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question regarding graduation...

Hi there... I'm an ID 107 student... I know that I still have a year to go til graduation... i just have a question.

How do they determine who graduates with honors and latin honors? I mean what do they compute? CGPA? GPA for that term? I know that you need 3.0 for with honors, 3.4 for cum laude, 3.6 for magna cum laude and 3.8 for summa cum laude. pero ano yung gagawin nilang basis?

Thanks for those who will explain this to me. :)


  • keenerkeener Moneymaker PExer
    CGPA is the basis...

    no grade lower than 2.0
  • hpfreak262004hpfreak262004 Member ✭✭
    CGPA for that year? eh pano kung 3 years, 1 term lang ako? yung CGPA ng 1 term na yun ang gagawing basis? so sorry if I have so many questions. thanks for the reply keener. :)
  • 104xxxxx104xxxxx Member PExer
    ^ i think she meant CGPA, yung average ng GPA mo during your entire stay.
  • guest_1110guest_1110 Member PExer
    ID 105 ako.

    In our case, CGPA OVERALL yung basis. Ok lang din na may grade lower than 2.0 as long as you have no 0.0.
  • ahh... naintindihan ko na. ang understanding ko kasi dati, ang CGPA, kapag tapos na ang isang school year, back to 0 ulit. hindi pala. CGPA pala is average ng buong stay mo sa lasalle. ok. i understand now. thanks. :)

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