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7th Heaven

...Do you guys watch Seventh Heaven? so what can you say about the show?


  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    gwapo ni barry watson, ang give david gallagher a few more years and i bet my neck that hes going to rise to teeny bopper heartthrob status.
  • barry watson?...DELISYUS! :evilgrin:
  • I watch it every week unless there's a good movie playing on HBO.

    And Barry Watson? Yeah, he is a cutie! ;)
  • i like this show. not too "brady-bunch". at times masyadong idealistic, pero most of the time the show tackles real family problems. cute yung character ni barry watson. minsan childish, minsan "responsible kuya". cute din si lucy. si ruthie, smart aleck, pero nakakatuwa. :)
  • 11# UST_guard'9811# UST_guard'98 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Not that much na, kasi sabay sila ng BOSTON PUBLIC!!! eh... eh may gwapo sa BOSTON PUBLIC
  • ...nanonood ako nito dati....pero ngayon di na.....di na ako masyadong nakakapanood ng tv eh....musta na kaya si "HAPPY".........
  • I was about to ask this question about 7th Heaven (who watches the show and all that), thank God nag-browse pa 'ko.

    Anyway, I do... but that was before. Their episodes are replay na e. Most of them I have seen already.

    BTW, who's more beautiful, si Lucy, Mary or Ruthie?
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    they're all pretty :) i love Ruthie's curls! such a cute kid :angel: they're such a perfect family..wish they exist, especially how the parents are so into each other still :(
  • coz it boasts nuthin but false realities (but...yeah, so does the rest of tv shows). yes, you might criticize my generalizations, but as cHarL!e's AngEL indirectly pointed out, the show is all "brady bunch" (to me, at least) relative to the situations of families today, of course.
  • i've always like the show (beside the fact that Barry Watson is sooo cute ;) ) since it evolves around a family, however idealistic the characters or how they deal with situations may be. it somehow gives you hope that there exists such family and that someday you will also be able to be a part of one. they may seem perfect but the show also illustrates the different problems normal people encounter. the only difference is how they react to these problems.

    anyway, it's a feel good show and i've always been into shows that are family-oriented. :)
  • inaabangan ko palagi ang marathon nila tuwing holyweek! walang commercials!
  • Originally posted by bomb_threat
    inaabangan ko palagi ang marathon nila tuwing holyweek! walang commercials!

    ako rin! :)
  • yup i watched it dati (when i had more time to myself)... its a good show... entertaining and laden with good values... its one show na goody goody, but doesn't come off as preachy...

    and yeah, una ko rin yang nadiscover dahil sa marathon telecast nila...
  • 7th Heaven is a really nice show. Maraming values and lessons to be learned.
  • Originally posted by bomb_threat
    inaabangan ko palagi ang marathon nila tuwing holyweek! walang commercials!

    Same here!!!

  • yah, matt's a total hottie!! :) Aside from that, the shows promotes good moral values. And it sometimes make me feel good and hope to have a family like that.. u know, happy and loving despite the problems they encounter. i agree cute nga rin ruthie, such an adorable kid!! :)
  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I love 7th Heaven.

    It's really funny. :D Come to think of it, it may look like an ideal family, but it's got some dysfunctionality in it as well.

    Here's some of my comments on the individual Camdems:

    Rev: Good ol' guy who stretches himself out to help out with the kids' various dilemmas, while talking some sense to a wife who's got a few loose screws sometimes and writing up sermons to deliver them hot and fresh on the podium on Sunday mornings.

    Missus: She's loony. Hey, we gotta admit, though she's a capable housewife, she gets kinda hysterical most of the time! And can get really irrational too! Thank God she ain't my momma! :lol:

    Matt: Damn, he's cute...and ruthlessly single. Hey, Matt, get over that Heather chick already and start getting a life! :bop:

    Mary: Who wouldn't be like her? Brains and brawn. Wooo-hoo. I know about a million guys who's got the hots for her. She's got great tastes in men--only she can't hang on to them long enough!

    Lucy: Somebody puh-leeze shoot this girl!! All she worries about is dates (mostly the lack of it :lol: ), her exboyfriends who follow her around like dogs, her make-up and being popular. Aaahh...a day in a life of a ditzy high school girl.

    Simon: This guy is almost perfect...all he needs is to just loosen the hell up a bit. He gets cuter as he gets older. And ahh...have you seen those new episodes? The grown-up Simon actually has a six-pack (not quite there, but almost)! :D

    Ruthie: What a smart-*****!! She may be cute, but her mouth sure ain't!. She's an annoyingly smug Miss-Know-it-All. :rolleyes: Oooh, I wanna shoot her sometimes!

    Baby Boy Twins: Still have a lot of growing up to do. I hope you'd all grow up to be like Simon. He's the only Camden kid that I like! :lol:


    PS: These are my personal comments/observations. I am not in any way dissing them. If you beg to differ, free to do so. :)
  • my mom love 7th heaven so much. for her, it keeps the value to american audience who seem to have forgotten about it. and of course, i agree to her too.
    did you know that lucy is older than mary in real life?
  • OWWWWS??????? mas matanda si lucy kesa ke mary? where did u get that info?
  • i think 7th heaven's great. it's very helpful and it shows the common problems of all families.

    but what i like about it the most is that everyone in the family knows everyone in the family's business, they are very open to each other.

    it's very fun to watch though it may seem unrealistic sometimes.
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