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Having lost the Sword of Light in the previous battle, Lina and Gourry continue their journey in search of a replacement weapon. On the way, the two of them meet up with Amelia and Zelgadis in the kingdom of Luvinagard while taunting some pirates. Lina is happy to reunite with her old friends, but appearing before her is Luvinagard's Inspector of the Special Investigative Unit; a man called Wizer. However, Lina is amazed at his unusual behavior...


  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ang tagal ng mga new episodes!!!
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    episode 10 is out
    si Rezo
    nag-ala Magical Girl yung maniquin na yan
    sa wakas, si Gourry, nakagamit uli siya nang Espada nang Liwanag
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    episode 11 is out
  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    san pwedeng makanuod?
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    panoorin mo na lang Online... di puwede sa Crunchyroll, kasi licensed doon...try youtube....
  • license na sa halted na yung distribution

    pati nabari no ou, kaya pala last week eh walang release of episode 20, both from rumi fan sub and conclave ata but another fansub group suddenly popped out so i do have episode 20, sana tapusin nila yung release since 26 eps lang naman tong nabari
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Ep.11 sypnosis
    With Zanafar fully resurrected after absorbing Gioconda, Lina and the others find out that the silver beast obtained all her knowledge and experiences too, allowing it to speak. While Ducuris finds such a punishment befitting of Gioconda, the others refuse to sit idly while Zanafar is revived. When all regular spells fail, Lina unleashes a Dragon Slave, which destroys the entire town, but leaves Zanafar unscathed due to its inherit anti-magic characteristic. Pokota however suspects that Zanafar’s soul is hidden in the Astral plane and attempts to attack with the beast’s only weakness—the Sword of Light. Unfortunately, the replica blade runs out of power momentarily, allowing Zanafar to attack back before deciding to leave.
    Ducuris then leaves as well, and is surprised that Xellos has decided to accompany him. Claiming that the Mazoku have an interest in Zanafar as well, Xellos adds that they don’t want to see the beast spawn more of its kind. Hearing this, Ducuris tells Xellos to do as he pleases, but in return, to allow him to do so as well. Meanwhile, Lina and the others are feasting on a meal and recall a legendary story about Zanafar being killed by the Sword of Light after it destroyed the magical city of Sairaag. Pokota however says that’s just how the story was passed down and that Zanafar was only sealed away, before pointing out that they only have a replica here. Feeling that’s all they have to go on, Lina decides to let the replica Sword of Light recover its power before fighting Zanafar again, which Weiser adds is their responsibility anyway after killing Gioconda. Naturally, Lina’s not happy about being blamed for it, but can’t say much when Weiser reminds her of the town she just leveled with her Dragon Slave.
    That night, Pokota has a nightmare about the epidemic, making him wonder when Ducuris went astray from their efforts to save Taforashia. Elsewhere at another city Zanafar just destroyed, Ducuris points out how the silver beast absorbs humans and continues to grow, prompting Xellos to explain that destruction and massacre is its true nature. Hearing this, Ducuris is reminded of the epidemic and feels that this is retribution he was hoping for. The next morning, word of Brocora’s destruction reaches Weiser, Lina et al., making them suspect that it was Zanafar. Meanwhile, Ducuris approaches Zanafar explaining that he was the one that revived the beast and proposes a deal with it. In exchange for helping him destroy cities and letting people experience the same despair that Taforashia did, Ducuris agrees to help Zanafar find more humans to absorb and spawn more of its kind. Xellos however mentions that this is exactly what he wanted to avoid, but allows Ducuris to do as he pleases.
    The destruction of neighboring countries soon commences, with Xellos wondering why Ducuris is going to lengths to spread despair when Gioconda was the one that seized Taforashia’s relief supplies. Ducuris however feels it’s the same thing because none of them confirmed that the supplies arrived, not even the self-proclaimed Kingdom of Justice, Seyruun. Chasing after Zanafar, Lina and the others note how three cities have already been destroyed in a matter of days, after which Zelgadis notices that the beast has grown. With everyone realizing that they won’t be able to stop Zanafar even if they catch up to it, Lina thinks that Weiser has a plan, but soon finds out that he doesn’t have the slightest idea. Camped out for the night, Pokota tries to slip away unnoticed to avoid dragging the others into this any further, but Lina stops him wondering why he’s worrying about this now. As prince of Taforashia, she suggests that he use the best means to try and defeat Zanafar, so Pokota kindly asks everyone for their assistance, which they gladly agree to. However, Lina says they’re going to leave Ducuris up to him.
    Talking things over, Pokota explains how the relief supplies never arrived and that Ducuris despises the other countries for this. While Zelgadis brings up that this was Gioconda’s doing, Weiser points out that the other countries didn’t do anything even after they found that out and only sent relief supplies once to uphold their countries’ prestige. Feeling that Taforashia was abandoned, Amelia is shocked to find out that Seyruun was also one of the countries that did the same thing, so she apologizes to Pokota. Weiser however bears responsibility as well, and swears on his reputation as an inspector to put a stop to Ducuris. With everyone motivated, they’re still at a loss for where Zanafar is headed, but the Sword of Light starts reacting and emits a beam of light in Seyruun’s direction.
    Zanafar, nabuhay uli
    gagamitin uli ni Lina yung Dragon Slave
    si Pokota, gagamitin sana yung Espada nang Liwanag, pero wa-epek muna
    Kainan na.... huling hapunan nila
    Massive Epidemic
    gising na sila, malamang ang quote ni Gourry eh "Lina, Kakain na ba?"
    si Rezo uli
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ep.12 is out, malapit na yata sa final episode....
    With Ducuris and Zanafar beginning their attack on Seyruun, Lina, Amelia, and the others arrive just in time to rally the troops and help out. Surprisingly, Ducuris decides to retreat shortly afterwards, which Zanafar is originally against since he doesn’t fear the Sword of Light, but agrees to do so. Seeing this, Pokota tells Lina and the others to go after them, but quickly finds out that everyone’s starving after rushing all the way here. After a long-winded introduction to Sylphiel, Weiser updates Prince Phil and the Seyruun council about Zanafar’s impending attack on Seyruun.
    Meanwhile, Lina and Gourry are stuffing themselves to recharge, but finally stop for a moment to inform Sylphiel that it’s the legendary evil beast Zanafar that they’re up against. While she’s scared to hear this, the Seyruun council is blaming Ruvinagald for bringing the beast here and starts passing the blame around. Pokota then arrives, introduces himself to Phil and the others, and asks for their help on behalf of Taforashia. Naturally, everyone doubts his identity believing that Taforashia was annihilated long ago, but Pokota tells them otherwise, saying he’s living proof. Claiming he’s here to bear the responsibility for helping resurrect Zanafar, Pokota stresses that they need to defeat the beast, but everyone questions if they can even do that. Having heard enough of his council’s refusal to help, Phil tells everyone that they need to defeat Zanafar to protect the lives of everybody in the world. He then apologizes to Pokota for not helping Taforashia during the epidemic, but swears he’ll do whatever it takes to help defeat Zanafar. Lina and the others then arrive, offering their services as well, before heading out to engage the beast.
    Using the Sword of Light, they eventually locate Ducuris, who claims he’s doing this to see how the world has changed in regards to helping others. Zanafar then appears from beneath the ground, shocking everyone with how large it’s grown. Surprisingly, the beast reveals that it’s interested in absorbing Lina, after taking notice to Gioconda’s memories of her spells. During this time, Phil continues to coordinate the evacuation of the civilians, while Lina and the others try to keep Zanafar preoccupied. With Pokota unable to land a blow with the imitation Sword of Light, Lina suggests letting Gourry use it, so Pokota hands it over to him and supports him with magic. With the Sword of Light in hand, Gourry is able to inflict some damage on Zanafar, but is still far from seriously injuring it. Seeing this, Zelgadis and Amelia also try to attack a wound that Gourry opened up, only to find out that it heals almost instantly. Off on the sidelines, Sylphiel suggests that Lina support them with ‘that’ spell, but Lina claims that she can’t because of the damage it causes. More importantly, Lina says there’s still Ducuris to deal with.
    Wow Pokota, lend Gourry the imitation Sword of Light earlier! That basically sums up the prominent thought running through my mind after watching this episode. Given how Lina and the others have decided to help Pokota stop Zanafar, you’d think they’d give the swordsman a real weapon, but nope! Luckily, they did at the end of the episode, reminding us exactly how much Gourry can kick *** with a real sword. “HIKARI WO!” While I’m sure some people will find the opening song playing during that part kind of cheesy, I think it was just damn cool. That’s how we rolled back in the 90s—play the opening song while your protagonists are kicking butt! Seeing as this is Slayers, we have a Hayashibara Megumi song too, so you can’t really go wrong with that.
    Anyway, this episode was minimal important talk (i.e. just updating Seyruun on what we already know) and a fair bit of action with Ducuris and Zanafar attacking Seyruun. Since both Sylphiel and Phil made their first REVOLUTION appearances here, most of the talk revolved around them (…no pun intended), which was nice because it kept even the bickering scene in the council room entertaining. In any case, the next episode should be the last one before the scheduled break in the middle of the series, so it was nice to see the battle with Zanafar heading right into the ending credits this week. I’m still uncertain whether or not they’ll conclude this season with Zanafar’s complete defeat, but the preview does hint that something will happen to Durcuris, so it’ll be interesting to see how everything else unfolds. Also, it looks like Ozel is back. At this point, I’m suspecting that this is another doll of her though, because I can’t imagine her surviving a Ragna Blade impaling.
    Finally, in light of what’s been going on, I guess it’s safe to assume that the whole issue with Rezo and Taforashia will be left for the second half of the series.
    sina Gourry at Sylphie, buhay pa kaya ang loveteam nila
    Sylphie, Sigaw, Echoed....
    ang cute naman ni Sylphie ngayon
    more Sylphie in action
    yay... may Espada nang Liwanag na uli si Gourry
    si Zanafar uli, mukhang masama 'to
    mukhang si Lina eh gagamitin muli ang huling magic spell mula sa sequel....
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Seeing as Lina hasn’t used her Ragna Blade or Dragon Slave on Zanaffar yet, I was left wondering exactly how effective they would be. Well to put those questions to rest, we were treated to a “little” Ragna Blade/Sword of Light combination slash followed up by a Dragon Slave.
    Anyway, there sure was a lot of talk about fate/destiny in this episode, with Ducuris trying to prove that everything (especially misfortune) happens because of it. Since he was willing to use Zanaffar to help ascertain this, saying he wasn’t dealing with Taforashia’s fate “well” is putting it ever so lightly. Despite how together he appeared all this time, I’m inclined to say that he had already gone mad deep down inside. Case in point, it was pretty contradictory of him to want to kill Lina so that Zanaffar can’t absorb her and obtain her darkness magic, simply because he feared it would make the beast ridiculously overpowered. However, he did sort of redeem himself at the end, helping Lina and the others out and asking Pokota to kill him, but low and behold our little prince couldn’t do it, making me wonder what’s going to happen with a semi-transformed Zanaffar running a muck. While Phil has stipulated that Ducuris come to them later on if they’ve made a mistake about letting him go, I question how that will even be possible when his consciousness is consumed by Zanaffar’s. Needless to say though, this probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of Ducuris, but the ending sequence has already hinted at more of Zuuma’s involvement in the second half of the series.
    So as it turns out, Zanaffar was created by Sairaag in an attempt to have the perfect weapon that can go up against the gods and the Mazoku themselves, but went berserk and destroyed the city due to flaws in its design. Naturally, created beings never like to think they’re incomplete, thus explaining the beast’s path of destruction to establish itself as an existence above the gods and the Mazoku. This subsequently explains why Xellos has been hanging around and why the Mazoku don’t want to see Zanaffars multiplying to the point that could possibly challenge them. Aside from that, they broke out “Plenty of grit” again during the epic fight at the end, which gave me goosebumps while watching. I’m not sure what it is about seeing a bunch of people band together for a seemingly hopeless fight and succeeding against all odds that tugs on my emotion strings so much, but it seems like it works every time! During that scene, I was cheering for Lina and Gourry in my mind as they pulled out the Ragna Blade/Sword of Light attack on the frozen Zanaffar, before Lina obliterated it with a Dragon Slave. While I realize that this is only halfway through the series, this made for an awesome finale for the first half.
    Since the series is scheduled to continue after a break, I’ll reserve any final impressions for now. I still haven’t heard when the second half will air, but the earliest date will obviously be in January 2009. With that said, I never expected to complete my coverage of Slayers this season after Omni dropped it, but managed to do so somehow with it as the ninth show I was covering. As such, I hope everyone enjoyed it. =)
    sa wakas, natapos na....
  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ilang episodes lahat?

    licensed na pala kaya ang hirap maghanap ng video streaming
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    licensed na yata....wala na kasi sa Crunchyroll ngayon, minsan lang sa youtube, try search sa veoh
  • manaka_junpeimanaka_junpei PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Slayers Evolution-R episode 1 is out, screenshots l8er
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