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    i've seen rainbows that could take your breath away..the beauty of the setting sun on any given day..and when it comes to shooting stars i have seen a few...but i've never seen anything...AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU.
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    remember kiddie version bs in lobo??? who wants that for the movie??? i doubt anyone of you will say yes..

    but when ask..who wants "HOTTER THAN HELL BS??" i bet all of you will say yes...

    so let your voices be heard! sign our hotter than hell bs petition and let the flames begin.

    and to the creative writers of abs...may utang pa kayo.. now is payback time...time to collect.:naughty:

    1. LOLANY03---Let me be the first to say.....there is a BIG DEBT TO COLLECT for PJ and Angel movie! I want the HOTTESTTTTTTTTT BS that these writers can come up with...NOT JUST ONE BEDSCENE...I'm talking 3 BEDSCENES AT LEAST!!

    2. pretty_eena---right on! the more the merrier! the hotter the better! heeeeyah! giddy up baby! oh and btw...the more creative the bs..the better.. you know what i mean...here there everywhere?? ke stable pa ng kabayo maganap yan i dont ker! this has to be done! LOL.

    3.sanctina---Oh Pleuuseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! NO! to kiddie version beddie my gash! sayang ang sexiness ng dalawang ito! and this two are umtimately the sexiest pair to hit local biz, they are even comparable and will not pale in comparison to Hollywood hotties! SO IF YOU WANT A HIT MOVIE, ANSWER THE CLAMOR OF THE FANS, SENSUAL SCENES BUT NOT PORNO(yeah of course we know that) but give us the shivers and the goosebumps!, USE YOUR FERTILE IMAGINATIONS!

    4.giisszy.xo >>> YES! i agree!!! TOTALLY AGREE! PIOLO PASCUAL & ANGEL LOCSIN.. they are 2 of the HOTTEST & SEXIEST stars in the industry today.. sayang naman ang appeal nila. i agree with the 3 previous signers... THIS HAS TO BE STEAMY BOILING HOT.. SEXY! WOWZ! hahahah!!! make it really EYE POPPING! .. make it an adventure of a lifetime.... yan naman! hehehe!!! GeLo just has to do this. kahit isang time lang... no more soft stuff.. INTENSE is more like it.. wooaaah!!! I LOVE GeLo!!! MORE POWER.. MORE PROJECTS!!!

    5. kielnico -- Only GELO can pull off sexy, sensual love scenes without coming off as cheap, trying hard or indecent... it's just the magic of their chemistry!!! Please make this a movie to remember for Star Cinema, not just for the story but for the sheer passion that it will evoke among moviegoers... make "THE NOTEBOOK" shy away by comparison!

    6. reeseannbelle01 - Only GeLo can do real justice to the passionate onscreen BS we are demanding...Angel and Piolo can make the TV screen sizzle by their sheer presence in it! As previously stated by my fellow GeLonians...they can do a love scence with taste and sophistication without sacrifcing the hot passion and chemistry...NO KIDDIE VERSION PLS that is just teasing...they are both professionals in their fields and know how to execute sizzling scenes with passion, grace and full effect KILIGNESS if there is ever a word!!! And you are shooting in Australia also right - talking to an Aussie/Pinay Chick - regardless whether this is Darwin or Canberra or Broome all locations hot or cold...and if you are talking about Outback...cowboys...ranch whateva...that means activity, sweat, heat...so I want to see creativeness in these BS...writers just imagine GeLo love out in the GREAT OUTDOORSor indoors for that matter.

    I want to see GeLo flying on the wings of love...START THE FIREWORKS...CAUSE I WANT TO FEEL/SEE IT'S LIKE NEW YEAR'S EVE GOING OFF when I see the GeLo movie BS ok...

    7.luludia77-- I totally agree to my co- Gelos, they need ADULT BS. Remember that they are the HOTTEST< SEXIEST TANDEM in the industry to day.They need BS more INTENSE as EVER!!!!!!!!!.when they do the KS make them open a lil bit their mouth,tongue out a bit and wrap them both in blanket. Make all Gelos Fans KILIG TO THE BONES!!!!!!!!!!but do it in Finesse way . AND WE MUST BE IN CLOUD 9 too. make this movie STEAMY HOT !!!!!!!!HOT!!!!!!!!that we can remember for the rest of our lives.

    8. mavicar1219 - we've been asking for this since LOBO days but what you gave us was a kiddie version, we know this sexy pair can do justice to sexy and hotter scenes without making it looks pornographic, don't let those sensual bodies get wasted, make it HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!, hope this time, our voices will be heard.

    9. GeloAngelPiolo- I am too young for to say this but when they did that BS in Lobo I was hoping it was better,not in a bad way. But it was hot, well duh what iz hotter than Piolo and Angel's bod and faces. But I , we hoped for a hotter one
    like u kno more kissing on tha bods and on those sexy lips and those examples on Ate Eena's fanfics.For example, against tha door, in tha shower and of course on tha bed(eeeee I'm imagining it) I hope this will happen.

    10. sambuddy_dengel - i was very disappointed in lobo bs.. lacking na nga yung intensity, super saglit at bitin pa.. i really hope i get to see a more passionate(and longer!) bs in the movie.. pero special request wag naman masyado baka hindi na ako papasukin sa sinehan..LOL.. pero of course who wouldn't agree that THE HOTTER THE BETTER! wooohoo!
    burn baby burn!

    11.Shelly - HOTTER THAN HELL BEDSCENE???!!!!
    YES, i go for that. i am craving and demanding to have in on gelo movie... PIOLO & ANGEL are the couple that u cant deny the charm &
    body physique equipt on them. They are capable of portraying this scene in a repectful manner with a bit of excitement, attraction and passion on it.. hence, its about horses & bull fighting, it doesnt matter if this scene is taken in stables or i should say actually done in the horse.. s kabayo mismo hahaha.. wow exciting!!! but carefully done baka mahulog. hehehe
    so plssssssssssssssssssss hear our petition!!!

    12.lorethes - As a member of GlobalGelos since Lobo,I understand why the Scriptwriters and directors failed to fulfill our request of an adult Bed Scene.I heartily accepted it because of the younger viewers at home,it was a Teleserye.But with this highly expected movie of our two beloved Angel and Piolo,I dream , wish to see them making a very hot hot BS. I just hope that the Scriptwriters and Directors won`t fail us now. Thanks in advance..God Bless you all.

    13. BatGirlBeyond3 - Both Piolo and Angel are already graduates of such sweet and tweetum roles. Piolo is already in his prime time as a seasoned actor and Angel is slowly fulfilling her dream to grow as an actress. And one way to prove their acting maturity is to do a real one-of-a-kind, passionate and adrenalin-rush "love scenes." C'mon guys....combined their individual sex appeal, hot oozing chemistry, natural attraction and their acting prowess together and voila! A worthwhile project bound to be a classic! Bring the heat on! Fever!


    no to this...


    so tame for the GELOs..LOL.remember walang pambili ng movie tix ang mga kids..kaya ibigay ang hilig ng may pambili LOL.


    ---again for those who will be adding their petition look for the updated list thanks.
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