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Convertible cars

Any convertible car owners here?

Do you like you car so far? How does it feel when driving top-down? do you experience mechanical problems, especially with the top?

I have some co-workers who own convertibles and they seem to like it. i'm planning to get a new car and i want a convertible. but i live here in the northeast US and i think i can only use it for two months.

any thoughts about those cars?


  • Buyers of convertible cars are a passionate bunch. They buy one out of pure emotion because they just love the styling, the feel of the wind blowing in their hair, and the care-free sense while driving with the top down. Some also love the attention they get when people look at them while driving with the top down - it can be a very nice show-off car.

    But absent the passion, I find the convertible rather impractical. It's easily broken into since the soft top is easy to slice while parked (except hardtop convertibles). When driving with the top down, the interior is noisy and the compromised aerodynamics would be detrimental to good fuel economy. The lack of a rigid steel cage also makes the occupant(s) more vulnerable in a crash. And if you are health-conscious, you'll need to consider the risk of increased exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Furthermore, the resale value may not be as good in the Northeast as it would be in the Southern states

    But, hey, don't let me discourage you from buying a convertible if you already have your heart set on one. Have a blast!
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