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HichamHicham Member PEx Expert 🎖️
edited March 2019 in Banking and Finance
Hello Pexers... I'm looking for insurance agents. I'm planning to get a life insurance and retirement opportunities (hindi pa ako matanda... i'm in my 20's but I want to invest my money now). Thanks!


  • *mechanics:
    you will just put your money in the bank and at the same time, you will have our own business as the function of our company..

    you may reach me at 09173396061
    [email protected].
  • hi,HICHAM!! I'm a licensed agent of SUNLIFE.

    I admire you kasi eventhough you are still young, naisip mo na ang pagkuha ng life insurance. It's good thing that you see the beauty of having a life insurance. Marami kasi sa ating mga Pinoy ang negative pagdating sa insurance. Maybe they just don't see the benefit of having one.

    Getting your life insurance at an early age gives you a lot of great advantages, bukod sa mura pa ang premiums mo, it's a great way of forcing yourself to save religiously for your future and for your retirement, as well as protecting your dreams for you and your family.

    I am very much willing to discuss to you our products that would fit you. Let's set a meeting so I can meet you personally.

    You can also visit our website, www.sunlife.com.ph.

    FYI, SUNLIFE has been in the insurance industry for 113 years na and as to credibility and stability, nangunguna ang SUNLIFE dyan.

    Here's my contact number 0917-3910234/0918-2027483

    GOD BLESS!!!
  • HichamHicham Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    hey guys, thanks for all your replies. i'm busy right now so i can't meet you guys. anyway, can you tell me more about retirement plans? what types are available and how it works?
  • Hi, hicham!! Can i get your details like ur name, age, gender and if smoker or non-smoker. I will try to generate a proposal for you. Can you also provide me your profession/ job? I assume you are still single. I can generate a proposal that would fit your need for your retirement. I can email it to you but it would be better to explain it personally. Don't worry!! there's no obligation on your part. Just give me some of your precious time.

    GOD BLESS!!!
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