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2ndhand honda jazz

mga magkano kaya and matipid ba sa gas ang 1.3 M/T?


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Shun Sakurai has one i think... he can give some actual feedback on the consumption. For a second hand model, look at a starting of around 400K to 550K for the last units ('07-'08).
  • harry_gucc
    harry_gucc Animo-Arriba
    uhm.. second hand jazz or hyundai i10?
  • For me I'll choose the 2nd hand Jazz. But then again, that depends on how well the car was maintained.
  • harry_gucc
    harry_gucc Animo-Arriba
    ^ parang dedoso kasi ako sa second hand na mga kotse..
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