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Water as Gas in the Philippines?

Do you know somebody here in the Philippines who had purchased or tried/built hydrogen generators for cars/trucks?

There are several websites, particularly the water4gas.com, offering their ebooks that teaches how to build hydrogen generators. Do you think it can be done?


  • asmvon
    asmvon Home Guy
    I found Mr. Dingel's website and friendster account.

  • lansangel
    lansangel MLPH Itlogger!
    paps, try mitsulancerph and mymitsuph. there are already discussions about creating a hydrogen generator. And there are already members of mymitsuph who already have working versions installed in their vehicles. peeps and DIY masters at mitsulancerph are somewhat pre-occupied at something else though one member is still trying to make a working prototype. hth

  • asmvon
    asmvon Home Guy
    Thanks, lansangel. I will check them out.
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