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the book of Ecclesiastes: dapat bang tanggalin sa bible?

"Life is useless". Welcome line ito ng book of Ecclesiastes. Napaka deviant ng mga ideas na matatagpuan sa librong ito. For those who have read it, do you think na dapat itong alisin na lang sa Bible? Some people fear kasi that it might give people wrong notions and ideas, that it might even encourage Unchristian attitudes. For me lang, I find this book very comforting. I don't know. I read it whenever I'm depressed, and knowing that someone else feels the same way as I do actually makes me feel good.


  • Mark T. MarketMark T. Market Polymath PExer
    The Ecclesiastes book is part of the Jewish Tanakh--most of which are included in the Christian "Old Testament". I also think the reason for inclusion is to garner mileage in the Jewish audience of early Christianity. If the Old Testament contained in essence the whole of the Tanakh--then it was easier to trace credibility of the New Testament messages of Christ to the old prophecies of the Jews.
  • Leviticus 20Leviticus 20 Banned by Admin PExer
    No, and no one here has the authority to make such silly claims.

    Ecclesiastes is God's Holy Word, and you don't have the right or authority to even suggest that it is not.

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