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cute_pierrecute_pierre Not even remotely funny. PExer
Hey guys. :)

I'm having a hard time choosing between two universities: DLSU-M or DLS-CSB. Gusto ko kasi ang CDA ng CSB, at LM/ACM ng DLSU. Though, pinakagusto ko ang CDA among the courses. Pero sabi ng iba, DLSU nalang daw ako. What do you think? Course over university or university over course?


  • popoo2121popoo2121 Nomad PExer
    Personally, I'd choose DLSU. :) Ayos kasi ang ACM at LMG ng DLSU and its their forte, business.

    As for CDA sa CSB naman, hindi ako sure eh. Ok naman kasi ang CSB, yun nga lang may mga courses na hindi ganun kaganda. Kung MMA or HRM ka sana CSB. :)

    Ermm... ask ko lang, ano ba CDA? XD
  • dj_ouchdj_ouch sPin doCtor ✭✭✭✭✭
    Choose DLSU-M, after your first 2 terms if you still feel that your course don't fit you, you can internally shift.
  • cute_pierrecute_pierre Not even remotely funny. PExer
    CDA - Consular and Diplomatic Affairs

  • spiceislandspiceisland Member PExer
    Maganda daw CDA sa CSB. I heard they even go to San Francisco for seminars. Heard lang. :D
  • cute_pierrecute_pierre Not even remotely funny. PExer
    San Francisco? Wow.

    So, kailangan talaga na marami kang pera dahil maraming trips? :)

    Any CDA students here?
  • woot99woot99 Member PExer
    San Francisco? Wow.

    So, kailangan talaga na marami kang pera dahil maraming trips? :)

    Any CDA students here?

    you're in the DLSU's forum thread, dun ka magtanong sa CSB thread.:)
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber HEALTH.FREAK.WANNABE. PExer
    Cute_pierre, I have a question... as a graduate of CDA, what do you see yourself doing after you graduate?

    CDA is a good course. In theory. Realistically, is it practical? Remember that diplomats aren't necessarily CDA graduates. They are good in their fields that's why they are where they are. Businessman/woman, those in the academe, etc. can be diplomats as well. Kapag magpunta ka sa American embassy at tiningnan mo ang educational background ng mga consul, CDA grads ba sila?

    If I were you, do these things:
    1. Find out the educational background of those working in embassies [assuming that this is one of the final destinations of your career].

    2. Find out what happened to the graduates of CDA. My friend [CDA grad] works in a cruise ship [although sa immigration department siya].

    I vote for DLSU-M. :) Good luck!

  • zevil89zevil89 Member PExer
    I still believe that the school doesnt really matter, its the individual who makes things real hehe.

    Pero realistically speaking taking CDA will most likely not give you a diplomat job. UP and DLSU produces tons and tons of International Studies and very few of them land on diplomat and international relations jobs. Competition is very fierce as demand is low but supply if graduates is high. I have a friend who took up IS and is now working as a programmer in japan. Haha

    Anyway ikaw nasa sayo rin yan pag nasaan talaga hilig mo pero suggest ko lang consider the practicality of the course kasi goal mo naman in the end is to find a job.

    Good luck and i wish you well :)
  • 22852eng22852eng Banned by Admin PExer
    xempre DLSU-M, CSB students are associated as being "bobo" and pa-porma students!! :bop:
  • KopibunKopibun WASSSSSSSSSUP
    22852eng wrote: »
    xempre DLSU-M, CSB students are associated as being "bobo" and pa-porma students!! :bop:

    Don't worry, makikick-out ka rin. :lol:
  • siopao_queen06siopao_queen06 LS WVT S78 CHAMPS ✭✭✭
    a successful troll is successful. haha.
  • aids888aids888 Member PExer
    my bro graduated from CDA last year and it's really hard to find a job related to the course because either the pay is low or there is not enough openings but he told me that the course was really fun. He also went to the two seminars in San Fran.
  • BMKBMK Member ✭✭
    Whether you're a graduate of International Studies or CDA, it doesn't really matter. You won't become a career diplomat unless you pass the tough FSO exam.
  • 22852eng wrote: »
    xempre DLSU-M, CSB students are associated as being "bobo" and pa-porma students!! :bop:

    sinabi rin yan sa amin ng prof namin sa isa naming subject. He hates teaching csb kasi daw mahina pick up ng students, tapos sinisita na students naggalit pa at patuloy pang nakikinig ng mp3 sa klase. Tapos ang yayabang daw at mahilig mangbastos ng prof. Haha lantaran yung prof na yun pero galing na yan sa words ng isang professor who has 15 years of experience in teaching, hindi rin 100% lie yang statement na yan :lol:
  • DLSU-m..mas maganda pa din quality ng education na makukuha mo

    kasi mahigit bente na ka-skul ko dati nasa csb NGAYON, mga siga, mga candidate na hindi grumadweyt, atbp... dati lang kopya sila skin para pumasa pero NGAYON deans list na sila sa csb..bka nagsipag ehehe....

    pero kung gusto mo yung course , dun ka nlng piliin mo lang kaibiganin mo dun hehehe

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