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Tenga New Adult Concept

Be positive, Be smart, Be free to maximize your sexual life...

A new adult concept bringing a revolutionary serie of adult toys exclusively designed for men.
Most men like TIGHT and a lot like REAL TIGHT, that's why TENGA has come to the party.
Tenga is here to revolutionize the realm of adult goods for men.
Tenga is here to transform sex into an open, up-front experience that anybody can enjoy.
Committed to realizing such grand dreams and ambitions, we have created a range of revolutionary products.
Introducing five ONACUPS (onanism cups) designed to bring you never-before-experienced sensual sensations.
All five products are available now, and each one features unique, breakthrough functions.

please visit www.tengashop.com to check the different products that we have and for your questions and orders, please call 3762283
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