Guide to the PBA Forum + Ask Your Moderator [updated 05.05.10]

neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Aside from the PinoyExchange User Agreement, here are some guidelines that should be followed when posting on this forum.

1. Think before you post
Is this appropriate in this forum? Does my post have any relevance to the topic? Does it have any substance at all from which others can learn from what I have to say? We know "you agree", we know that "it's funny". Care to expound on that?

2. Moved and merged threads
Cannot find that thread that you posted? Chances are, they were either moved to the more appropriate forum, or merged with another thread discussing the same topic. I usually leave a redirect link to the original forum of moved threads. Still can't find your thread? Shoot me a PM.

3. Posting pictures or images
Generally speaking, direct linking to images not uploaded to one's own server is bandwidth stealing. But hey, if you still want to post images, just make sure they aren't too big and they're for general patronage. Expect the moderator be more strict than the MTRCB. Conservative ako eh.

4. Avoid long strands of text or emoticons
In a similar fashion, please do not post long strands of text without spaces (e.g. a "hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!" that's 10 miles long). It stretches the window to annoying lengths unnecessarily. Similarly, we know you're happy, so one smiley face is enough to convey that.

5. Capital letters
Posting a message entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS on a message board is considered 'shouting'. It can convey two meanings: you need a new keyboard, or you're wacko enough to think others can actually hear you shouting.

6. Txtspk & Jejemon language
Needless to say, are strictly prohibited. Violators will be flogged to death (or have their account temporarily suspended, whichever is worse).

7. Posting links to articles and news items
Please refrain from posting complete text taken out of online sites, especially without providing its source. Simply providing the link to the article or news item is enough. PEx is a place to discuss them; we're no online Xerox machine. In the same light, post only what is truthful. Do not brand rumors to be facts. We know you want to be a Boy Abunda and be the first to break the news, but please name a verifiable source at the very least.

8. Spamming
Do not post multiple copies of a message or thread. If your thread has not received many replies, it's probably because none of the members who are currently logged in know the answer to your question nor have an interest on the subject. Bumping up old threads which have very little relevance to current events is also a no-no. Posting of new threads or posts which include signatures and/or links to your own personal blogs that do not contribute to the discussion will be deleted.

9. Stay on-course
If possible, avoid veering too much off-topic. A little small talk is fine, but please keep it at tolerable levels. Chika-chika will only be allowed in team/athlete-dedicated threads (e.g. official Ginebra thread, Tennis lovers thread, etc). We have more than enough space over at Small Talk and Personals for such threads.

10. Buying and Selling
Direct buying and selling will not be allowed in this forum. PinoyExchange has dedicated Classifieds forums for these. Posts of such nature will be edited out.

11. Flaming
Note that there is a big difference between expressing an opinion and flaming. All opinions are welcome, but try to be constructive and avoid attacking someone personally. Ad hominem attacks will be edited out, offensive posts included (this will serve as the first warning). Do it a second time, and you'll hear from the admins.

12. Search
Seek and ye shall find. Use the Search function of PEx to avoid posting threads which are already being discussed. You can also try browsing through the Archived Threads of each forum.


The more recent threads are located at the end of the list. Please refrain from bumping up old, irrelevant threads (refer to #7)

13. Blow the whistle
If you need the moderator's immediate attention regarding a post (duplicate post, offending post, spam post/thread, or any post that is in violation of the PEx UA Agreement), report them immediately through Private Message. Be a sweetheart, and make life easier for everybody by reporting them so the moderator can act swiftly.

14. Ask your moderator
You may also ask any inquiries or requests in this thread. I will act on them as promptly as I can.

That's all for now. Happy PExing! *okay*


  • @admin neth row, tanong lang ano ba dapat gawin dun sa mga accounts na nanggagaya ng account tulad nung alaskachampiions (double i) na female ang gender.

    Nakalagay post/thread deleted by you the admin. Mawalang galang nagtatanong lang, hindi ba ikaw din ang gumawa ng confusing na account na yon? Kung ikaw admin ano bang atraso ko sa'yo? Nagtatanong lang at salamat sa abala.
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Already reported the alternick to the Admins.
  • Ay mod pala ikaw sir di admin. Okay thanks for the head's up.
  • aipex42aipex42 Artistically Infected PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    meron ba report button sa forum? If meron di ko makita..:) If wala, ang pag report ba ay thru pm?
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Yes please send thru PM.
  • Big TicketBig Ticket Fortune hater!!!! PExer
    what action will you take against forumers creating "tsismis" threads like the ones created by fernando_hiero?


    good thing you deleted the LA Tenorio MVP thread....
  • aipex42aipex42 Artistically Infected PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    How 'bout those who often make post trying to "degrade" individuals. The likes of "Bakla", "Bading", "Bobo" etc.. I believe those words are strongly offensive and uncalled.

  • Big TicketBig Ticket Fortune hater!!!! PExer
    ^yup, especially those said against the coaches...
  • BGK_eraBGK_era Member PExer

    May I ask you if what shall i do with my Application for PBA Forums. Until now its not yet confirmed or i haven't received any confirmation regarding the Status. Its been a Year now. I really wanna join the PBA Forum. Hope you could help me. Thank you very much.
  • torchie82torchie82 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    deleted/corrected post.
  • reypinyokoreypinyoko Banned by Admin PExer
    Please ban spammers. Like the poster above me
  • Ghost RiderGhost Rider Spirit of Vengeance PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Neth row, pwede ba iapply na sticky thread ang thread namin for pbfantasy league? Registration na kasi para mabasa agad ng mga league members, eto yung thread

  • Hi guys..

    I need help, Where can I buy PBA ticket. I'll watch the opening this sunday.. thanks!
  • spoliarium98spoliarium98 Moving Forward PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Out of topic, pero meron po sa inyo nakakaalam ng detailed seat plan ng Araneta Coliseum? Salamat po.
  • _Jigsaw__Jigsaw_ Banned by Admin PExer
    banned si TheJoker ah...samantalang yung iba ang nag umpisa pero hindi nagawang i ban..:lol:..halatang halata ah...:bop::lol: kasi kakampi?:hmm: ayos yan.:D :naughty:

    blood is thicker than water nga naman...:naughty:
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    For the record, I didn't recommend for TheJoker to be banned for his posts in the PBA forums. Baka nagkalat din siya ng lagim sa ibang sections at may ibang nagreport sa kanya kaya siya na-ban.

  • _Jigsaw__Jigsaw_ Banned by Admin PExer

    ganun ba...:lol: imposible naman ...:lol: kahit pala hindi nagpopost sa ibang sectons aside from PBA forums eh pwedeng ma ban...:hmm: pero alam na...ayos lang naman yun.*okay* :glee:
  • vicerocksvicerocks M o d e r a t o r PExer
    Nice guidelines!
  • denheartjaydenheartjay Member PExer
    galing po ng guidelines nyo!!:)
    these will surely teach us, newbies, on how to do things and comment:)
    more power po:)
  • saboteursaboteur saboteur PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I logged in to PBA website forum and I don't see any post or blogs on forums of propsing changes or criticism about the PBA.

    Probably they deleted those already and don't want to hear any rants or proposals from dissatisfied viewers.

    Is there a spot in PBA website to post our comments?

    Is there a way we can reach the PBA to voice our reasons, concerns, complaints, criticisms, and evaluation to them?

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