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Students! Wanna be on TV? Tell your "school geek" story :)

From movies like "Mean Girls" to TV series like "Gossip Girls," it-girls and their life stories have become common feature topics on the tube. It's time we hear the other side of the story.

For a cool new weekly teen show on a leading network, we are looking for students who are being branded in campus as a school geek (or called a nerd, or sadly, even called a loser among other names...) We are looking for students with a story to tell--were you bullied by boys and girls because of your thick glasses, the way you dressed or your-not-so-sexy bod? Were you teased because in their eyes, you didn't meet the majority's superficial standards on beauty/fashion/looks? Did you allow yourself to be affected by them, or was your mentality "GEEK AND PROUD OF IT!" :) It'd be so cool if you were someone who used to be known as a "loser," but you rose above it all and turned into a total hottie because you accepted yourself, looked for ways to become better inside out, but did not change who you are just to please others. (e.g. This chess player won many golds for her school but she didn't feel confident, she was teased in school. She decided to be Miss Beauty and Brains by reading magazines etc. and after her makeover, she became known as the chess hottie!)

Whatever your story, if you think it'll help in raising awareness and promoting that there's nothing wrong with being who you are, let us know! You must be:

-a student from grade 6 - 2nd year college, whose school does not forbid appearing on TV
-available for the interview and taping with the hosts, the whole day on Monday, August 26!
-allowed by your parents to appear on TV, if you're 17 years old and below

Send an email to [email protected] with the following:
-full name, nickname, age, birthday
-grade or year level, school, location of school
-address, landline number, mobile number/s, email address, YM ID
-at least two pictures
-a short essay telling your geek story

Chosen students will get a call by Sunday night, for all the details regarding the show and the episode. We'll be waiting for your email 'til then! :)
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