE Oprah! Congrats Charice!!!!!
  • smartysmarty PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ang lakas talaga ni david foster kay oprah...
  • kelan na 'to ipapalabas? i'd like to watch this...
  • blue crush wrote: »
    kelan na 'to ipapalabas? i'd like to watch this...

    sa states- this TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 9 *okay*


    hi BC Mish!
  • ang lakas nga ni david foster kay oprah! heheh

    parang live ito sa tuesday sa US ah!
  • sheht ngayon na??? or mamaya?

    GA:ING naman!

    Sana sumunod sa kanya si SARAH G... si Sarah kahit hndi kasing lawak ang vocal range nya kay CHARCE, sha pinaka-versatile na singer na narinig ko (kayang iba-iabng genre at naiiba nya boses nya), at maganda naman sha, tsak proportional ang katawan (NOT that charice's body is not ha - sana lang tumangkad pa si charice, pero kahit hindi ok lang rin, kasi charming naman sha tsaka CUTE parang si ramielle)
  • jaypogijaypogi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    bukas na!!!! gising mga people!
  • for US time it's 3-4 pm tomorrow
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