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Eagles: Love Will Keep Us Alive

I doubt that there isn't a thread like this already...but I just can't find it.

Long story short: I was listening to random songs on my computer and the song "Love Will Keep Us Alive" by the Eagles played and I suddenly remembered something. A few years back, I was laying my guitar and sang this song to my ex gf (at that time, current). To my shock and extreme disappointment she said "that's the stupidest song ever! You need a lot more than love."

I don't make a habit out of checking on a former lover, but friends have this nasty habit of declaring themselves as "official messengers" of news about your ex (even though you keep telling them that you aren't the least bit interested in hearing the news)...but last I heard, her relationships ended up in limbo and she isn't making it financially either. I actually hoped that she'd settle down and live a comfortable life, believe it or not.

My POV: Love Will Keep Us Alive - it begins with love and everything else follows. If you can't have all the material things that you want, you better dang have love at the very least.

So, would you marry someone for love or money?


  • Sa panahon ngayon, dapat if youre planning to settle down, at least ay financially stable ka, of course the love is there, but to be practical, kelangan din natin ang pera, pero dapat hindi maoverpower ng pera ang love kasi ibang usapan na yun.
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