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ANGEL LOCSIN: "Every man's dream, every woman's envy"~37th rep


Angel Locs?n (born Ang?lica Locs?n Colmenares on April 23, 1985), is a popular Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, and product endorser who was introduced in GMA Network's youth-oriented program, Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being cast as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after,she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several films and is known as the screen love interest of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo.

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN TV Shows**[/highlight]
2008 - Lobo (as Lyka)
2007 - That's my Doc (as Sylvia)
2007 - Maalaala Mo Kaya: Pilat (as Melody)
2007 - John & Shirley (as Angel)
2007 - Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (Studio Player)
2007 - Asian Treasures (as Gabriella Agoncillo)
2006 - Majika (as Sabina)
2006 - Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain Reiko Higuchi (voice)
2005 - Initial D - Fourth Stage Kyoko Iwase (Voice)
2005 - Darna (as Darna/Narda)
2004 - Mulawin (as Alwina)
2004 - Love To Love (Season 3): Kissing Beauty (as Chara/Charina)
2004 - All Together Now (Marie)
2003 - Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw Pa Rin (as Mariella)
1999 - Click (as Charley)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Movies**[/highlight]
2007 - Angels (as Angie / producer)
2007 - The Promise (as Andrea)
2006 - Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di (as Charity)
2006 - TxT (as Joyce)
2006 - I Will Always Love You (as Cecille)
2005 - Mulawin the Movie (as Alwina)
2005 - Let the Love Begin (as Pia / Patricia)
2004 - Mano Po Three: My Love (as Eliza)
2004 - Sigaw (The Echo) (as Pinky)
2004 - Singles (as Sam)
2004 - Kuya (as Barbs Dumlao)
2003 - Mano Po Two: My Home (as Eliza)
2000 - Ping Lacson, Supercop (as Young Robina Gokongwei)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Awards and Nominations**[/highlight]
2008 - People Asia Awards - Top 8 Most Beautiful Women of 2008 (Rank #1)
2008- Fantaserye Queen- Rank #1 (Starmometer)
2008- MAXIM's 100 hottest women for 2008(RANK NUMBER 1)
2008- Box office PRINCESS OF PHILIPPINE MOVIES (38th Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation)
2008- LOBO: Primetime's Most Favorite Program - Rank #1 (KChikapoll)
2008- LOBO: Noah and Lyka: Most Kilig Primetime Bida Loveteam - Rank #1 (ABS-CBN Forum)
2008- Philippine's Most Influential Beauty and Hottest Artist of Year 2008 (www.angelfire.com)
2008- RATED K's Most Popular Actress in this Generation (ABS-CBN show)
2008- Number 1 Most Requested to grace the cover of Maxim men's magazine
2008 - Friendster's Most Popular Webpages in Local Showbiz - Rank #4
2007 - Most Beautiful Pinay Celebrity of 2007 - Rank #1 (YES Magazine)
2007 - Most searched Female Celebrity in Google Philippines (Rank #1)
2007 - Most Beautiful Pinay of 2007 - Rank #1 (starmometer)
2007 - Hottest for December (starmometer)
2007 - Hottest for January (starmometer)
2007 - Anak TV Seal Awards (Country's Most Admired Female TV Personality) - Rank #5
2007 - Philippine's No.3 Endorser (tied with Piolo Pascual) - Rank #3
2007 - FHM Philippines - Rank #3
2007 - Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award Pinoy Wannabe (Texter's Choice)
2007 - ASAP's Best Movie Loveteam Choice Award (Richard Gutierrez and Angel locsin)
2006 - Most Beautiful Pinay of 2006 Rank #1 (starmometer)
2006 - PASADO Awards Pinakapasadong Aktres (Best Actress) Nomination for TXT
2006 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di
2006 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #2
2005 - FAMAS Awards German Moreno Youth Award
2005 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mulawin The Movie
2005 - FAMAS Awards Miss FAMAS Popularity
2005 - Box Office Entertainment Awards Princess of Philippine Movies and TV
2005 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines - Rank #1
2004 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Sigaw
2004 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines - Rank #6
2003 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines - Rank #10

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Endorsements, TVCs and Campaign Ads **[/highlight]
1. Gandang Ricky Reyes 2004
2. Posh Colognes
3. Greenwich
4. Coca-Cola
5. Maxi-Peel
6. Globe Telecom
7. CD Jeans
8. Head and Shoulders (with Richard Gutierrez)
9. Hapee Toothpaste
10. Century Tuna Fitness
11. Calayan Medical group
12. Mc Donalds King Cone
13. Axe
14. Robittusin Liquid Gel
15. Petit Monde
16. Eskinol
17. Jag Skinny Jeans
18. Lotus Ballpen
19. Priston Netplay
20. Converse
21. Belo Medical Group
22. W.L. Foods
23. Century tuna fitness-only red touches my lips
24. Animax-INITIAL D (with Matteo Gudicelli)
25. San Mig Coffee (with Piolo Pascual)
26. Timex Watches (with Piolo Pascual)
27. Smart Buddy (with Sam Milby, Anne Curtis & Dennis Trillo)
28. Centrum Multivitamins (with Piolo Pascual)
29. Avon Philippines
30. Avon Glazewear Lipstick
31. Avon: Wish of Happiness perfume 2007
32. Magnolia Health Tea (with Erik Morales)
33. Angel Active
34. Manny Villar
35. Fuji Film
36. Koko Pimentel
37. Johnson Johnson
38. Gabriela Partylist
39. Advance Notebooks
40. Cream-O (with Paolo Ballesteros)
41. Kapamilya KTEXT
42. McDo Cool Summer Drinks
43. Smart Telecom (with Piolo Pascual)
44. Head and Shoulders 2008 (with Luis Manzano)
45. Guess eyewear
46. ct skin care
47. AVON wish of LOVE perfume 2008
48. MYRA-E vitamins
51. AVON:strawberry moisture lipstick 2008

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Links & Discussion Boards**[/highlight]
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    458.Schatz_75-[highlight]Cologne, Germany[/highlight]
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    480.bituin8989- [highlight]gulf region,Bahrain[/highlight]
    485.fatima_7 -[highlight]Cavite[/highlight]
    493.via31arigo -[highlight]london,united kingdom[/highlight]
    497.[a L v I n]-[highlight]Cagayan De Oro[/highlight]
    500.Lemmuel 08
    510.abipot-[highlight]pasig city[/highlight]
    515.tazz180-[highlight]cabanatuan city[/highlight]
    520.Milkk-[highlight]cebu city,phils[/highlight]
    523.-=limuel=- manila,phils
    527.milas04-[highlight]san francisco california[/highlight]
    529.rose6319-[highlight]United States[/highlight]
    538.yanypie -[highlight]canada[/highlight]
    539.foolishlove05 - [highlight]long beach, ca[/highlight]
    543.altair7 - [highlight]pomona, california.[/highlight]
    549. marby09
    550. sarahshin
    551. song4angel;
    552. didaybenhur
    553. wowclaire-[highlight]Cebu,Philippines[/highlight]
    563.dipsy-[highlight]Kuala Lumpur[/highlight]
    564.jawie -[highlight]mindanao[/highlight]
    571. GeloAngelPiolo- [highlight]Arleta city ,los angeles[/highlight]
    572.maan_strainger-[highlight]quezon city [/highlight]
    573.janegomez-[highlight]Dipolog City[/highlight]
    581.01_SexCi-[highlight]victoria, canada[/highlight]
    583.its mhe
    584.ZorcereZZ -[highlight] san jose, california[/highlight]
    589.myelene - [highlight]San Diego[/highlight]
    595.johnzee-[highlight]NEW ZEALAND[/highlight]
    598.angelgirl2 -[highlight]New Jersey[/highlight]
    599.gmacheater-[highlight]West Chester, Pennsylvania USA[/highlight]

    [highlight]Feel free to add your name on the list![/highlight]
    hi guys!thank you so much for joining our list and ofcourse for appreciating our dear angel locsin. THANK YOU
    welcome to angel republic.keep on loving angel =)

    angel you look so pretty!!!!yes you do!!!! =)

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    ALIFC's officers

    List of ALIFC Members
    [highlight]**updated list**[/highlight]

    To All Angel fans:
    Angel Locsin International Fans Club is now an official fan club.

    To those who wants to join please email at [email protected].
    Contact no.
    Email Address:
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    Requirements are:
    *Be an active member of Angel Republic Pinoyexchange Forum
    *Support Angel Locsin online poll voting
    *Support all Angel's product, endorsements, movies and show
  • [highlight]Fantaserye Queen Poll Results[/highlight][/B]

    The people have decided. Your “Fantaserye Queen” is…
    :spinstar:[highlight]ANGEL LOCSIN[/highlight]:spinstar::cheers:


    From 973 respondents, Angel Locsin garnered 508 votes or 52%, more than the votes of Marian, Anne and Claudine’s votes combined.

    Congratulations Angel!

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    1.The Most Famous Young Actress
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    14.The Most Controvercial Celebrity of 2007
    15.The Only Angel in Philippine TeleVision
    16.The Philippines Hottest Sexiest Woman
    17.The Philippines Hottest Heroin Acts on TeleVision
    18.Every Company's Dream Endorser
    19.Every TeleVision Networks Dream Talent
    20.Every Film Studo's Dream Movie Star
    21.The World's Sexiest White Wolf Satr on TeleVision
    22.The Most Famous Bulacanian
    23.The Most Famous Businesswoman Star
    24.The Most Famous Philippine Fashion Designer Celebrity
    25.The Philippines Simpliest Celebrity
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  • [highlight]NO. 1 on the spot![/highlight]

    Top 30 Most Famous ABS-CBN Young Stars of 2008
    1.[Highlight]Angel Locsin[/Highlight]
    2.Judy Ann Santos
    3.Piolo Pascual
    4.John Lloyd Cruz
    5.Anne Curtis
    6.Sam Milby
    7.KC Concepcion
    8.Claudine Barretto
    9.Bea Alonzo
    10.Toni Gonzaga
    11.Sarah Geronimo
    12.Kim Chiu
    13.Gerald Anderson
    14.Angelica Panganiban
    15.Kristine Hermosa
    16.Maja Salvador
    17.Jake Cuenca
    18.Diether Ocampo
    19.Iya Villana
    20.Jericho Rosales
    21.Derek Ramsay
    22.Valerie Concepcion
    23.Nikki Gil
    24.Luis Manzano
    25.Roxanne Guinoo
    26.Mariel Rodriguez
    27.Rica Paralejo
    28.Geoff Eigenmann
    29.Cristine Reyes
    30.Rafael Rossel
  • :spinstar: [highlight]Things you might not know about Angel Locsin[/highlight] :spinstar:



    1. Angel was the first Filipina to own a hummer.

    2. She admitted on B&K that she can eat 50 pesos worth of fish balls on her own.

    3. She wants to have 2 kids.. twins to be exact. :D

    4. She originally wanted to be in the navy.

    5. Her dream role was like on the Charlie's Angels movie.

    6. Angel's dream house is to have a bahay kubo on the beach.

    7. Dream vacation of Angel would be in Boracay with her family.

    8. Angel Locsin is one mean swimming machine. She was once an NCR record-holder (200M breast stroke – 3mins 6secs) and was part of the Philippine swimming team.

    9. Pag hindi ako makapag-shower sa gabi, sa floor ako natutulog. Madudumihan kasi yung bed ko eh.

    10. The 3 things she can't live without are coffee, make-up & her cellphone.

    11. Her type is usually bad boys and artsy musicians

    12. Her favorite drink is iced tea.

    13. She drinks coffee everyday.

    14. She feels most sexy in jeans and a cute top.

    15. She spend too much on clothes,bags,shoes and foods!.

    16. Her secret crush is Richard Gutierrez and Piolo Pascual.:love:

    17. She bought an electric guitar last year (2007).

    18. Her house number is 7.

    19. Angel loves to play text twist.

    20. She prefers to wear flipflops.

    21. Her favorite color is blue.

    (contributed by Angel herself)[/crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]
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    Angel Active

    AVON Wish of Happiness

    AVON Wish of Love

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  • [highlight] :spinstar: Welcome to ANGEL Republic! :D :spinstar: [/highlight]



  • [highlight]:spinstar: Angel's House :spinstar:[/highlight]


    1.The style of her house is a mediterranean type

    2. A 2 floor house

    3. With 6 bed rooms

    4. With 2 car garage

    5. The house is worth 16 million pesos

    6. With cool living room,with waterfalls

    7.With wide living room

    8. With small office of angel

    9. She likes to stay at home rather than to stay outside during her free time


    1. Simply E-mail your Top 10 “Most Beautiful” Pinays to:

    [email protected][/highlight]


    1. You can vote for any female celebrity 18 to 50 years old, regardless of occupation (she may be an actress, singer, athlete, socialite, lawyer, host, journalist, beauty queen, model, etc.) provided that she’s at least 50% Filipina by blood and she’s currently a Filipino citizen.

    2. Your entry should have a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 names of the celebrities you are voting. Entries with only one name or more than 10 names will be disqualified.

    3. Your entry is in no particular order. One vote will be credited per name listed.

    4. One entry is valid per one email address only. In case of multiple entries using the same email address, only the first one that we receive will be valid.

    5. In case there are duplicates in one entry (for example: 3 names of anne curtis or 2 names of Marian Rivera in the list), it will only be counted as 1 vote.

    6. Voting will start today, August 15 and will end on the night of September 7, 2008.

    7. We reserve the right to disqualify “inappropriate” entries.

    So that’s our 7 simple rules this year. Vote now! Daily updates of incoming votes will be posted at:


    [highlight]POST THIS ON EVERY PAGE[/highlight]
    by : Culasha

    super thanks to sisteret LIMUEL....luv it super!!

    There was one rare and so unforgettable incident in my entire life as a forumer where I get to be chosen as a letter sender of the month for a popular fan mag….i couldn’t believe at first how I took some precious moments to savor those “super cloud 9 feeling” where I truly enjoyed some “truckloads” haha joke of congratulatory eke ek chuva of some relatives who have come across reading that letter…it was in fact an article about my “fave loveteam” who was a household name that time(pm me if you wanna know them harhar) but since an “article” of my caliber cannot just squeezed in a paragraph or two the editor had no choice but to chop things up…well enewei…three weeks ago I e-mailed the rival mag and let’s see if my letter would get a chance to land the same spot as last year’s thingy, it was so rewarding to have those MILO products displayed in our china cabinet….gosh I cannot believe with my own eyes that I have all these packs…sachets…plastic mugs….and ella ella…green and yellow…..umbrella!! haller… in all shapes and sizes…..jeje joke!! who says umbies got shapes? hehe

    Angel Republic has gone far and wide in terms of being an active and popular thread this side of the universe not to mention the achievement it gets everytime there’s an important issue that we get through. I always say this to everyone how proud I am to be a part of this thread and I really mean it well…I have seen how AR people can be so wonderful and true never realizing the fact that we too have our own lives to live and families and loved ones to take care of and yet we have devoted this much time to keep our spirits alive and kicking….pressure but i managed to pull this off to make "habol" this write-up as this thread went so fast and furious hehe..you see any minute now we are transferring to the 36th thread yey...waytago guys!!


    Of course I can’t find another topic as interesting as ANGEL’s......guys did you get to watch One year anniversary of E-LIVE earlier? Luis finally faces ANGEL…Bianca first time interview with KC…Chard and Direk Joyce…that was a-ok stuff and that’s it… never mind the other segment where I intentionally touched that remote to see what’s up at startalk…you see I hate all those “kissing *****” style of Mariel doing super helluva uber praising CB to the hilt….hate that tupperware rants…duh..…enough is grrrrrr…apparently you could not feel the warmth and sincerity of a woman whose so mean and arrogant, there is certainly no way would I ever consider watching her again…no… not again….not ever…no way..

    From the looks and feel of Luis and Angel’s moment…It was really so sweet, natural and candid to watch them together for the first time( pluggin huh?)...they seem to enjoy every minute of it…more than anything else the eyes and some unguarded movements say it all….i honestly think that they don’t have to admit anything more….it’s there….whether we love it or hate it… Mee…I’ve no qualms about it I love everything ANGEL loves, it’s not a big deal to talk about anymore…I’m not making a mountain out of a molehill here, I’m not making a super statement as I have some great respects to all our sisters/brothers/in-between who in one way or another didn’t have the same sentiments as I am…..for the love of Angel let’s all be nice…of course…we can afford to be even once in a while….let’s give it to her…she deserves to be happy……afterall….what’s good in a view if you don’t have anyone to share it with….


    Angel exudes such radiance of a woman in love….there’s no doubt
    about it…..we all have at one point have fallen in and out of love….its crazy but it keep us alive and do great things with a lotta heart…

    it so nice to be alive and in love:love:

    Credits to Culasha
    By: Culasha

    It’s the time of the day in a rainy lazy Sunday afternoon where I get to be so senti and in the mood to write something close to my heart….it is where I get to collect some thoughts and discern whatever stuff I have in mind….lately my life has been in an upswing and my being a fan in an intense mode can attest how my friendster, multiply, and photobucket accounts can speak well of what I really am right at this moment....if things would be fine, i wanna make ANGELmania my regular article or a series thingly....my first one was truly memorable for me as i've written the first ever review for Angel's F&H launch...


    Angel Locsin... no doubt about it...is still the hottest girl showbiz can proudly ever have…all those multi-million endorsements on print and tv commercials can claim how a pretty girl from Bulacan can amazingly take the country….errr the world by storm:bop:


    I’ve always been a fan of ANGEL….i love collecting everything about her from magazines to the latest apparel she’s endorsing and I take this to heart in some ways you’d never imagine…

    I don’t wanna sound so self-serving but I just can’t figure out how I’ve been so much into her that I can’t sleep at night whenever there’s a negative write-up about her…matter of fact I’ve prayed so hard about it as prayers can truly moved mountains, but I also drafted an email which I didn’t get to send realizing that everything no matter how painful and damaging things can be…. would surely be a thing of the past as her rift with Claudine Barreto is all water under the bridge now (hopefully)…I'm maybe expecting something like Sharon Cunetas' fondness for Judy Ann Santos....can't CB be so selfless?... can't she be as good enough like the "mega" who treats Juday so nice and so sweet like her own sister....well i guess it's been like an open book to all of us how a barreto can be so "mean" a lot has been written about her being.......oh well...enough for this....as we'd all wanna move on right guys?!!;)

    ANGELS were hurt with CFs article considering how a tactless remarks of a “supposed-to-be-” respected? scribe can be so unfair with a good person like Angel and overly damaging more than an unkind word or a forceful blow…what did Angel do to deserve all those hurtful stuff from her? the words in itself struck a chord but it has proven time and again how Angel can be so damn caring and kind-hearted for showing so much love for CF never realizing the fact how her legion of fans were hurt and devastated…huhuhuhu


    As we grow each passing day we learned a lesson or two in the daily grind…stop fretting, grow up….get your act together….be patient….moved on…so on and so forth..…whata heck…. I’m so proud of ANGEL for teaching us all those traits….it takes somebody like a saint… or an angel not to fight back….not to get even….or throw invectives…I’m a hypocrite if I didn’t admit how it badly hit me…it is astonishing how some people can find ways to hurt us….

    We set standards for acceptability and draw some lines defining what is considerate and below the belt….it was nonetheless rewarding and touching enough to hear how ANGEL REPUBLIC can make wonders….love yah all angels…words are not enough to describe how my entire experience as a fan can match the feeling of being one with all of you….you are all wonderful like Angel...there is nothing like being busy as a bee the whole day and come rushing back home to lurk and see how everything goes with angel thread…it was so amazing that after a few days of not being in the scheme of things you’ll get surprised to the max to find out that there’s a new thread and you have to catch up on so many pages not to mention the fact that i have to buy a new preview mag before it runs out...yknow i have an experience last month where my cousins lor and aj had raided some filbars store just to buy past issues of Angel mags...and omygosh to our damn surprise there's nothing left....as in super sold-out naaaa:lol: it takes someone like Angel Locsin to be so uberly HOT like no other :bop:

    from all those indications.....we're behind ANGEL....all the way!!

    gonna pop out here... try to be back with my part III soon....pramis!!

    Credits to Culasha
  • HEY HOW ABOUT THIS? LOVEteam boon or bane?
    By: culasha

    Maybe I run out of topic to talk about…SIGH…what can I say? Why do we always think of reasons anyway? I SHOULD KNOW WHERE IT’S COMING FROM? When we know that things just happen for a reason…but sometimes it’s far even better not to think anymore…at first I really had a hard time convincing myself to put this thing into writing as it may not sit well with the whole AR population…hey what do I mean by this? I dunno if it sounds so iffy as I’m giving you an endless roundaround but this is the way I want it to be incoherent yes…crazy…and definitely unpredictable?…well not so… as I guess you already had a hint on what I’m trying to drive at, I just can’t figure out how this topic would end… I have at one point this thing called “reservation” as it would stir some personal issues at hand…I wanna clear things up that its not really my intention to hurt anyone…it’s just a simple thought of what I think in a situation where real feelings are involved.


    It’s damn natural for us to get lured with our favorite loveteam…we all get “kilig” with just a mere sight of a lovey-dovey pair singing one sweet love song on TV with a gaze that they have for each other, it seems that nothing can separate them…and that the world is on their feet…for a while we get so hopeful that they gonna end up together not minding the glaring reality that “reel” can’t be REAL at all times.


    Nothing can match the kind of chemistry they have, it’s undeniable how a number of endorsements can attest how a product can soar higher sales all because of a perfect team-up that wows the crowd more than ever.


    Of course I’m referring to nobody else but Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin known to us as GELO one of the most sought after loveteams of Philippine showbiz, after the success of LOBO on primetime bida everyone is waiting in bated breath for an upcoming movie from Star Cinema that have yet to shoot and yet it has an October playdate....handsdown…it would surely be a super box office hit…probably would break all the existing box office records to date haha it really is worth the wait as it would test the waters if their team-up stands for more projects together, considering the fact that they have such a tremendous following and a “steady-stable fanbase” all over the world…it has proven how everyone can stay home and glued to their seats and watch them tirelessly….we love them so much that we want to build them monuments and put them in pedestals.

    So much has been said….a lot has been written about a relationship of Angel and Piolo but on a professional basis only….theirs are just a working relationship that has a life on its own…sometimes we give so many interpretations to small details or circumstances that we see, we then come up with an assumption that it is beyond that thing…they hit if off so well and that they really have that “something” for each other more than they care to admit….but lo and behold….inasmuch as we wanted it all to happen as we’re all praying for it devotedly, things sometimes doesn’t seem to fit apparently something worked otherwise…there…we suddenly get so disappointed with what we see on TV that after LOBO wrapped up Angel was seen on two special occasions such as the Starmagic Ball at Shang and just recently in the premier night of the blockbuster Lloydie and Sarah AVSL… not with Piolo anymore but with Luis Manzano…


    Are they? Or aren’t they? Action speaks louder than words…hey I wasn’t born yesterday!!!…it's kinda confusing...kinda disappointing...yeah.. especially when you are in a middle of compiling those colorful fanarts and composing a poem for them and suddenly like a thief in the night you begin to question why on earth do good people can’t be together? Reality bites and truly sucks…with a capital S…..halleeeerrrrr… seriously though…I feel stupid somehow for believing so much on a thing called “HYPE” but yknow there’s got to be some learning experience here…maybe it’s my mind’s way of telling me to go move on and ceased being a fan…hey that’s a tough one but….i really can’t…I just can’t…OMG


    Only this morning I begun to realize and have accepted how Angel have gone through with some bittersweet experiences of losing someone and get back at her feet with no remorse at all, it cannot be denied how she has surpassed a controversy that made her a much stronger and mature person and took a deeper stance of not fighting back, one of the reasons why I get to understand her plight now is when someone badly needs a company and that someone is there to extend a helping hand….someone who would cry when you cry and would depend you when everything come crushing down on you…can't help myself but be super senti.


    It was nothing but sweet and endearing for Luis to admit in an interview how he took care of Angel for those trying times….how touching it was for a guy to stand with the woman she loves and staying on the sidelights…you would probably think why it worked out so well….ah they just do... I dunno… I would be brave enough to say that I’m not that clueless read:dumb? not to get the signs…it’s there…no doubt about it.

    I’m such a fan of Direk Joey Reyes as I’ve watched all his films and read his articles at PDI, in his article “Private Images, Public Lives he said that “just because (referring to our idols) they are public personalities, we feel that we have every right to say what we want to say…that is because we assume that they got to where they are now and acquired whatever it is that they have now….because of us….we made them who they are…and so ano ngayon? Do we have the right to dictate what we want to do with their lives? Including who would be the “right” one for them? and who is more bagay for them?

    Call it OA but I can now bow my head and accept the fact graciously with a compassionate heart and an understanding mind that Angel and Piolo have their own lives to live, in some ways I feel that they know how we feel but they too deserve to be happy in anyway they can be…if Angel can be happy with Luis…so be it..…I cannot possibly think of a better way to right the balance, it is not in my fingertips to make magic or do a miracle….only God can…that maybe is my only logical explanation I have for a moment..


    I would always support GELO come hell or high water as i always say it would remain a special place in my heart but there’s really a fine line that separates from a FACT to a FICTION….it’s gonna be tomorrow and I love it….whatever!!

    Credits to Culasha
  • Since Angel transferred to ABS-CBN:

    Her Metro Magazine was the highest selling magazine among other Metro magazine released last year in terms of sales from METRO Magazine not just in Manila but Nationwide most importantly.

    Her Maxim Magazine was the Highest selling magazine also for this year compared to other magazine especially FHM, UNO and PLAYBOY.

    Her Teleserye Lobo was a BIG HIT, we cannot deny the fact that it’s PHENOMENAL! Disregard the rating from the formidable tandem of AGB-GMA and the Kanguso Viruses who are still insecure with ANGEL’s SUCCESS. From here, she revealed her ACTING PROWESS, critically acclaimed not just by her real fans but the directors especially, and for now? Other countries are planning to buy the rights of the said teleserye.

    Her ASAP first exposure posted the highest rating for an afternoon show not just in Manila but in the whole Philippines as well. (BUT DISREGARD THIS, SINCE RATINGS ARE BASELESS..HMMMM) BUT I AM SO SURE THAT THE WHOLE PHILIPPINES WATCHED THE WELCOME CELEBRATION OF ANGEL IN KAPAMILYA.

    Her NUMBER OF FANS increased because many KAPAMILYA fans accepted her joining her old fans from other network.

    Her NAME turn out to be MORE POPULAR not just in MANILA but in the Provinces as well where ABS-CBN is more known.

    Her NAME became the HOUSEHOLD NAME not just in the entire nation but all over the world thru TFC where Angel is the MOST REQUESTED and FAVORITE ACTRESS of our WORLDWIDE SUBSCRIBERS.

    Her DVD LOBO reaches the PLATINUM already if it’s only a MUSIC ALBUM, by considering its sales as the NUMBER 1 in sales (DVD CATEGORY) among the nation and also worldwide.

    Her Beauty and Attitude developed and still improving as a person, by showing her love to her craft and respect to her colleagues ,that’s why Angel cannot ask for more since she knows that HER FANS are here for her no matter what.

    *Just wait for her ASAP and her MOVIE, lets prove them that ANGEL STANDS OUT among the rest, no matter what her detractors make to destroy her image.

    Credits to Linksys of ABS-CBN Forum
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    [highlight] :spinstar: AVON catalogues :spinstar: [/highlight]

  • [highlight]Preview Magazine August 2008[/highlight]


    *credits to akosilhyn
  • [highlight]For the bangaw at mga langaw..

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