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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Meron na ba sa inyong nakapanuod na nito?
Gustong gusto ko kasi tong anime na to at naghahanap ako ng sing ganda nito... meron ba kaung marecommend sa akin? sobra kasing nakaka inspire to. :)


  • xyzseamanxyzseaman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I like it too...I only read the Manga though... the little Robo head design gives me an inspiration to draw exo-suits :)

    The anime was made of epic and GAR.
    I'm usually a mecha anime hater. But stuff like these are totally different. Tears were shed and hearts were touched. It was brilliantly fast-paced and got straight to the point. It ran at you and punched you in the face with the speed of light and said "Your drill will be the one which pierces through the heavens!"

    I'd definitely watch it a second time.
  • twisted_hatetwisted_hate PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Where else can you find a mecha piloting a mecha piloting a mecha?! Super Epic! Kamina is one of the best supporting characters in Anime History.
  • SPOILER: (But it's the best TTGL motvational poster ever made)

  • sh!t was so cash
  • Gurren Lagann is my favorite mecha anime of all time. Very Inspiring and but tragic(somewhat) at the same time.

    to the TS, I recommend you watch 'Eureka Seven'. Not as good as gurren lagann but still great.

    BTW, anyone heard of gurren lagann movie? there are already 1 movie shown in japan and the other one is upcoming and to be shown in japan only :confused:.
  • reading the school-setting manga of Gurren is funny especially if you finished watching it.
  • The first movie has Viral at the helm of his ship, the Dai Gunzan Du (basically an Enki-style Dai Gunzan / Dai Gurren), which later combines with the ships of Adiane (Dai Gunkai), Cytomander (Dai Gunten), and Guame (Dai Gundo) to form Dotenkaizan.

    The second movie will have a new antagonist mech, an upgrade of Lazengann called Cathedral Lazengann (Lazengann + Cathedral Terra). Arc Gurren Lagann must defeat it first before it can use the Cathedral Terra for itself.

    I do enjoy TTGL but I still prefer old-school or retro super robot anime much more.
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