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Need help in deciding - Pls rank: Escape, Tribute, X-trail

I am now choosing among the following 4x2 A/T models: Ford Escape 2.3L (2009 model), Mazda Tribute 2.3L, and Nissan X-trail (2008 model).

Please help me decide by ranking based on each of the following criteria:

1. Riding Comfort (i.e. soft ride or matagtag?)
2. Interior
3. Exterior
4. Fuel Economy
5. Resale Value



  • resale value == all those have low resale values

    anyway from what you have on the list: X trail >>> Escape == Tribute.

    but if you add the CRV into the equation:

    CRV >>>>>>>>> X trail >>> Escape == Tribute.


    the 2.0 Liter crv @ 1.2M is a pretty good buy.
  • gonefishing
    gonefishing Banned by Admin

    rather than the CRV just get the Mitsubishi outlander
  • Why what's with the X-trail that makes it better than tribute and escape?
  • ^ well the simple fact that both the escape and the tribute carry the FORD badge, they automatically lose all kinds of points.

    seriously, the reliability of the Nissan will be better than the Ford/ Mazda.

    the tribute and the escape are ONE AnD THE SAME VEHICLE, btw.
  • dm11 wrote: »
    Why what's with the X-trail that makes it better than tribute and escape?

    I own a nissan x trail diesel 2008, I shall say its better than tribute/escape since it is more fuel efficient it only runs 6.0L/100 km, stronger engine and bigger space. In addition it comes with bigger sunroof, heated leather seats, electronic adjustment of the chair and it comes with brilliant climate control.

    The second csuv that I consider worth buying is the VW Tiguan or Jeep patriot.
  • ^ all models you speak of are not available locally. hence you failed @ your try of helping out.
  • harry_gucc
    harry_gucc Animo-Arriba
    Tucson? :D
  • harry_gucc
    harry_gucc Animo-Arriba
    Ang gastos sa gas lahat ng kotse na pinost dito haha. I'd go for a Tucson kung csuv lang din.
  • I actually considered the Tucson, however, I don't really like how it looks...
  • kimo1110
    kimo1110 break ur f**n face tonight
    Magkakalayo kasi mga choices mo, obvious na mas maganda ang escape sa xtrail, sa presyo palang.. Hindi ko pa narining ung tribute pero sa nakita ko sa pix pangit din. Depende kasi yan sa budget mo, nasa pinas kaba? Nung ako bumili ng sasakyan ang pinagpiliian ko CRV, Rav4, Edge or Qashqai. Kung mas malaki pa budget ko ang pagpipilian ko nmn either Pathfinder, Prado, Explorer,or Acadia. Pero kung maliit nmn ang budget ko pero gusto ko para sa SUV ang pagpipilian ko eh, Tucson or Sportage. Nakabili ako Qashqai dahil narin sa sobrang ganda ng features, pero nanghinayang din ako dahil kalalabas lng ng GMC Terrain..

    Tska pala mawalawala na ung Xtrail, magcconcentrate na sila sa xtierra..
  • harry_gucc
    harry_gucc Animo-Arriba
    Ford Escape sana kung diesel. Sana i DuraTorq din nila yung engine para tipid sa gas. Ang okay sa Ford eh, pwede mo i trade-in yung kotse mo sa dealer mismo pag may lumabas na bagong model tapos dagdag ka nalang ng konti hehe.
  • how about the new Montero Sport? yaw mo consider?
    matipid pa sa diesel yun.

    "pwede mo i trade-in yung kotse mo sa dealer mismo pag may lumabas na bagong model tapos dagdag ka nalang ng konti hehe"

    Trading In: the best way to lose money. ?
  • kimo1110
    kimo1110 break ur f**n face tonight
    Kung fuel efficiency lng edi mag Ford Escape Hybrid or Mazda Tribute Hybrid or Mercury Mariner kana, yan ang pinaka matipid sa lahat..
  • ^ Please stop with the Rubbish. No such things in the streets of Metro Manila.. well only a few maybe from the black market.
  • letsrockandroll
    letsrockandroll Pexer since '05
    for the same price, just go get either the 2008 4x4 CRDi Tucson (SU), the 2007 Honda CR-V 4x2 or even the 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander 4x2..

    Sportage is also a must buy. lalo na yung 4x4 nila (ewan ko lang kung SU rin ito)
  • Trading In: the best way to lose money. ?

    how? :confused:
  • if it is a must to choose bet. those 3, then i'd probably choose the x-trail if only because i read recently that nissan upgraded it's version recently. but i have to say, all 3 look old to me.

    can't comment on the ride since i've only been on an escape (quite comfortable). but expect the rides between this and the tribute to be almost the same since they were built on the same platform. count on the tribute to have a stiffer ride though on account of their sporting pretentions.

    imho, interiors are more bland for the escape vs. the other two.

    fuel economy should probably be inversely proportional to the size of their engine.

    and resale value should be almost the same for all 3.

    let me end by adding, in the same price point, why not indeed consider the crv. you've mentioned that you didn't find the tucson
    attractive. do you think the same of the crv?
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    i'd have to agree with tanski. those three are really old platform. especially the escape. i'd love to recommend the CRV.
  • letsrockandroll
    letsrockandroll Pexer since '05
    may nabasa ako one time, there is something "worng" with the design of the CR-V. parang may kakaiba eh (butiki inspired design from a different perspective or view) (no offense meant for CR-V owners here ;) ) hehe..

    pero the interior of the Honda CR-V is a two thumbs up. the high resale value of the Honda CR-V is also a BIG Plus +++. lalo na if you're thinking of changing your car for almost every 3 to 4 years.

    Does the 2008 4x4 Honda CR-V equipped with a 7 seven SRS airbag system?or dual lang?
  • " Originally Posted by BeerhandBop View Post
    Trading In: the best way to lose money. ?
    how? "

    it is common knowledge for anybody who has some bit of business sense in him. no need to explain how.
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