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proud ka ba kung ganito ang pera mo?

LimeWireLimeWire Banned by Admin PExer

One of the rarest coins in the US-Philippine series is the 1906-S 1 peso. The mintage of this coin was said to be a good 201,000(ref) but before they were released in the Philippines, the value of silver has risen so sharply that most of the coins were shipped back to America to be melted. Many of the remaining coins were also damaged from being thrown into the sea when the Japanese invaded the Philippines. Luckily, an estimated 250 of them still exist.

I spotted this 1906-S peso being sold in eBay this morning for $1325. The seller claims the catalog value for this coin in EF grade is $3200. This coin is seldom auctioned off in eBay so you might want to buy it now!

Due to its rarity, many counterfeits of the 1906-S peso coin exist, some made from authentic 1903-S to 1905-S coins.

ebay link


  • ??ThuGz????ThuGz?? Banned by Admin PExer
    Hoooo bola! ikaw ang nagbebenta nun sa e-bay eh :glee: style neto :glee:
  • ricky_rubioricky_rubio Bumangga Giba! PExer
    wag ka dito mag benta hoy! *peace* istayl neto! kumita na yan hoy!

  • meteorgirl27meteorgirl27 Member PExer
  • LimeWireLimeWire Banned by Admin PExer

    pa-kiss nga. tuwa ako sayo. :D

    balik tayo sa thread mo. thread
  • meteorgirl27meteorgirl27 Member PExer
    LimeWire wrote: »
    pa-kiss nga. tuwa ako sayo. :D

    balik tayo sa thread mo. thread

    dyan ka na lang sa thread mo....:bop:
  • The KryptonianThe Kryptonian We Can Be Heroes PExer
    huli ka balbon! :lol:
  • dogidogi << hard wire >> PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    walang nag bid hehe.
  • damnrightdamnright I feel it in my fingers.. ♫ PExer
    may ganyan akong design pero di sya one-peso, lower denomination at ibang taon. 1911 ata? *okay*

    yun nga lang mas proud ako sa paper bills kesa coins. siempre mas malaki value eh! :lol:
  • dogidogi << hard wire >> PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
  • ryanavanryanavan Member PExer
    ^ meron din ako nyan dalawa pa hehe....
    walang nag bid sa auction ni Limewire hehe
  • spiderman08spiderman08 heartless PExer
    bayaran ko yan piso din...
  • giovannnigiovannni Selling stocks short :) PExer
    Nice advertising :)
  • gonefishinggonefishing Banned by Admin PExer
    ??ThuGz?? wrote: »
    Hoooo bola! ikaw ang nagbebenta nun sa e-bay eh :glee: style neto :glee:

    ok ka talaga thugz!!!! *okay*

    huli kaagad yun TS, tapos walang nag bid sa item niya...BWAAHAHAHA:rotflmao:
  • rendakurendaku Member PExer
    giovannni wrote: »
    Nice advertising :)

    But broadcast to the wrong target. It's a good attempt nonetheless. :D
  • cauchiencauchien Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    :glee: huli! :glee:
  • just a note to the threadstarter. there is nothing wrong with honest commerce. if you have something good to sell at a good price, you'll eventually find your target market. forums, however, are rarely a good channel to ply your trade, unless maybe it's a serious forum on a specific topic of interest. otherwise, you'll either just get ignored, or be ridiculed as this forum topic is known for.

    you're certainly on the right track with ebay, though it's never a guarantee that you'll be able to sell your stuff there all the time. but your chances of disposing a product there eventually should be pretty good especially if you are patient (it can take years, as you might already know by now).

    as for the little stunt you pulled in attempting to sell the supposed rare coin here, well, that can blow your cover as to your real identity (i'm assuming you don't want to reveal it as most Pexers here don't). a Pexer now can pose as a potential buyer of your other offerings at ebay and probably get a photo of yours secretly. then post it here.

    you see the problem you might have created for yourself?

    as the old adage goes, honesty is the best policy.

    just an unsolicited advice.
  • art727art727 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    don't piss on their faces and to tell them its raining!!galeng mong magbenta but mas marami ditong magagaleng kesa sayo..:lol: joke lang..
  • BeyonderBeyonder astigngako! PExer
    paano kung ang mga humusga diyan sa TS ang syang nagkakamali?

    kakainin nyo ba ang bawat salita niyo? wag agad humusga. magkaiba ang nagtatanong at naghuhusga. *okay*
  • there was no denial on the part of the TS, ergo, he must be the one selling the item.

    i would have given him the benefit of the doubt, though, if he had claimed otherwise. nah, it's way too obvious, actually. i mean, what benefit does he get if the seller gets to sell the coin courtesy of his advertising here unless he is the seller himself?

    which makes me wonder...what was he thinking?
  • RetroManilaRetroManila Pushing Daisies PExer
    ^^Too obvious a bait.

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