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The Beauty Pageants Thread - 12

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  • PG14PG14 PExer
    [B]PG14's Prediction[/B]

    [U]Miss Switzerland 2008[/U]
    [B]Winner: Katja Diethelm[/B]
    1st RU. - Nancy Kabika
    2nd RU. - Fiona Fari?a","
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    Hataw na! Approved!
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    Thanks, KuyaDanny! :handsdown:

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    August 26, Tuesday
    Miss Cayman Islands 2008

    August 30, Saturday
    Miss Seychelles Islands 2008

    August 31, Sunday
    Hoa hau Viet Nam 2008

    September 6, Saturday
    Miss Macau 2008
    Miss Mauritius 2008

    September 7, Sunday
    Miss Rhode Island USA 2009

    September 10, Wednesday
    Miss Venezuela 2008

    September 13, Saturday
    Miss Polonia 2008

    September 17, Wednesday
    Miss Barbados World 2008

    September 20, Saturday
    Miss Michigan USA 2009
    Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2008

    September 21, Sunday
    Miss Wisconsin USA 2009

    September 22, Monday
    Miss Italia 2008

    September 27, Saturday
    Miss Schweiz 2008

    September 28, Sunday
    Miss Wyoming USA 2009

    October 4, Saturday
    Miss Tennessee USA 2009

    October 12, Sunday
    Miss Colorado USA 2009
    Miss Tibet 2008
    Miss Washington USA 2009

    October 16, Thursday
    Miss Oklahoma USA 2009
    Miss Universe China 2008

    October 18, Saturday
    Miss Marianas Universe 2008

    October 19, Sunday
    Miss Connecticut USA 2009
    Miss New Jersey USA 2009

    October 25, Saturday
    Miss Idaho USA 2009
    Miss Mississippi USA 2009
    Miss Virginia USA 2009

    October 26, Sunday
    Miss Nebraska USA 2009
    Miss West Virginia USA 2009

    November 1, Saturday
    Miss Louisiana USA 2009

    November 2, Sunday
    Miss Indiana USA 2009
    Miss Missouri USA 2009
    Miss New Hampshire USA 2009
    Miss South Dakota USA 2009

    November 8, Saturday
    Miss Georgia USA 2009

    November 9, Sunday
    Miss Alabama USA 2009
    Miss Earth 2008*
    Miss Maryland USA 2009

    November 13, Thursday
    Miss Mundo Brasil 2009

    November 15, Saturday
    Miss North Carolina USA 2009

    November 16, Sunday
    Miss Oklahoma USA 2009

    November 22, Saturday
    Miss Cura?ao 2009
    Miss Maine USA 2009
    Miss Ohio USA 2009
    Miss South Carolina USA 2009

    November 23, Sunday
    Miss Hawaii USA 2009
    Miss Iowa USA 2009
    Miss Massachusetts USA 2009
    Miss Pennsylvania USA 2009

    November 29, Saturday
    Miss International 2008*
    Miss Vermont USA 2009

    November 30, Sunday
    Miss Arkansas USA 2009
    Miss Delaware USA 2009
    Miss Minnesota USA 2009
    Miss New York USA 2009
    Miss Oregon USA 2009

    December 6, Saturday
    Miss France 2009
    Miss Luxembourg 2009

    December 7, Sunday
    Miss Illinois USA 2009

    December 12, Friday
    Miss Russia 2008*
    Miss World 2008

    December 13, Saturday
    Miss South Africa 2008

    December 19, Friday
    Miss Angola 2009*

    December 20, Saturday
    Miss Belgie 2009*

    December 21, Sunday
    Miss Kansas USA 2009

    March 7, Saturday
    Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky 2008*

    * not 100% confirmed
  • Hello!!hello!!
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    So far, there are 15* delegates.

    ARUBA Angene Dianne Shanella Croes

    BOLIVIA Rosa Dominique Noem? Peltier De Liota

    BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Maquita Richards*

    CYPRUS Klelia Giasemidou

    GEORGIA Lika Ordzhonikidze

    INDONESIA Zivanna Letisha Serigar

    KOREA Seon Na Ri

    LEBANON Rosarita Tawil

    MONTENEGRO Ana Jovanović

    NAMIBIA Marelize Robberts*

    NORWAY Lene Egeli*

    SERBIA Dragana Atlija

    SRI LANKA Faith Landers*

    TURKEY Beg?m Kızıltuğ

    TURKS & CAICOS Jewel Selver

    *awaiting official confirmation
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    :wave: :wave: Welcome to the new thread! :wave: :wave:
  • now i remember...miss trujillo reminds me of supermodel nikki taylor... :)
  • according to globalbeauties Miss World will now be held December 12.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ Is Sun City, South Africa confirmed as the venue? :wondering:
  • Camille Ch?y?re is miss Lorraine 2008. I don't like too much her face but she has a good catwalk, she learnt it in a miss school.

    Johanne Kervella is miss Franche-Comt? 2008 : I adore her, she's gorgeous, she's actually my favorite for miss France 2009. But the problem is that she's just 1m70 and Genevi?ve de Fontenay prefers very tall girls.

    They will compete to miss France 2009.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Johanne is definitely stunning!!!

    Merci for the updates, kissfromfrance! :)
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    Mini Anden on the cover of Z!nk September 2008.


    She was a judge during Miss Universe 2001.

    Photo credit: Z!nk
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐


    Miss Cayman Islands 2008 contestants (back row, from left) Kayanne Stephens, Hortencia Jackson and Nicosia Lawson. (From left, front row) Ceretta Harvey , Rachel King, Danielle Ebanks, Renee Novak and Olivia Polack, on top of The Bluff in Cayman Brac.

    Click here to choose your favorite/s.

    The finals is on August 26 at the Lions Centre in George Town.

    Winner will represent Cayman Islands in Miss World 2008 and Miss Universe 2009.

    Photo credit: Cayman Net News
  • JENSIE_G wrote: »
    Mimi Anden on the cover of Z!nk September 2008.


    She was a judge during Miss Universe 2001.

    Photo credit: Z!nk


    She is Mini Anden, not Mimi Anden.
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ OOPS! :bonkself: Thanks for the correction, ilovebeauty56! :)
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    More photos of Miss Korea 2008 Seon Nari.


    22-year-old Nari stands 5'9" and will represent Korea in Miss Universe 2009.

    Photo credit: K Popped
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    Some arrival pics of the delegates for Nuestra Belleza M?xico 2008. The girls are now in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon for the pageant proper.

    AGUASCALIENTES Kimberly Herrera

    SINALOA Perla Beltran

    SONORA Stephanie Diaz Castro

    TABASCO Priscilla Martinez

    TAMAULIPAS Alejandra Silva

    Finals is on September 20.

    Winner will represent Mexico in Miss Universe 2009.

    A separate winner, Nuestra Belleza Mundo M?xico 2008, will be crowned for Miss World 2009.

    Photo credit: Michael Knittel
  • JENSIE_G wrote: »
    ^ Is Sun City, South Africa confirmed as the venue? :wondering:

    In miss World official site :

    Sunday 24th August 2008

    Miss World 2008 will be hosted by Johannesburg - World Class African City.

    We look forward to welcoming contestants in Johannesburg on Sunday 16th November.

    The 58th Miss World Final will be held at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg on the 12th December 2008.

    Contestants will enjoy a full South African authentic experience and during their 4 week stay will visit many exciting landmarks of South Africa.

    All details will follow.
    Julia Morley
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Merci, kissfromfrance!

    For more info on Sandton Convention Centre, click here.
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